9 Hacks That Will Change the Way You Listen To music

The statistics show that the average person spends about 20 hours every week listening to music, and that means that we spend about 40 days of our lives every year enjoying our favorite tracks. That is a long time, and we need to make sure that we enjoy every second of the experience without going through so much trouble to avoid issues and find the right gadget that will portray the beauty of the song properly. Here, we are going to list some hacks that will change the way you listen to music, and we will tell you how you can take the experience to the next level.

1. Never lose your headphones again

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We’ve all been there – looking for our headphones in our backpacks and not being able to find them, or even worse – finding them and they are all tied up in a knot. It is definitely not fun to have to untangle your headphones for half of the ride, and if you want to save yourself a lot of time and trouble then you should learn some wrapping tricks. You can do that using just your hand, or you can tie them around an old credit card and find them with ease in your purse or bag at all times.

2. Know how to do your search

Even though we spend most of our days Googling, more often than not, we don’t know how to find the music that we are in the mood for. You don’t have to know every artist, and you don’t have to be familiar with every track to enjoy amazing tunes. The only thing you need to know is how to do your search. Choose your preferred platform, and start looking for genres instead of artists. On the same note, if you are looking for a song or a band, make sure you check out the recommendations. Start doing your search depending on the decade you are interested in, and get ready to explore new and amazing things.

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3. Remember that it’s better to be signed in

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Another mistake that we tend to make is not signing in when we use our devices. No matter which platform is your favorite one, and no matter what you use to listen to music on, it is better to be signed in. That way, when you do your search and when you listen to your favorite beats, the algorithm will remember your preferences and will create playlists based on your personal taste. Let today’s technology help you and save you time, and know that the more you listen to music, the better recommendations you will get.

4. Consider different gadgets

We all know that the gadgets we use and the speakers that we purchase are going to make the biggest difference. No matter how high-quality the original sound is, if we don’t have the speakers to translate that sound to our environment, chances are, we won’t enjoy the track. Because of that, you need to find the right gadget that will help you improve your experience.

You can check out this review below if you want to find out how a mini sub-woofer can help you improve your experience, and you can see if this is one of the gadgets that you need in your home.

5. Layer your music

One of the coolest things that you can do nowadays is layering your favorite songs. You don’t need to be tech-savvy at all for this, and you don’t need any expensive platforms to do it at home. You can add sounds like rain or ocean waves to any song of your choosing, and you can use different websites online to do that. You will just need to upload your tune, choose the background noise and that is it.

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6. There is an extended version of everything

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One of the things that you should always remember is that there is an extended version of pretty much every tune, and no matter if it is your favorite song that lasts about three minutes, or if you are looking for relaxing sounds, you can find versions that last double the amount of time when it comes to a single song, or relaxing videos that last for hours. This way you can enjoy your favorite beat or sound for hours without having to skip songs or playlists.

7. Create playlists

Some days we are in the mood to choose the playlist that we want, or just pick every song separately, and we enjoy doing this. However, there are also those days when we want to just enjoy our regular tunes without having to touch our devices. Even though there are amazing playlists on every music platform, you should make sure to create your own as well. You can do that on the go, and you can update the library every time you want. This way you will have a new playlist for every mood and for every day.

8. Use noise-canceling

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There is nothing better than noise-canceling devices, and you can solely focus on the tunes instead of the background noise. You can choose to purchase buds or headphones that already have this feature, or you can just add earmuffs to your devices. Know that you should avoid this practice if you are constantly on the go, or if you are in your vehicle or on your bike. Always be aware of your surroundings when you are outside to ensure your safety.

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9. Always clean your headphones or buds

Finally, you should always properly clean your headphones or buds, and there are several reasons for this. The number one is the build-up that is going to clog your devices and you will lose some of that HD sound. You will wonder why there is an issue with the quality of the song, and in reality, the buds are going to be the issue. Note that if you don’t do this, you are at risk of ear infections that could even permanently damage your hearing.

Try out these things and know that you will be surprised by all the amazing things you are going to experience. Choose your preferred device for listening to your favorite track, and know that the speaker will make the biggest difference. Explore different options, try out new genres, and let the AI tell you what you might like.