Top 5 BBC iPlayer Shows of 2024

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BBC iPlayers is an on-demand video service of BBC that is only available for the audience of the United Kingdom. You can watch all the sports, entertainment shows, movies, and daily news on BBC iPlayers.

1. MasterChef: The Professionals

7.7/10 · IMDb

We were all very excited to see MasterChef: the Professionals come back for a seventh series, and we were equally happy to see three new, up-and-coming chefs in the finals. But what made this series special? Here are some things you should know. First of all, the chefs on the show are all men. This season’s finals were all men, but that doesn’t mean that you should let that stop you from watching.

The judges were very sensitive to the sweetness of the treacle tart. However, the shiso crumb mellowed the sickly sweetness of the golden syrup. It was worth watching, however. Nic is set to open his restaurant despite the gloomy outcome, and he hopes to do well on the show. Just wait and see how the competition pans out. And in the meantime, let’s look at the best moments in the match.

2. You Don’t Know Me

6.9/10 · IMDb

You Don’t Know Me is an exciting new crime drama from BBC One. Based on the crime novel by Imran Mahmood, this show premiered in the network’s primetime Sunday night slot. This crime drama is well-executed and remarkably compelling. Here’s a You Don’t Know Me to show review. Read on to find out whether this crime drama is worth your time.

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You Don’t Know Me is based on the best-selling novel by Imran Mahmood and follows the trial of a young man named Hero, who is accused of murdering a young boy.

The show starts fairly simply, with a car salesman (Hero) pleading his innocence at trial. However, he fires his lawyer’s closing statement, deciding instead to tell his story himself. In the trial, a police officer discovers a gun in Hero’s flat, and the victim’s blood is found under his fingernails. In addition, Hero’s car is spotted driving toward the crime scene, which leads to a tense courtroom battle.

3. Some Girls

7.5/10 · IMDb

Some Girls is a show that explores the lives of four women from very different backgrounds. It is a female-centric show that celebrates the power of female sexuality. It also offers a refreshingly realistic portrayal of a sixth-form girl’s relationship with her best friend. But the series’ ending does not live up to expectations. The series’ opening episode hints at an unrequited love affair.

This new series, led by Jenna Bans, is an intriguing exploration of female ambition and the price paid for it. Beth’s ambition and seduction of Rio threaten Dean’s livelihood. She also becomes a target for the neighborhood moms, who fear she is emasculated. Dean, meanwhile, feels emasculated by Beth’s success and takes her kids away. If Beth can pull off all these twisted maneuvers, she’ll be able to snitch the gang leader and get her kids back; she’s a winner.

4. The Split

7.7/10 – IMDb

The Split is set in a London law firm that deals with the messy aftermath of divorce. The show follows the lives of the women involved. Ruth Defoe plays Deborah Findlay, a lawyer who left her husband for his best friend. His new stand-up routine is full of dirty jokes about his ex, written partly as an act of revenge and partly as a way to pay for the Split. Meanwhile, Hannah, Rex’s sister, is the one spearheading Hannah’s attempts to reconcile with her husband.

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Hannah Walker is a British actress with teal eyes and a great sense of emotional transparency. Walker’s performance is a perfect fit for the sassy yet vulnerable role she plays in the series. The Split script is no truer to actual courtroom procedures than most lawyer shows. Instead, it’s packed with a romantic breakdown and a breakdown of a marriage. Nevertheless, the Split is a compelling and affecting show that will leave you wishing you’d watched the first season more than once.

5. Merlin

7.9/10 – IMDb

If you’re looking for a TV show review, you may want to take a look at Merlin. This show has plenty of things to like: a round table, a lovely castle, and a kingdom called Camelot. It’s also fun characters like Tristan and Isolde, the Lady of the Lake, and Excalibur. Merlin is also an intriguing character that can be young, handsome, and strong. Sometimes, however, he can be old, as in this series finale. But, no matter how old he is, Merlin’s adventures will leave you with all kinds of feelings.

Another character that impressed me was Colin Morgan, who played the character of the young Arthur. Morgan played a charming, cheeky character, and his portrayal of the young Arthur portrayed him as a spoiled bully with flashes of nobility. The show is a must-watch for anyone who likes fantasy dramas. If you love this kind of drama, don’t miss Merlin! He’ll bring smiles to your face while watching the show.


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