6 Best Movies & TV Shows Based on Games Streaming Now

We all use different methods to spend our time indoors more entertaining. Some people would listen to music, others would gamble online, etc. However, it is not a secret that people mostly decide on watching a movie or TV show. Sitting in front of a TV is sometimes the most relaxing activity. On the other hand, those that want to add more passion to their free time would decide on playing games.

To conclude, games, movies, and TV shows are the main source of entertainment many times. However, what if you can use a combination of these three things? Well, if that seems like an amazing thing for you, then watching movies and a TV show based on games is the best option you have.

The good news is that there are a bunch of them that you can enjoy during the entire day. However, highlighting them all is impossible. Because of that, we decided to talk about the most popular game-based movies and TV shows. Let’s find them out together!

1. Mortal Kombat

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Many people have probably enjoyed Mortal Kombat when they were kids. The good thing there is an Australian movie based on that game. It describes the life of a boxer that finally got the chance to find out a family secret. That discovery leads him to a tournament under the name Mortal Kombat. He gets the chance to meet dozens of warriors that are fighting to the death. The purpose of that battle is to get protection from the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung.

This movie hasn’t been released so far, but you will manage to find it in cinemas for around two weeks. For more information, you can visit this website and check out when exactly you will get the opportunity to watch it.

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2. Castlevania

Well, Castlevania has been a popular game for a while. Things are not different when we talk about the TV show based on that game. So far, it has three different seasons that describe a dark medieval fantasy. The storyline describes the life of the last member of the Belmont clan. His goal is to save all the citizens from Eastern Europe and protect them from the well-known Vlad Dracula Tepe.

Through the 22 episodes, you will see a mix of adventure and action in one place. Some creepy scenes may convince you that Castelvania is some kind of horror. Anyway, you can be sure the new episodes will sooner or later come. However, at this moment, the release date of the new episodes is still not announced.

3. Wheel of Fortune

The number of people that have never heard about Wheel of Fortune is probably relatively small. The main characters of this TV Show are Bob Goen and Vanna White. Believe it or not, this show has more than 1350 episodes divided into 31 seasons. Believe it or not, the new episode of this series is going to be published today (April 1st). You can check it out on fuboTV and Netflix for an affordable price.

4. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

No one expected that Netflix is going to announce one of the most popular game-based TV shows. Have you ever watches THE Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf? Well, the same Studio Mir is the creator of both entertaining shows. More precisely, Ashley Miller is the reason why people around the globe have a new way to make their time more entertaining.

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The storyline describes a renovated Dragon Knighted under the name Davion. Together with Princess Mirana, that has a secret mission, he starts an entertaining journey much bigger than he could ever imagine.

The release date of this series was March 25, 2024. So, if you missed something, there is enough time to watch every episode carefully.

5. Resident Evil

Andrew Dabb – a name that most of the movie and tv show lovers know very well. Before Resident Evil, he was also a producer for the well*known Supernatural show.

Indeed, the inspiration of the game was many games Capcom’s franchise developed. However, the storyline is not based on either of them. It has its own storyline as well as characters that you will probably remember forever.

Resident Evil will be released in two different parts. The first part describes the life of Albert Wesker’s two teenage daughters. After they come to the town full of manufacturers, they start to analyze their environment as well as the behavior of their own father.

Things become more entertaining in the second part. The storyline describes Jade’s life (one of the daughters) fifteen years later. In that period, the entire planet Earth is conquered by the zombies. The thirty-year-old Jade invests a lot of energy to survive in the new normality. However, she also tries to keep the secrets about her father, sister, and overall life in the past.

Unfortunately, we do not know exactly the release date of this tv show. Yet, before the pandemic occurred, the producers announced it will be released between June and October. We can only predict everything will start at the beginning of 2024.

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6. Behind Her Eyes

The main characters of this tv show are Eve Hewson and Simona Brown. Currently, the entire tv show has only 6 episodes within one season. Many insights, unfortunately, confirm that new episodes will not be released in the future. However, that doesn’t mean it does not deserve your attention.

You will see a life of a single mom that starts the journey in a world full of mind games. She decides to start an affair with her psychiatrist boss. However, things become even more interesting when you see she is also secretly befriending the psychiatrist’s wife. That is the moment when mystery and drama start!

Final Thought

As we previously mentioned, this is not a complete list of movies and tv shows based on games. You will need to dig a bit deeper to find more of them. However, we believe these six movies/tv-shows are the ones that deserve your attention the most. It doesn’t matter if you are playing games or not. They all have a storyline that will grab your attention. We hope that our tips are going to make your free time more entertaining.