Weird Facts About the History of Adult Toys

One of the most interesting facts about adult toys is that there are still many people who would rather not talk about them, while there is a huge increase in sales seen in recent years. There are different factors that are affecting this trend. First of all, we have to mention the new technologies that allowed producers to create high-quality products and implement advanced solutions that will secure the best pleasure.

There are some options available today that are making the use of these toys nearly the same as being with a real person. The best example of that are dolls. There are some highly advanced models that are realistic and can even produce sounds. The main challenge for users is the high price. However, there are more affordable alternatives for beginners, like some of the products that you can find at

Furthermore, while these toys are now more common as a public topic, you will be surprised about their long history of them where some types are dating back a lot before ancient times. Here are some weird facts about the long history of sex toys.

First Models


Most people might think that the first models of dildos and other popular types were designed in the 20th or 19th century following the industrial revolution and the improvement of human rights. However, the history is much longer that most people think since it dates back to Stone Age and times where we don’t have written history or language.

There are some object found in Europe that resembles a falus design. There is an ongoing debate about the use of these objects. Some people are thinking that they were used in ceremonies and rituals, while there are those who think that people might have been using them for pleasure as well.

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Role Of Some Products


The design and production of some products are often seen as an attempt to help someone get more pleasure. However, it was not always the case. Doctors from the beginning of 20th century created the first vibrator that has a lot in common with modern devices. Still, their intentions were not to provide excitement and pleasure, but to help people with various medical conditions.

The weirdest fact is that these devices were made for men, and the use was to treat conditions like back pain, constipation, diabetes, and more. It was not even use as a sex toy. The trend started much later, and the design was the main reason for that.

Another interesting detail is that the first modern type of dildo was created by a person with disabilities who was not able to have normal relations with his partner. We can see that it is common these days for companies to work on new products that will help people with different conditions to have some pleasure.

While most people think about them as a source of fun, they can also be use as assistance, and that can bring many positive effects for those with health issues. The proven benefits are improved mental state, cardiovascular system, and more.

Long History of Banning and Misconceptions

First of all, we have to mention that the first models were created specifically for men, while it was not allowed for women to even think about that. There is a relation between that and tradition, where the focus was on men and his needs, while many societies pushed women and their rights. The sad true is that it is still seen in some countries. When it comes to developed countries today, a lot of people consider these toys as more popular among women.

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There are some countries where they are banned even today. It is important for you to check them out if you are planning to travel with your favorite toy in the luggage. Some of the places where you should not bring it are the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Maldives, Vietnam, and a couple of other places. We also have to mention Alabama, which is the only state in the US where they are not allowed because they represent obscenity.

Influence of Modern Era


While the development of new technology is having a huge impact, it is not the main factor that is bringing this trend. It is more about the culture and how people are now more open and free to explore and play around with different things. Also, we can say that women today have the same rights, at least in most places, and that society want accuse them of anything if they decide to have some fun.

On the other side, companies are using materials that are making the experience more realistic, while there are also upgrades with sensors, tones, and other features that can lead to amazing experience. The interesting fact is the boom in trending during 2020, when a lot of people had to stay at home for a longer time. Some of them were bored, while many people started exploring more about this market and different types of products they can find.

Also, people are now more aware of the positive effects it can have. It is not obscene when you want to have some fun while being alone or with your partner. There are proven benefits for people who are single for a longer time because it can lead to increased self-esteem along with many health benefits. On the other hand, it can be a great way to make things more interesting with your partner.

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Last Words

The fact that there are models found in the time that predates the ancient times can help us understand that pleasure was always a very important topic. However, many cultures were focused around men, which is the reason why there was more models designed for male population.

The things have changed significantly in the 20th century with the introduction of toys focused on women. We can find all kinds of models today, and the selection depends on your preferences and budget.