Life Before and After Divorce

A marriage is proof of union between two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. There comes a time when the marriage hits rock bottom, and it isn’t working, and the couple decides that they don’t wish to continue with the marriage opting for a divorce. Separation and divorce are emotionally exhausting events, and couples can have a healthy breakup. Various types of divorce include uncontested divorce, contested divorce, no-fault divorce, at-fault divorce, limited divorce, summary divorce, and default divorce. During the period of a divorce, it is necessary to hire a skilled lawyer, such as the Maine divorce attorneys, who will ensure the smooth running of the divorce process avoiding conflicts and acting as a mediator between the two. Get more on this site.



There are many reasons why couples divorce. The most common issues include infidelity, arguing, conflict, lack of commitment, lack of physical intimacy when the relationship has broken down to a point that it cannot be fixed. To resolve and dissolve a marriage smoothly and fairly, the married couple needs to hire an experienced divorce attorney. Divorce may influence well-being as some individuals experience loneliness, depression, self-esteem issues, isolation from family, friends, relatives, or other psychological distress.


When a marriage ends, spouses and their kids face different challenges including, new living arrangements, children’s custody like who keeps them, and Major decisions about property and money. The emotions and feelings caused by the change can make it hard for spouses to understand the legal process of divorce. They might also be unable to make sound decisions on various issues.

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In the modern world, we live in now, divorce and separation are becoming common. This process varies depending on the couple’s situation. There’s the short-term marriage with no children or property which typically results in a less time-consuming and complex divorce. There’s the long-term marriage where minor children are involved, property, and the couple’s debts. In this case, when the couple is willing to work together, the divorce will not be stressful and expensive, unlike when the couples are not willing to work with each other. Either way, when filing for separation the two parties need to hire a divorce attorney who is well versed in divorce law to help them understand the entire legal process no matter how simple the divorce is.

Statistics and opinion polls show, that separated couples compared to married couples have a higher rate of substance abuse and depression. Given these outcomes, that might affect in one way or the other the children’s well-being whether it’s academic performance or fear of commitment due to what they have experienced and witnessed from their parents’ separation.

The grounds for divorce may vary in different countries, and there are situations where it doesn’t matter what reasons the couple might have for concluding to separate or divorce. They are by law allowed to part of their own free will without necessarily appointing and shifting blame for who is at fault and who isn’t. The emotional process exhibited in divorce includes; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Therefore, before filing for separation and divorce you need to be legally prepared, think about the well-being of your children, stay in your family home so as not to complicate the divorce process, and gather all essential documents that you might need. Divorce is not an easy decision to arrive at without being fully prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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To apply for a divorce, you must file a divorce form. If you are the one who applied for the separation you are the Petitioner while your spouse is the Respondent. Once the divorce petition is filed, it is sent to your spouse. You are not allowed to deliver the divorce forms personally to your spouse. You can either use the postal service or request a court bailiff to serve your spouse with the documents.

Upon receiving the documents, your spouse has to sign and return the papers in acknowledgment to show that they have received the petition. By doing so, your spouse acknowledges that they are either okay with the terms of the divorce or if they wish to defend the divorce, which is very rare because when one spouse files for divorce, this usually indicates that the marriage has broken down, and there is nothing that can be done to fix it. However, there are instances when spouses who want to stay married make the divorce process difficult. When this is the case, you need to hire a professional who can handle difficult people to make the divorce process easier for both parties.



After the divorce process, most couples have no idea how to transition from marriage to divorce. When this is the eventual outcome, you have to make sure that you maintain the same level of emotional, physical, and mental well-being as before the divorce. Remember that divorce affects individuals differently. Therefore, there is the need to have a support system to help you adjust to the new lifestyle to avoid having issues like depression and suicide.

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After divorce, a couple can be able to know that they have both accepted the result of their marriage when they can co-parent without any difficulties, you have both accepted that the marriage is over and have made peace with each other, you have begun making plans for you and your children and, you have given yourself enough time to heal before getting into another relationship.


There are cases where divorcing couples have unreasonable goals that are inconsistent with the law. If you want your divorce to be solved quickly, you both need to understand how the law works in instances that relate to divorce and have reasonable expectations of the outcome. Make sure to consult your divorce attorney to have a better understanding of what the outcome can be during the divorce process. You also need to be open with your attorney in regards to the divorce to avoid any delay and make sure that they are aware of everything that you are willing to put on the table in regards to your divorce. Remember that the law is serious when it comes to issues dealing with divorce, and you need to comply with whatever the court demands from you.