8 UX Practices to Better Your Marketing Strategy

UX refers to how users interact with the services and products on a website. When you are creating your website, you already have a blueprint and a vision of how it should look like, and how users will interact with it. UX is part of your SEO strategy and there are best practices that you should apply.

Visitors on your site should have a positive experience to increase retention rates and improve your conversion. You’ll get more leads and referrals. Implementing best UX practices contributes to the amount of organic traffic you gain from the search engines.

Let’s take a look.

Reveal your value proposition

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When users decide to click on your website’s link, you should immediately give them reasons to stay on. Otherwise they’ll be confused and they take a long time to figure out where to navigate and where they can access services or products.

You can use call-to-actions (CTAs) to show your value proposition, and to help visitors to navigate through the site. Use compelling titles for your CTAs, and it will be a huge boost for your SEO strategy.

Use meta description

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Metadata gives website visitors and search engines the definition of your website components. For example, on your website you have images, titles and links to other components. They need meta descriptions to indicate what they are and what they represent. It helps website visitors in navigation and it is a critical UX practice to implement usability of your site.

You can implement meta description in various ways. Describe the elements that provide value to the website visitors and to the search engines. You can use CTAs periodically for navigations and for the most important elements. Meta descriptions take up to 160 characters. Add as much valuable information as you can.

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Build trust

In the online space, trust is an essential. Users are uncomfortable throwing their money everywhere, and they need to get a good reason why they should invest in your services and products.

You can build trust with your customers through testimonials, reviews and trust symbols like certifications. It prompts website visitors to retain confidence on your website, and they can purchase your services and products.

Use search-friendly URLs

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When users look at your URL, they should easily relate it to what you are offering on your website. Your site URL is also part of the meta-description and it should contain phrases and keywords easily recognizable by your website visitors. They are just like meta tags, and you should utilize them appropriately.

Having a search-friendly URL also means that it is crafted well to fit the search engine. The URL structure needs to be consistent all through the website and have relevant keywords and phrases for each part. A good search-friendly URL should be easily memorized by your website visitors.

Use rich snippets to attract more attention

Google now allows websites to use snippets on their site. It is a critical part of your SEO strategy and you should utilize it well to draw the eye. Snippets are meant to increase the quality of search engine results, and yours should be captivating to give a good story about your site and the products and services you offer.

You can input snippets on your website using specific plugins. They are open source so you don’t need to worry about incurring costs. For example, you can find one on wordpress if you use their site. A detailed and informative snippet will stand out among the search engine results, and you can add an image.

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Diverse your content

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Website visitors have varying preferences. Some might want interactive content such as videos or images while others would prefer a question answer format or bullet-points. When working on your SEO strategy, these are some of the factors you should consider. It is important to maintain diversity so you can compensate for the different types of users which will enable your content to deliver to a wider audience.

Consequently your content will cover more on the search engine result pages because you have more diverse information. You can easily check what is popular in your business niche on Google’s frequently asked question section. It usually comes just below the first snippet available on the search engine results page after you check for anything.

Use Google My Business

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This is one of the best ways to list your business online. It will assist you drive up the organic ranking when it shows up on your website. If your business is a local one, this is a must-have for your SEO strategy. You’ll gain more local customers and consistent ones when your services are convenient for them.

You don’t need to worry if your organization is big. The good news is that it works for any business size. On the platform, you can manage your preferences to structure how you would like your business to appear on search engine results. You get the advantages of the full Google suite including maps. It boosts your online visibility which allows your business to attract more new customers. It adds authority to your SEO strategy together with your business.

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Utilize the schema markup on Google

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After listing your business on Google My Business, you are one step away from improving your SEO even more. Google’s schema markup allows you to insert more data into the listings that will appear as snippets on search engine results. It gives users more information on what you are trying to sell.

Your listings will stand out which will allow you to cement a place ahead of your competitors. For example, on a product page, you can add availability and pricing information. Aim to only insert the important information that will impact the user’s choice. You are not limited to this option only. Instead, you can include other links from your content and services. If it catches their eye, you’ll gain more customers, because they might find something that is relevant to what they were looking for.

Final thoughts

Implementing these UX best practices should be a continuous process for your SEO strategy. You can always contact Alpha Efficiency for help in implementing UX practices as part of your SEO strategy. We’ll implement them efficiently to set you up for sustainable success. There are many other UX practices you can utilize and this guide gives you the most critical ones.