Hidden Gems and Underrated Destinations You Must Visit in 2024

After the dreadful year that was 2024 in which barely anyone managed to travel outside of their own country’s borders, 2024 seems like a promising time to revisit some of your favorite destinations you long for as well as to experience a lot of new places. The latter may be in order right now considering the lower prices of traveling and booking accommodation across the board.

In an effort to draw in as much travelers and tourists as possible, countries, travel agencies, and airline companies are offering exciting deals, discounts, and promotions for numerous destinations around the globe. From historic cities and enormous capitals to snowy peaks and tropical paradises, the year 2024 appears to be the best in recent history for traveling.

To help you in your upcoming decisions, we decided to make a list of the best hidden gems and underrated destinations you simply have to visit this year. In case you wish to learn more about this and explore additional places well worth your time and money, make sure to check out travelplaces.ca.

1. Northern Ireland

Source: lonelyplanet.com

The country is famous for its untouched, breathtaking, and awe inspiring landscapes that include immense lakes, unbelievable countryside, huge cliffs and mountains, and all sorts of wondrous forests and plant life. For an absolute abundance of outside landscapes and activities you have to visit this astonishing country. Just remember that some of the best history and fantasy titles in movie and TV were filmed in Northern Ireland and you will know exactly the type of scenery that awaits you. Once you grow tired of the outdoors (yeah, like that is possible here), navigate your way to one of the cities like Belfast, Lisburn, Londonderry, or Newry for some sightseeing and pub crawling.

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2. Italy

Source: pexels.com

The most popular tourist destination in the world for years now has been the famous country of Italy. The boot-shaped gem of the Mediterranean has been the go-to place for travelers and explorers of all sorts for centuries, millenniums even, and that speaks volumes. Despite it being cliché for many, it offers enough variety for a yearly visit. Between the coastline, the countryside, the islands, and the historic cities, there is enough for you to tailor your own ideal holiday and visit whatever you want. The floating city of Venice, the ancient capital and the Eternal City of Rome, or the Renaissance beauty of Florence, there is too much to choose from for a single trip. And then we have the food and the wine, the art all around you no matter where you go, and the hospitality of the Italian people. What else do you need?

3. Mongolia

The country of Mongolia is not on nearly enough people’s radars in terms of possible travel destinations and it is high time that changed. Popular in Asia and among the surrounding, nearby countries, it is yet to enjoy the respect and fascination of the Western Civilizations, especially the Europeans and the Americans. Historically one of the oldest countries in existence, it has everything a tourist paradise needs to have to draw in millions of people every year. Best of all, it is so thinly populated that you can experience nature and picturesque scenery like nowhere else. Mongolians are famous for their kindness and hospitality, and there are numerous nomadic societies that enjoy welcoming outsiders. The Gobi Desert and the marvelous mountains all over the country are some of the favorite tourist destinations. Sleeping under the stars while camping is a must, as is the National Naadam Festival. Do not forget to visit the cities as well, especially Ulaanbaatar, Olgii, Khovd, Darkhan, and Uliastai.

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4. Guam

Source: carsguam.com

How about something tropical now to shake things up a little bit? The island country of Guam is a tropical getaway paradise and an amazing vacation spot to forget about the real world, rewind, and relax. Surrounded by an always thriving and rich coral reef, it is the great spot for adventure under the waves as well as any water sport you can imagine. Diving, snorkeling, and just marveling at a wide range of colorful sea life are all fan favorite activities. Rural villages, rainforests, and the best beaches are all located in the south, so make sure to start from this part of the island. For those among you who cannot resist some shopping while abroad, you should know that there is a tone of duty-free shopping available as well as high-end retail products. Not many think of Guam as their ideal island getaway since Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Maldives are more popular, but you will hardly make a mistake by choosing it this year.

According to the experts at FamilyDestinationsGuide, Guam is the perfect destination for spring breakers. It’s not often that your parents approve of a vacation to this island, but it’s a good one nonetheless.

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Source: bosnapress.net

A trip to the Balkans is always special because there are so many different countries there that have a joint history of good and bad. Exploring them one by one is amazing on its own, but it is also fascinating to know that much of their traditions, hardships, and prosperous periods are shared. And so are much of their food, language, and worldviews. However, if you want to visit a lot of historic cities, have numerous outdoor adventures, and see Ottoman architecture all around you, Bosnia and Herzegovina may be the place to start. With cities like Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla, and Travnik, it is among the best countries in the Balkans to experience pleasures like food, beverages, hospitality, traditional song and dance, and the warm spirit of the citizens. Rafting and other water-based magic is available throughout, while hiking, climbing, walking, and cycling can be done as soon as you exist a city. There is so much to see and do at every corner despite the country being small and somewhat divided due to the political and ethnic differences and situations that have shaped its history.

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Also Consider

Following places should also be featured on your bucket list for this year, as well as your general wish list of travel destinations:

  1. Durham in England
  2. Vipava Valley in Slovenia
  3. The Netherlands (other than Amsterdam)
  4. German Countryside and Castles
  5. Kyrgyzstan
  6. Georgia
  7. Norway