Where are The White Stripes Former Members Now?

In the late 90s and early 2000s, a unique and interesting duo rocked the music scene. You probably remember The White Stripes and their members, Jack and Meg.

Their appearance was intriguing, and people weren’t even sure about the type of their relationship for years. So, let’s get things clear from the beginning. Meg and Jack were married at some point but divorced later. Interesting, but their divorce wasn’t the reason for disbanding.

And while we can’t really find enough information about what Meg is doing nowadays, Jack is still active, and according to Gotstubs, he has a concert in December and a festival act in January next year.

Even though The White Stripes don’t even exist nowadays, we get quite nostalgic when we listen to their popular songs like “7 Nation Army” and “I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself.”

So, let’s get back in time and see why we loved them so much:

Jack and Meg Were Already Divorced During the Most Popular Days

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First, Jack took her surname when they got married in 1996. Their marriage lasted less than four years, as they got divorced in 2000. But we all know that the band gained the most popularity in the early 2000s, with the songs “Fell in Love with a Girl,” “7 Nation Army,” “The Hardest Button to Button, “Blue Orchid,” and many others.

They kept on playing together, even though Meg married Patty Smith’s son Jackson in Jack’s backyard. She was married to Jackson Smith during the most famous White Stripes years.

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Jack Decided to Stay Active in the Music Scene

While Meg is entirely out of the people’s sight, keeping your life private, Jack decides to still stay active. Also, he still uses the surname White because that’s how people recognize him. So, you can easily find Jack White tickets for upcoming live gigs and attend some of them.

We must say things go pretty well for him, even though people will never forget him as Jack from The White Stripes.

They decided to Disband to Preserve the Good Years’ Memories

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Many thought personal issues were the right reason The White Stripes broke up. But, as we said, the couple was already divorced during the greatest popularity.

Once Meg said that they wanted to preserve everything beautiful about the band. Their artistic differences were getting more prominent, so if they decided to continue, they would have lost the recognizable expression, and the audience wouldn’t love them that much.

This way, The White Stripes is a good memory, which wouldn’t be a case if they changed something.

Jack White is on a World Tour

Jack White completed many tour concerts around the USA and is now getting ready to conquer the world. There are still some Jack White tour 2024 tickets available, even though you will have to get prepared for 2024 live events.

Jack White’s Net Worth

Source: celebritynetworth.com

As of today, Jack White’s net worth is estimated to be about $60 million, while Meg “weighs” about $5 million. Still, she isn’t active on the music scene as before, while Jack is.

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Meg Didn’t Really Enjoy The White Stripes Years

Jack once opened up about Meg’s behavior during their world popularity. He said that she was pretty uninterested in the job, even though they were creating great songs.

Obviously, he disliked this behavior, but it taught him to trust his gut for specific songs. When he was excited about a new song, Meg was only sitting there waiting for the next recording round.

Jack’s Children’s Surname is Also White

Even though he divorced Meg White, Jack kept her surname to maintain recognizability. Even when he married the singer Karen Elson, he kept the surname White and gave it to their two children, Scarlett Teresa and Henry Lee.

Their Name Inspiration Came from Candies

Meg was (and probably still is) a fan of red and white striped peppermint candies. Even though their initial name was The Peppermints, they later decided to name the band The White Stripes, according to the surname and Meg’s favorite sweets.

Dolly Parton Adores The White Stripes

Source: cheatsheet.com

The band recorded a cover of Dolly’s most popular song, “Jolene.” Even though it’s one of the most covered songs by many artists, Parton thinks The White Stripes did a great job, and it’s one of the best covers in the world.

Also, Dolly is a good friend to Jack, and they often go to restaurants together while appreciating each other’s jobs.

Meg Had a Hard Time With Her Stage Anxiety

Meg suffered anxiety attacks while performing. Back in 2007, the band decided to cancel the UK tour, so she could deal with the anxiety. Instead of rescheduling the live events, the band decided to break up and cancel the whole thing. Meg felt unable to travel and needed time to rest.

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In late 2009, they had an act together, and in 2010, they had a Late Night reunion. Many fans thought they were getting back together as a band with a lot of new music to offer.

Later, Jack joined a band named The Dead Weather, which is also inactive today. Meg came to rehearse with them, but none of the projects came to life.

So, today, Jack performs as a solo artist.

People Still Hope The White Stripes Will Get Back

Source: thelist.com

Even though we don’t think Meg and Jack will marry again, many of us hope they will record some music in the name of good times. But, as the years pass by, it seems more and more apparent that it won’t ever happen.

But, we are sure that if they decide to launch one song only, they will get all the popularity and excitement back. Many people still listen to their greatest hits and fantasize about a comeback.

If you are one of those who loved The White Stripes, we understand you completely. But we also suggest you do not miss Jack’s concerts and tours.

At last, he deserves his popularity, no matter if he is in The White Stripes or not.