Who To Call If You Need A Junk Removal?

There are so many instances when you need junk removal. Maybe you just decluttered your home. Maybe you inherited a property that’s full of junk no one needs. Even if you’ve done some construction work, you will urgently need junk removal. But who do you call? The Ghostbusters will unfortunately not be very useful in this matter. Unless there’s a ghost hiding in your junk. Let’s hope that’s not the case since there are several options you can take advantage of. Call Jiffy Junk if you need instant help with your junk removal.

Your Landfill

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The landfill usually is the first people go when they are in need of junk removal. Although it’s not the best option, your landfill might turn out as a big help for you. In some cases, they offer a free collection, but only for a certain amount of junk. But you can drop your stuff off with them, for a small fee. At the end of the day, all junk removal services will bring junk to the landfill that they haven’t managed to donate or recycle. On the downside, a landfill doesn’t accept all types of junk. For example, some might not be able to take mattresses.

Choose The Right Time For A Junk Removal

If you decide to bring it over, there are hours to be considered. Depending on where you are, it could turn out to be a rather long trip for you. Before you decide to do your junk removal at the landfill, give them a call. Enquire which items they take and when they’d be open to the public.

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The Recycling Center

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Recycling centers are to be found pretty much near every larger city. For the stuff you want to let go of, they pay you. That’s a bit of a difference since you usually have to pay for junk removal. Unfortunately, the few bucks they may pay for your junk often more or less equal what the collection costs. In some cases, you have to pay something on top of it. Thus you may not earn a few small bucks on the side. Obviously, they don’t accept all items either. The materials they accept are glass, plastic, metal, and wood. You’ll probably manage to get rid of some junk at the recycling center. But it won’t cover all of it and you could be in need of the landfill after all.

A Scrap Yard

Scrap yards happily take all things made of metal, sometimes they may take items made of wood. They’re definitely worth it if you have some old car batteries that are still ok or, of course, tires. A scrap yard is also the best address for household items, such as an old washer. Just like with the landfill, it’s a good idea to give them a call before you turn up. They might take just what neither the landfill nor the recycling center accepts. You won’t know if they’re the perfect solution for you if you haven’t tried them. Who knows, maybe they’d actually be happy to take everything you have? On top of it, they also pay you for the junk you can provide them with.

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Charities and Donation Centres

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Anything you find during your junk removal could turn out to be the treasure for someone else. There are a lot of charities that accept furniture as well as appliances, even if they don’t work anymore. They’d repair it and make the item available to someone in need. Alternatively, they’ll sell it in their charity shop to raise funds for their cause. The best part about charities is that they’re coming around and picking up your junk for free. At least most do. Some charities can’t offer a free collection anymore as it’s too expensive for them. Other charities may not have the right vehicle or staff for this task. Just give them a call and ask whether they’d do the junk removal for free.

Donating; Another Junk Removal Option

Before you consider donating your items also consider that not everything might be donatable. Take a good look at your items and try to imagine how you’d feel if you received them. Also, give it a quick sweep and make sure your donation items are not covered in dust and grime.

Junk Removal Services

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With all those options mentioned above, wouldn’t it be great if there was one solution that would do it all? By hiring a junk removal service you’d not only kill two birds at the same time but five. Most junk removal services have teamed up with charities. Whatever they haul out during a junk removal will first be offered as a donation for charities. What they can’t donate, will be brought to the recycling center. What the recycling center doesn’t accept, they will offer to a scrapyard. And the remains of your junk removal, if there even are any, are brought to the landfill.

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Asking for a junk removal service is absolutely the easiest option. You don’t necessarily have to bring your stuff to the curb. They’re happy to come inside your property and take out everything you don’t want any longer. That’s especially an advantage for bulk items; you’d be more prone to break your back in the attempt to remove them yourself. Should you be faced with a hoarder situation, they can take care of it for you, too. Junk removal services regularly do hoarder clean-ups. You might face a similar situation when you inherited a property from an elderly person. Old people like to keep all sorts of stuff you might not know what to do with. At the same time, their furnishing style is usually so outdated that you are unable to sell any of it.

Parting Words

With any luck, there are two or three items that are retro enough to keep for an upcycling project. Last, but not least, a junk removal service should have insurance. Should any damages occur during the junk removal of their staff, as well as your property, the insurance will cover them. Cheap junk removals you find on craigslist can’t offer you that peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, it’s on you.