5 Reasons to Invest in Sugarcane Juice Machine

Sugarcane juice is good for our health. It is an instant energy booster and also combats skin conditions. In addition to this, it improves digestion which helps us in reducing belly fat and obesity. Therefore, despite having the name sugar in it, sugarcane juice won’t result in obesity.

Furthermore, a lot of people drink it to improve their overall health condition. So instead of sugary drinks filled with artificial sweeteners and flavors, this is something that is natural. Therefore, if you are thinking about investing in this business, this will be a good opportunity.

The only thing that you need to worry about is buying a good quality machine and a dealer from whom you can buy enough sugarcane. We can help you with your purchase of the machine, click here and learn about the juice machine. Likewise, you can also learn about the price in Kenya.

The price tag varies with the type of machine that you will buy. For example, you can go with a manual one or an electric type. And if you are thinking of starting your business on a large scale, you will need to buy the commercial machine.

Here are some of the reasons that will help you make up your mind so that you can make your investment.

1 – It is easy to set up

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You do not need any technical knowledge or any kind of expertise to start this business. Anyone can do this easily. When buying the sugarcane machine, you will get the manual to start and run it. Even if you do not understand it because of the language barrier, there are videos available on the web.

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Before purchasing the machine, you can check the videos and look for the right way to use it. If you understand the running process, you can proceed with your purchase.

Furthermore, you might also need permission from your municipal authority. So make sure to discuss this with them and then proceed with your setup. Otherwise, you might encounter legal problems.

2 – A small business with little investment

Another thing is that you do not need much investment to initiate your business. Not everyone has enough funds to start a big business. The scale of your business matters a lot. If you are planning to start a big business, you will need great investors with more money. They will make the investment and you can share your profits with them. On the other hand, if you start a small business, you can invest only a small amount. Thus, all the profit will be for you.

As for the investment, you only need the basic security for buying your juice machine and the sugarcane. In addition to this, you will need glasses for serving the juice. Whether you want to use glassware or disposable glasses, you will need to buy them.

Also, there are different serving styles. Search for them and prepare the necessary equipment. You can add some black salt to improve the taste. Or you can mix it with any other juice to increase your sales.

3 – A cheaper alternative

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Sugarcane juice is a cheaper alternative to many juices that are available on the market. It is a natural product that people enjoy drinking. On the other hand, artificial drinks are filled with flavors that are not good for your health.

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In addition to this, artificial flavors sometimes contain screens and other ingredients that will be harmful to your health. They might make you suffer from a sore throat or upset stomach. Furthermore, drinking such drinks for a longer time makes you feel fatigued because they have high sugar content. On the other hand, sugarcane has natural sugar that does not cause any health effects.

The best part is this juice is a cheaper alternative to other drinks. Artificial drinks are not only harmful to our health but are also expensive. While fruit juices are natural and healthy.

4 – Sells a lot

Sugarcane juice beats the heat and makes drinkers feel fresh and boost their energy. Plus, it is cheaper. Therefore, it sells a lot. So if you want to initiate your small business by keeping a low-profit rate, it will be beneficial in the longer run.

You won’t need to think a lot about the area too. The target group is also wide. Children love drinking juice, especially after a tiring day at school, college, and university. Likewise, if you start your juice stall near a construction site, laborers and workers in that area will enjoy it. Firstly, because it is cheaper and for many other reasons. Workers can afford it and therefore, they will go for it.

Moreover, this drink will offer an instant energy boost. This means that they will feel refreshed quickly. Thus, they will be able to work efficiently. Plus, it will improve their health. So it will be a cheaper alternative to nutritional requirements.

Likewise, if you arrange your stall near or in a market, you can easily sell it to shoppers and shopkeepers. People who are out of their homes will feel thirsty during their shopping time. Thus, they will look for options that they can have. And your stall will surely be an attraction during hot weather.

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So, there is a wide target range. You can plan your market accordingly.

5 – Health benefits

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The biggest benefit of investing in a sugarcane juice machine is the health benefits that this drink offers.

  1. It provides you with an instant energy boost.
  2. If you are suffering from blemishes, scars, and wrinkles, this drink will help you treat such problems. Because it is good for beautiful skin and a youthful look.
  3. It is enriched with fibers and therefore, it will help your gut. You can drink this juice after your food and the fibers will help you digest it.
  4. Even if you are on a diet, you can enjoy drinking it separately or can even mix it with other drinks.