Why the Purchase & Use of Adult Toys are Becoming Mainstream – 2024 Guide

When something is taboo for a long time, it can easily become mainstream soon – and adult toys are a great example of that. Once, there were days when people who were using them were desperate to have someone and considered as forever alone losers, but today, we all know that assumption was completely wrong. These days, people are getting more and more comfortable using them, and even to go to sex shops and buy them, and confident too. We are learning how to appreciate someone’s privacy, and value the decisions they make for their sexual life. Also, people are more open-minded than they were in the past, and they don’t mind talking about their sexual preferences, which can be a little uncomfortable for those who listen to them.

On the other hand, if you check mailovedoll, you will see how far the things got. The toys are more realistic than ever, and those who are still skeptical about them, are afraid that at some point, everyone will turn to toys, instead of people. Surely, there are some benefits like lack of emotional commitment when you aren’t ready for that, and always having something to accomplish your wishes and needs.

But, why is that all mainstream, and expected? Why are things different than they were in the past? There are a few reasons that may lead this market to become mainstream, like:

1. The choices are very big, and the prices are good for almost everyone

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It wasn’t long ago when the sex shops were based in only a few cities in the country, and getting there was something to be ashamed of. The stores had limited offers, and most of them were pretty expensive to afford. But, today, we have everything we want in just a few clicks. There are plenty of online sex shops, and people have a wide choice to find what they are looking for, which wasn’t the case only a few years ago. And also, we can say that these toys are becoming more realistic, and detailed, providing a good “service” to those who use them, for any purpose.

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2. Vibrators are not for the desperate women

The popular culture taught us that only unattractive and desperate women will use vibrators, and that won’t ever happen to the more attractive ones. And today we see that’s also completely wrong. Even the most beautiful and attractive women are often busy, and they need something to spice up their alone time. Masturbation isn’t something we hide, and many of us, no matter men or women, are doing that almost every day. Not having a partner doesn’t mean you don’t need orgasms. And no, you are not desperate if you need a little help from these toys.

3. The rise of the sexual freedom


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We live in a modern time when sex isn’t only considered as a way of reproduction. It’s all about pleasure and satisfaction, and even conservative cultures are accepting this mindset. And it’s true. No one should ever judge someone else based on their sexuality. We all should mind our own business, and let the other people enjoy what makes them happy enough, even if that means they own plenty of toys, dolls, vibrators, lubricants, and so on. It’s always better to watch our bedroom, instead of judging someone for their choices. One of the choices for sex dolls can be Annie’s Dollhouse.

4. The manufacturers are making big profits

When some business is very profitable, it becomes mainstream in a couple of years. There are plenty of sex shops, online stores, and some enthusiasts will even try to make some toys by themselves. This market earns billions every year, and knowing this fact, we can’t say it’s something unique – they just know how to profit on the people’s deep and most twisted preferences.

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5. There are low-quality products on the market

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The competition is big, and some sellers will offer cheap products, knowing that not everyone can afford to buy toys for regular price. But, that means they are low-quality too, and the materials can lead to injuries and itching, and we don’t want that. If you are sure you really want to use them, always go for certified products. Sex toys can’t give you STDs if they are made of quality materials and maintained properly, but that doesn’t mean every product is good to use. Be very careful, especially when you know it will touch your intimate parts.

6. society and popular culture are getting more supportive of the “different ones”

Many things related to our sexuality were surrounded by taboos and stereotypes for many years. But, in recent years we see how civil organizations and the popular culture are trying to get those differences close to us. Some people find it disturbing since we are adapting to the reality that includes homosexual love, BDSM preferences, different body types and their attractiveness, and the freedom for every person to choose how they feel in a sexual way. And at some point we were that overwhelmed, so we decided to ignore that, and let those “different” people live their life, just like they prefer. It’s the same with sex toys too. Those who dislike them, don’t give the toys any thought too, when not necessary.

7. More couples are using them to enhance the sexual game

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There are many couples in the world that choose to use adult toys in the bedroom, and they claim it’s never been better. And until they don’t hurt you with their choice, it’s not on you to judge them or have an opinion on their choices. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about that, just tell them, instead of fighting. It’s also understandable if you don’t want to share your experience with friends, but don’t ignore the fact that if something doesn’t feel good enough, you can always improve it. You know what we mean.

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This market will continue to rise, even though now it’s completely mainstream, and people don’t find the same excitement when shopping for adult toys.