The Three Main Elements In Truck Accident Claims

When a car accident involves a large truck, the result is almost always more damage for the car, because of the obvious reasons – the truck is heavier and bigger than a usual vehicle, and when it hits it, we all know that the outcome is usually a tragedy. This can come in the form of vehicle damage or/and greater injuries. The reason is the size of the truck, as we said. We are obviously talking about a potentially disastrous collision when a truck hits a passenger vehicle. As a result, it almost always takes longer to settle truck accident cases than accidents only involving regular vehicles. Sadly, in most cases, there is always at least one person who suffered lifetime injuries, or who died, and their families have hands full of the job until they are sure the justice will work in their favor.

There are no two accidents that are completely the same, so it makes the situation even worse. That’s why before processing the case to the court, the parties involved must hire attorneys to represent them, take in mind all the evidence available, and see how they can get the best for their client. There will always be differences and the help of the best truck accident lawyer is very important and you can find that on A case can so easily take a few months or over a year to end, and sometimes, in some specific and complicated situations, it may last even longer than that, until everyone involved is ready to take their part in resolving the case. Usually, if there are extensive injuries and serious damage present, the case will be longer. This brings us to the 3 main elements you have to be aware of, which are the ones below.

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1. Investigation


When determining liability becomes too complex, the timeline of the settlement can be very long. Unfortunately, in truck accident claims, liability is almost always quite complex. This is partially due to the fact that investigations tend to be pretty long.

An experienced attorney will always want to make sure that all potential evidence is examined. A thorough investigation is absolutely mandatory for the claim to be successful and generate as much money as needed to cover expenses. This is impossible without all the proper medical paperwork in place and careful management of all case-related things.

So, if you are a driver who passes along the place of the accident, simply stop there and call the police and emergency, but you may be a witness too. If you are on some of the involved sides, try to stay as calm as you can, so you won’t interrupt the evidence, or make your injury worse. These investigations require a lot of time and dedication, because of the nature of the accident, and no matter what’s your role in it, you need to collaborate, so it can be done in a shorter time.

2. Injuries


You always need to seek the medical attention you require and do it as soon as you can after the car accident. This is mandatory even for smaller injuries. How much you were injured is going to influence how long it takes for the claim to be settled.

Usually, personal injury cases end up resolved only after victims are fully recovered. Because truck accidents cause much greater property damage, with greater personal injuries, resolving cases fast is quite impossible.

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This is the main reason why you must consider medical examination immediately after the accident. Sometimes the injuries aren’t immediately visible, or you can feel fine under the rush of adrenaline, but there can still be some internal bleeding or an injury that can cause serious health issues if not treated immediately. If some of the passengers die, a medical history is also required, so the real reasons for the death can be determined. That can turn the whole case in a different way, but so can do the proof for medical assistance and all the injuries people have after the accident.

3. Insurance


The insurance company that covers the truck is going to investigate the claim you make. It will also negotiate settlement terms with you or with your attorney. The process of negotiating can be very lengthy and will be based on how severe the accident was. It is very important to analyze how injured you were and how much medical treatment you needed. Also, in the event that liability is being disputed, the proceedings will be lengthened.

Insurance providers and trucking companies do not think about the best interests of the victims. The only goal is to pay less than what is required. What is rightfully owed can only be obtained when you know the law and you understand what you are entitled to. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced truck accident attorney who is capable of protecting your best interests.

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At the end of the day, it is very difficult to deal with the aftermath of truck accidents. Unfortunately, in many cases, we are talking about so much stress that it will be difficult to deal with everything alone. You need the help of a professional.

Our final thoughts

Truck accidents, sadly, often end with a lot of victims and material damage. There are many examples of people who died in an accident like this, or they have so heavy injuries, they aren’t able to live normally again. A good lawyer will always try to meet these three elements before they file the lawsuit and start a case against the truck driver. Also, we must mention that the trucks aren’t always those who are guilty, especially if the car driver overreached the maximum speed limit. The conditions on the road can also make the whole situation even worse.

Don’t try to judge by yourself. That’s why attorneys are there. Don’t put all the blame on the truck driver, because the investigation will anyway show who was guilty about the accident. Don’t interrupt the legal process, and make sure your claims make sense, so you can at least settle for the damage. If some of the three elements we mentioned lacks, the whole process will be longer and more complicated.