7 Tips for Choosing an Airport Transfer Service in 2024

Traveling by plane saves a lot of time and allows you to get to your destination faster. However, some need a little more, and that is to provide transportation from the airport to the desired location. It is important not only to organize the transfer from the airport to the destination you are going to in a timely manner, but also to be informed about all the choices and alternatives to the airport, their features, and specifications.

There are many ways to transfer from the airport to a specific location. There are many bus lines that you can do this for little money, but if you have a lot of luggage or need to get to another part of the city where there is no bus, there could be a problem. But of course, there is a solution – a taxi service.

At the airport, you have many taxi services that will be happy to meet you, and there are those who come on call. What is important to note is that at some airports you can get pretty bad if you decide to “jump” into one of the parked taxis, because the fares can be very high. Many do not even turn on the taximeter when they see a foreigner, but simply say the price, which is almost always far higher than the regular one.

To avoid this, it is important to contact a trusted taxi service. Of course, the question is, how to recognize it. Maybe this article will help you with that.

Make a comparison

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We already mentioned that the prices of this service may differ a lot. So, before you make your final choice, take your time and compare it. We are not talking about a few pounds difference, very often it is a serious sum!

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Look for a transfer service online

The Internet allows us to access a variety of information in a very short time. Then why not take advantage of it? Give yourself time, do a little research. Then when you have found the right company and by reading the reviews you are convinced of the quality of their services you can continue in that direction. On airporttransfersonline.co.uk you can find more about it.

Ask about the price

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Before you book a taxi, do not hesitate to ask about the transfer price. On some websites there is an option to enter the name of the airport and the address to which you need transportation, so you immediately get an answer to the price of transportation. This way you will be sure that you have not paid more than you should have.

Look up for licensing

It is always important to choose a professional service, and to look for licensed carriers. In this way, you will feel safer and know that you are in the hands of real professionals who will do their best to make driving pleasant and safe.


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It is not out of place to inquire about insurance, because it is something that every company should provide to the users of their services. Feel free to ask what the standard procedure is in case of a car accident or anything else related to the topic that you consider important and appropriate.

Possibility to book transportation in advance

No one likes to wait at the airport, especially after a long flight. Serious taxi companies offer you a taxi booking service earlier. So, it is up to you to enter basic information such as the name of the airport and the planned time of arrival and the taxi will be waiting for you upon leaving the terminal.

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You can choose a vehicle depending on the number of people traveling with you and your luggage

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It is not a pleasant situation when a family of four lands with a lot of luggage, and a vehicle with a small trunk is waiting for them in the parking lot. Professional transport services will help you by being able to state the number of passengers traveling with you, as well as how much luggage when contacting so that there are no unpleasant situations.

There are many other ways to get from the airport to the desired location – minibus, car rental, and so on. A minibus is a very affordable option, but keep in mind that no one guarantees that a reserved seat will be waiting for you and that there will be enough free space for your luggage. Rent-a-car is a great option for those who need a car during their stay in a certain place.

In addition to car rental services, you can also book car transport with a driver, who will be waiting for you at the airport. This luxury convenience is often not too much more expensive than the price of a taxi. The companies that offer these services usually give you the opportunity to choose the car that will come for you, and the final price of the service is formed accordingly.

I travel with a baby or a small child, can I be sure that taxis will have a child seat?

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Here is another reason why it is important to choose a company with professional transportation services, and why it is important to make a reservation in advance. It is rare for a taxi to have a baby seat, but if you emphasize that you have a small child, many taxi services will meet your needs and provide a seat, and provide your child with the necessary safety while driving.

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Final thoughts

As much as we all strive to get through as cheaply as possible, it is more important that you find a good balance between price and quality. Keep in mind that it is not the driver’s job to load your luggage into the trunk, but that every professional will do it himself. What you can do in return is leave him a tip. If you have something fragile in your suitcase, try to place the suitcase yourself, because, in case of damage, the driver does not bear the costs.