6 Possible Reasons Why Your Eyelashes Are Thinning And Falling Out

Although a lot of people think that eyelashes have no other function other than for cosmetic purposes, this isn’t true. In fact, eyelashes serve an important purpose of protecting your eyes from a wide range of things such as dirt and debris, both of which could cause disorders or wounds to your eyes.

It’s typical to lose several lashes per day, however, if you’ve detected that your lashes are thinning and/or dropping more frequently recently, it can indicate that you have an eye issue or another health problem. To help you prevent losing more of them, here are some of the possible reasons why they might be falling out or thinning:

1. If You’re Using Cosmetics That Are Expired

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I once made the mistake of not paying attention to the labels on the cosmetic and beauty products I use, and this didn’t only cause issues with my eyelashes, but with my skin as well. To avoid finding yourself in the same situation as I did, you must pay attention to the expiration dates on the products, especially since they could generate various bacteria conditions – which is something that you’ll want to entirely avoid.

But, paying attention to the labels isn’t the only thing you should do. For instance, the mascara you use should be thrown away every three to five months. Why? Well, staph can easily build up, which can lead to various eye conditions, as well as to your eyelashes falling out or thinning. Because of this, you might want to do some research and learn for how long you should use specific products so that you could avoid uncomfortable situations.

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2. If You Rub Your Eyes Frequently

As you know, it’s important that you maintain your eye area clean – which is why most professionals recommend taking off your makeup before going to sleep – however, if you clean the area too much, it could lead to your lashes thinning or falling out. So, what should you do? It is simple, you shouldn’t rub them too hard, nor should you tug them, especially since it can cause inflammation in the sensitive area. Also, a sleep mask can break your lashes, so, you might want to opt for one that isn’t too tight or that can be adjusted.

3. If You Use False Lashes Often

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My sister had the unpleasant experience of being allergic to the glue that came with the false eyelashes she purchased, and after she applied them, she suffered from inflammation and itchiness that caused her lashes to completely fall out. But, being allergic to the glue isn’t the only thing about false lashes that could damage your real ones – not knowing how to take them off could result in breakage or thinning as well.

So, even if you opt for using these cosmetic add-ons and even if you aren’t allergic to the glue that needs to be used for attaching them, you must learn how to take them off properly so that you could avoid ripping out your natural eyelashes. Because of this, it may be best if you choose to utilize a specific product for removing them from your lids, or even better, you could use an oil remover that’ll gently remove them.

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4. If You’re Allergic to Something

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Whether you know that you’re allergic to something or not, it’s extremely important that you review the ingredient list on the goods you’re thinking about purchasing. Different allergies to creams, lotions, makeup, cleaners, removers, and glues can all induce dermatitis, and if left untreated, it can cause lash loss. Because of this, you must be extra careful about the products you use for your beauty routine.

Keep in mind, no matter if you know that you’re allergic to something or not, it’s crucial that you get tested so that you know which ingredients you need to avoid. Additionally, before you can get tested, it may be wise to stop utilizing the product you think you’re allergic to so that you could prevent additional lashes from thinning, breaking, or falling out. If you need to boost the growth of your lashes after you found out that you’re allergic, you can opt for using an eyelash serum such as the one offered by viebeauti.co.

5. If You Suffer From Health Conditions

Certain health conditions and illnesses could prompt your hair to fall out, including your lashes. For instance, alopecia is an illness that prompts your immune system to damage hair follicles, thus, you’ll start losing hair. Whether you suspect that you suffer from this health condition or another one that can cause hair loss, it’s important that you speak to your physician and see if there are any treatment methods that could help you.

6. If You Use a Heater Curler

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If there is one thing that you must take away from this article, it’s the fact that eyelashes and extreme heat shouldn’t be combined. If you’re one of those people who choose to heat up their curler before using it, you should stop doing this, especially since it can cause them to break, thin, and it could also cause you to burn them – something that can lead to some really big problems with your eyes, not to mention that it can cause burns as well.

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Keep in mind, burning your lids or the area around your eye will cause additional problems for you, thus, don’t do this. There are other ways that you could curl your lashes and there are now mascara options that will quickly curl them for you, so, it might be time to finally retire your curler. Nonetheless, if you’re still planning on using it, just don’t heat it up with a blow dryer since it’ll cause issues for you.


Although you might not realize it, there is a wide array of things that could be causing your eyelashes to thin or completely fall out. If you want to prevent finding yourself in such situations, you should keep all of the things we mentioned above in mind, so that you can ensure that your lashes remain healthy.

Since you now know what could be driving your lashes to fall out, you really shouldn’t waste time reading articles and guides similar to this one. Instead, you should head to your bathroom and start checking whether or not some of your beauty products are expired, and if not, go through the rest of our list to determine what might be causing problems with your eyelashes.