7 Cool Virtual Team Building Activities For Students to Try in 2024

For more than a year, the world has been dealing with the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, which is exactly one of the reasons why schools, universities, and various companies choose to hold their team-building meetings online by using different platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and Jitsi Meet.

If you’re thinking about using some cool virtual team-building activities for your students, you might be confused with the number of options you can choose from. Luckily, the article below will shed some light on the entire topic, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the list:

1. “Quiz Breaker”

Source: freepik.com

Goal: for People to Learn More About Each Other

Number of Users: from 3 to 1000

Time Played: from 2 to 10 minutes each round

The very first thing you should know about this platform is the fact that it’s played by thousands of students every day, which is exactly why you might want to try it as well. Hence, if you want your pupils to remotely bond, you could choose to ask them interesting ice breaker questions.

By choosing this platform, you’ll be able to have all participants guess each other’s answers, which means that they can learn interesting things about one another. Additionally, if you want to make things even more interesting for the people that are a bit more competitive, there is also a weekly scoreboard that you could use.

2. “Work Style”

Source: freepik.com

Goal: for people to learn the working styles of their classmates

Number of Users: Unlimited

Time Played: an hour

This is a platform that a lot of people like, especially since it features an interesting team-building activity that’ll allow students to learn how to best work with each other. Each individual gets a profile where they could choose to take more than six different tests, all of which they could add to their final report.

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Besides this, it’ll also allow the participants to fill in different sections about their favorite studying preferences, and then they could show other people how it works best. This platform is quite important, mostly because it allows the teams to remotely bond with one another.

3. “Virtual Escape Rooms”

Source: freepik.com

Goal: for people to work together and escape a virtual room

Number of Users: from 2 to 1000+

Time Played: it’ll depend

Is there anything more fun than for your students to work together in order to escape a virtual room? Probably not, which is why you must try virtual escape room games such as the one featured on firebirdevents. And, since it’s impossible for your pupil to visit real ones due to the pandemic, websites like these have become increasingly popular.

These games are designed for several people, which means that they all need to work together in order to escape a specific room. Keep in mind, there are various options out there, hence, when the students succeed in passing one room, there are others that they could try as well.

4. “Water Cooler Quiz”

Source: freepik.com

Goal: students competing against one another

Number of Users: unlimited

Time Played: it’ll depend

Yet another trivia website that almost all students adore is the Water Cooler Quiz. Hence, if your teams like participating in various quizzes and competitions, this is a platform that they’ll definitely love. Each week, the organization behind this website adds four quizzes that they send out to the member of your team.

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However, you can also choose to add your own questions, which means that you could even use it for asking questions about the subject you’re teaching, but more importantly, you could choose to allow your teams to ask each other questions, meaning that they can learn more together.

5. Taking a Virtual Tour

Source: freepik.com

Goal: discovering new places

Number of Users: unlimited

Time Played: it’ll depend

If there is one thing that you should definitely try, it’s taking a virtual city tour with your students. After all, we’re all restricted from traveling, but you can use Zoom for having a local show you the streets of Germany. Yup, there are people who do this, which is exactly why you must try it.

They’ll probably stop at all the important landmarks, places, and monuments in their city, and you can also learn more about the history and culture of the city you’re virtually visiting. Besides this, there is a wide range of Airbnb experiences from all over the world, meaning that you can enjoy “visiting” a lot of countries.

6. An Online Scavenger Hunt

Source: freepik.com

Goal: having fun

Number of Users: unlimited

Time Played: it’ll depend

Staying active is also one of the difficulties of constantly being indoors, hence if you want to move your teams a little bit, you should organize scavenger hunts, something that can be done quickly and easily. While you’re on the call, you should make a list of items that the participants should collect from their houses.

The first student that comes back with all of the items – which they can prove they gathered by showing you – wins the round! Keep in mind, you’ll want to make it fun and interesting, which is why you must ensure or at least consider that you have a reward system in place.

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7. “Pictionary”

Source: freepik.com

Goal: bonding and building communication skills

Number of Users: from 5 to 10

Time Played: from 30 to 60 minutes

If there is one thing that can ensure that you’re students are bonding and building their communication skills, one of the things that you could use for your team-building activities is Pictionary games. Although most people think it’s difficult, it’s actually quite easy and it’ll allow the participants to relax and have fun.

You’ll have to use different websites for creating your own virtual room where you and your participants will be able to doodle different things. All you’ll need to do is to get your students online and you could start playing this interesting game as soon as they’re all connected.


There is a wide range of things that you could try with your students, and no matter which one you choose to go through, there are several things that are certain – you’ll all have fun, you’ll be able to bond with other people in your team, and you’ll also be able to improve some of your skills by playing different games with your classmates.

So, now that you’re aware of the fact that there are various things that you could try, you might not want to lose any more time. Instead, opt for one or two games from the list above, place all of your students in their teams, and then start having endless hours of fun with them!