Glass Sneeze Guards for Desks – Your Ultimate Personal Protective Equipment

Indeed, glass is not the most common material to be associated with temporary or movable sneeze guards. The weight is prohibitive, and it is pretty hard to work with. Moreover, it needs framing, which is not always feasible. However, these are thoughts of the past. Now, with the pandemic situation, you need permanent sneeze guards in place of the temporary ones. Once installed, you want the material to last the longest and offer ultimate protection. That is when you need the glass sneeze guards for desks for your use.

The thickness, along with the durability of the glass sneeze guards, is hard to ignore. Yes, you have to invest a lot of money for the material, but it will work out as a long-term investment plan. Do not confuse this glass with the other thin options you use while making mirrors or glass bottles. These glass sneeze guards are always towards the thicker side and can withstand pressure and daily use well. Even a simple bang will not do anything to these glasses.

Why sneeze guards?


As the pandemic of COVID-19 continues across the globe, all types of businesses and offices are looking out for ways to make their employees and customers safe and comfortable. It is proven that the effective use of good-quality sneeze guards can help reduce the droplet spread of viruses through coughing and sneezing.

Various types of businesses can integrate different sneeze guards into their space, which are available in many sizes, materials, and mounting types. Some of these are temporary sneeze guards, whereas many of them are permanent fixations. As of late, sneeze guards have become an essential addition to the business space where the customers and sales or service personnel need to interact.

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Do sneeze guards work?

During the spread of coronavirus and the usage of face masks, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also recommended social distancing between people at all types of interactions. However, in many practical situations in our daily lives, the 6-feet distance cannot be maintained effectively. The basic scenarios like visiting a bank or making a payment at the cash points are not feasible for the 6-feet restriction. When such close interaction is required between the staff and the customer, there is no better way than having a barrier in between for protection.

So, to provide this additional layer of protection, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) had mandated the installation of clear plastic or glass sneeze guards, which help prevent the droplet spread between individuals. The major benefit of using sneeze guards is the add-on barrier between people, which will prevent personal contact. As clear vinyl or glass sneeze guards are transparent, they can see through it by preventing any air contact.

We have seen such transparent sheets and glass coverings for many decades now in the food industry, which helped to preserve food products from contamination. Establishing a dividing barrier between the preserved food items and the customers or the sellers, these barriers helped to stop any droplets from sneezes or coughs by providing the most-needed food safety.

Types of sneeze guards


There are various types of sneeze guard out there, made of different materials. However, all of these serve the same purpose. The objective is to create a barrier between the workers and customers during face-to-face interaction, thereby preventing the droplet spread of harmful viruses. The choice of sneeze guard materials may depend on the cost, style of installation, availability, design, aesthetic appearance, etc. Some of the choices as below

  • Acrylic plastic sneeze guards

Acrylic has various favorable properties to be used as sneeze guards. This material can be easily molded and formed into any shape. Acrylic is made of acrylic acid, which is a variant of polymethyl methacrylate. You can find this material under many brand names such as Perspex Lucite, Plexiglass, Crystallite, etc. Polymethyl methacrylate material is used in many heavy-duty applications like aircraft windows, automotive lights, skylights, etc.

  • Polycarbonate sneeze barriers

Polycarbonate also has many advanced properties like acrylic plastic, but it is way stronger than the former. You can find this material used in bulletproof glasses, safety helmets, car headlight glasses, etc. However, it is more expensive than other synthetic polymers. You can find such heavy-duty items at Banner Buzz to use as sneeze guards for desks by considering security reasons too at bank teller counters, cash counters at stores, etc.

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You can also find a vinyl sheet, plastic, and glass barriers, as sneeze guards are installed at varying settings.

The features you need to work on


It is really important to check out the features that the glass sneeze guards hold before purchasing one for your use. Even though there are some advanced features, the basic options will remain the same. So, try to look for those features first, and then you can make way for the best glass sneeze guards of all time.

  • You can get these options in multiple heights. So, whether you are trying to cover half of the desk or want a complete glass sneeze guard to stand, you can aim for it easily. The most common heights available are 24″, 30″, and even 36″.
  • Just like the height, you need to focus on the width of these glasses as well. Here, you will receive around 60 inches of width from some of the reliable online stores. Go through all the possible width options you can come across before the next stage of purchasing.
  • Most of the time, tempered glass is used for manufacturing these sneeze guards. So, the thickness and durability of these glasses will always be towards the higher side. Moreover, do not forget to check out the glass thickness, which needs to be a minimum of 6mm. It means the guards can withstand blows easily.
  • There are some welded steel supports forming the hardware part of the product. These steel supports will not rust that easily and can last for a pretty long time. Try to change the steel portion with stainless steel to increase the longevity of the items. You need a well functional stand to hold the glass panels for the sneeze guards together.
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So, without wasting any further time, make sure to log online and catch up with the best glass-based sneeze guards for your office and commercial platforms. You will not regret making this decision at all!