4 richest football players on Euro 2024

Here we are, at the beginning of EURO 2024, a championship full of tradition, hope, and, let’s not forget about fans. After everything that happened last year, with all the troubles and uncertainties, we really need something to cheer us up, and what better than the most important of the least important things in life, football.

What we could see so far are some pretty entertaining matches, full of tension, just like the past continental and world competitions. The other thing that every true football enthusiast cherishes is for sure listening to the fans cheering, chanting, and singing. It doesn’t matter that some restrictions are still active and the stadiums are not full of fans (games in Hungary are an exception), and what matters is that we can finally say that this crisis caused by the pandemic is coming to an end. This is the first EURO with 11 host countries, or to be more precise, 11 host cities from Europe and Baku in Azerbaijan. The format of this year’s EURO is much harder for the players as they have less time to rest due to long-distance traveling. On the other hand, it has its benefits as it is a great way for the fans to finally see their favorite players after more than a year without being able to do so.

Watching Mbape, Lewandowski, Kane, Ronaldo, or some other football superstars playing so passionately for their country is the reason why kids fall in love with this sport, start going to practice, and go to some football academy. Of course, these players are well paid, and their sponsorship deals are some of the biggest in the world. On the other hand, there is no feeling in the world that you can compare to the one you get when you step on the field and listen to the anthem of your country.

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Some players on this EURO are famous for their fashion style, others for their hairstyle (remember the hype over Beckham’s haircut at the 2010 WC?), and some are known for their technique and football skills. But being the best on the pitch doesn’t necessarily mean that you are paid the most, and there is a lot of chatter about which players are the richest. To settle that dispute, we will now present you with the top four richest players performing on EURO 2024. A list made by calculating players’ salary after taxes and all sponsorship deals, so let’s start.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Source: fortune.com

You don’t need to be a big football fan to know who Cristiano Ronaldo is. He is so famous that even people who never watch football heard about him, and people from all parts of the world admire him and his football skills. Fans have different opinions, some favor Messi and some Cristiano, and the choice isn’t easy as both are considered the world’s best football players of the new age, and by many experts, the best of all times. But no matter which one you prefer, it is impossible to say that C. Ronaldo is not an amazing footballer. His talent, skills, and hard work paid off, so he is today one of the richest football players in the world with a net worth of $500 million. He is currently playing for Serie A team Juventus and the Portugal national team, and talking about Euro 2024, Christiano’s national team is in one of the toughest groups, but they hope that Ronaldo can lead them to the finals once again, as he already scored two goals.

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2. Gareth Bale

Source: managingmadrid.com

There are not that many players who broke some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s records, but Garet Bale is one of them. His signing for Real Madrid was the most expensive one, and he broke Ronaldo’s record for the world’s most expensive transfer. Although it is uncertain where Bale will continue his club career, one thing is sure, he is playing for Wales National team, and he is one of their main players, a team captain. Because of many awards in his national and club career, his net worth is estimated at around $145 million, which makes him the most paid Welsh footballer of all time.

3. Eden Hazard

Source: marca.com

Europa League is one of the biggest football competitions, and people around the world are watching it, so there is no way that someone did not notice an amazing play of Eden Hazard at the finals in 2019. His game brings the trophy to Chelsea, and after a while, Eden Hazard is transferred to Spain, and to be more precise, Real Madrid. His dribblings and passing ensured him a place in Belgium national team, and he already has a name in Belgian football history. Because of the title of one of the best wingers of his generation, Hazard’s net worth is estimated at about $120 million.

4. Kylian Mbappe

Source: beinsports.com

Kylian Mbappe is a bright star of football and a sign that football will be maybe even better in the future. He started his club career in Monaco and made a debut for France national team with only 18 years. Only a year after that, he showed his amazing skills at the 2018 Fifa World Cup, and that was the turning point of his career. Hi was the youngest French footballer who scored at the World Cup, and the second youngest in the world who scored at the World Cup final, right after the football legend Pele. After his performance at this big tournament, his career started to rise, and he was transferred to PSG, where he still plays. His net worth is estimated at about $110 million, but there is no doubt that it will be even higher in the next period since the bright future is in front of him.

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Summing up

Well, there it is, a list of the top four richest players in EURO. Now when there is no reason to spend time researching this topic, we can sit back, open a beer, order some food, and enjoy watching the best European national teams fight for the trophy. One thing is certain the games are just going to get more interesting as the competition progress. Now, since there is a lot of news and other topics to cover, checking out viralpanda.net should be your to-go option, as they provide the best news coverage about many topics, especially football-related. So let’s have some fun, cheer and hopefully celebrate on July the 11th.