10 Reasons why Painting by Numbers is a Great Hobby

Are you someone who loves to paint & draw? Do you find these activities to be relaxing & calming for your mind and your brain? If you are a fan of coloring books and you love to paint by numbers, in particular, keep on reading! Here, we will talk about some of the reasons why this is a fun activity and a fantastic opportunity to show off your creative spirit & style!

What is it + how to paint by numbers?

It’s easy and accessible to everybody + it can be a fun activity or a great distraction from your negative thoughts. People enjoy it since they get to escape reality. The process is done in a way where you have to paint one color at a time inside the lines and also paint outside the lines, starting from the middle (center) part of your coloring book and working your pattern with different used colors. Some people love to start with darkest to light colors or the other way around since it helps people get the best understanding of shapes, shades & colors. If you want to have fun and get creative make sure that you stay persistent when it comes to this activity and get your kit at paintingbynumbersshop.com.

10 reasons why Painting by Numbers is a great hobby

1. You get to express yourself & your personality

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If you are not too sure how to express your thoughts, emotions, or your personality at times – give it a go with coloring & painting. You will see that your use of colors has a unique story or a fun pattern in its own way. If you find yourself reaching for dark-colored or muted tones, this may be because you are feeling mysterious or sad at a given moment. Bright, neon, or vibrant colors may indicate that you’re filled with hope, dreams & positive thoughts.

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2. Everyone can do it

Besides the adults who love to do this creative little hobby, another target could also be kids. You can hand these tools to your little ones and ask them to paint & create early on. Kids usually have a lot of thoughts & a huge passion for art & craft. Not only that they would love painting, but these kits will also help them develop better concentration, patience, and an eye for detail. This is why it is best to get them started & have them interested early on.

3. Great anti-stress method

How high are your stress levels? Do you have a tough time managing your private & business life? If you are often struggling and you find yourself in unwanted situations, it might be time for you to unwind and relax with the right coloring book, what do you say? You can say bye-bye to stress and experience pure fun, joy, as well as positive emotions once you get in the zone and start to color!

4. It can also be used as a therapy

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Many psychotherapists believe that this little change & fun activity can make a significant difference to your emotion & your feelings. Art is subjective & hard to understand + it can be something different for each person. If you are going through a lot and you’re having trouble communicating with others or if you have some difficulties in expressing yourself, it may be the best time to paint.

5. Helps with your motor skills

Like when playing a musical instrument, coloring or painting a canvas or something a bit more complex can make an impact and a difference to your hand & eye coordination. You will learn how to adjust your movements & your hands + with regular use you will improve your motor skills. This is especially crucial with kids.

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6. Helps with your concentration and brain movements

If you truly wish to get in the zone and lose yourself in the process now is the right time to do it. Painting is a meticulous job that allows you to forget the environment and it will help you focus on some crucial & key tasks without you even realizing it. Both hemispheres are stimulated during this process, which means that you get to become creative while staying rational. It is a weird combo, but it truly works!

7. It is also linked to emotional intelligence

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There is an amazing & emotional saying by Salvador Dali that states “The true painter is one who is able to paint extraordinary scenes in the middle of an empty desert.” Can you connect & feel empowered by it? If so, you will also learn & understand your emotional intelligence, while successfully understanding empathy, inner peace, as well as pure love.

8. You get to color some amazing landscapes

You can capture the serenity of a lake, a mountain, or a skyscraper with your own & unique perception. Represent the birds, the trees, as well as the city itself through some amazing & loud colors. It’s easy to unleash your creativity with fun & bright colors + you get to imagine how everything might look like in person. You become your own creator, so how fun is that?!

9. Great way to escape reality

If you end up feeling bored on a plane just know that you can paint. Stressed at work? Reach for your coloring book & start creating! People who are under a lot of stress and those who love to create & explore will enjoy spicing up their daily routine with this fun activity. Kill some spare time and your boredom by approaching it with this method.

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10. Repelling negative thoughts

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Last, but not least, you can learn a lot about yourself & focus your thoughts on something positive and pure. Embrace your desire to overcome low spirits and redirect your thoughts into a positive channel. You will find the process a lot like meditation: ideal for saying bye-bye to bad & negative thoughts once and for all!

Ready to have some fun & start coloring?

If you want to have some fun & try out this way of coloring, make sure that you check out thepaintingkit.com. A paint by number kit is the best gift you can give to anyone who loves creating their own art piece or someone who wants to learn painting. Start with coloring animals, landscapes, or get your own custom painting kit & have fun in your own way.