Washing Your Cycling Jacket – A Quick Guide 2024

A common question in the summer months is whether or not to wash cycling jackets. The answer is usually not necessary – although some people do insist on washing them every week, for whatever reason. However, if you choose to wash your jacket after a long ride, this will prolong its life, improve its waterproof properties and extend its lifespan.

There are two main types of material used to construct cycling jackets – leather and nylon. Leather jackets tend to look and feel more expensive and can look smart when worn with other clothes. Nylon jackets are cheaper and often made from a combination of materials but, because of their price and material, are less fashionable than leather ones. If you are planning on keeping your jacket for a long time, however, it doesn’t matter what type of material it’s made of. Leather and nylon will both last equally long.

However, if you do decide to wash your jacket, try not to use a detergent that contains bleach. This can affect the performance of your waterproofing layer (the outer fabric) and leave it vulnerable to damage. Try using a natural laundry liquid, rather than a product containing bleach, and wash your jacket in warm water (30°C) to ensure it dries quickly.

Finally, don’t forget to dry your jacket properly. This should take place in a cool room, away from direct heat. When it is completely dry, hang it to air-dry. Do not hang it inside, where it will dry too slowly.

How Often You Can Wash Your Cycling Jacket

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You’ll find that some fabrics, especially wool, are more absorbent than others. If you wash your cycle jacket too frequently it will lose its shape and look frumpy. You should be able to wash your jacket in cold water several times without washing it out. If you can’t, then don’t.

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If you’re in doubt about how often to wash your cycle jacket, do the following test.

1) Wash the jacket

2) Hang it up

3) Wait three days

4) Re-wash the jacket

5) Check it out

If the jacket seems to have shrunk (or expanded), then you should wash it less often.

For some cycle jackets, you can skip this test and just wear them until they are too worn out to wear any more. They may already be a bit worn in that case.

What Are The Best Qualities To Look For When Buying A Cycling Jacket?


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A cycling jacket should fit you comfortably, should keep you warm, and should be made of materials that will not tear or rip easily. A good quality cycling jacket should be easy to put on and remove, and not restrict your movements in any way. It should keep you dry, and not chafe your skin.

Good quality

If you’re a cyclist, then you’re going to spend a lot of time on your bike. A jacket that keeps the elements out but allows you to move freely around inside it, so you don’t end up soaked is essential.

The most common solution is a fleece-lined jacket, as this gives you protection from the rain while leaving you relatively dry inside. In hot weather, you can add a waterproof layer under the fleece to protect you from the sun.

The only issue with fleece-lined cycling jackets is that they don’t breathe very well, so you need to wear a windproof outer layer over it. There are many different types of waterproof jackets available, from high-end specialist brands to mass-market products.

Source: cyclingweekly.com

Warmth is important, and you should also consider whether the jacket feels cosy or itchy. If you’re on a budget, opt for a cheap, thin, breathable jacket rather than a warm and bulky one. Look for a waterproof jacket that is designed to be worn underneath a rain jacket.

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The quality of a cycling jacket will depend on the price you pay for it. Most people will be able to get away with spending between £30 and £40 on a cycling jacket, although you may find better quality models available for less money in websites such as https://www.provizsports.com/au.

Look for features such as the following.

Double Or Multiple Layer Jackets:

A good quality jacket should have a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer made from wool or synthetic material to keep you warm and provide extra insulation.


Source: cyclist.co.uk

A jacket should allow your arms and shoulders to move freely while riding, so that you can perform the actions required of you.


A jacket should fit closely around your body and be comfortable to wear. This will help prevent your body from chafing against it, and will help keep the warmth in.

Fits well

Your jacket should fit you well and not be too big or too small. This will help you to achieve optimal heat retention. It is particularly important to check that the shoulders fit your shoulders, and the sleeves and waistband are the correct size. A jacket that does not fit well can restrict your movements, and you will be forced to spend more energy to keep warm. A jacket that fits well will give you better movement inside it and less restriction. A good fitting jacket won’t be too tight, and there will be no areas where the fabric pinches your skin.

Feel of Fabric

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You will be able to feel the quality of a jacket by touching the fabric. If it is soft to the touch, it will help you to move more freely and it will be easier to breathe.

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If it is too stiff or thick, it will be difficult to move your arms and legs while wearing it. Do not wear a jacket that is too small for you. If the jacket fits too tight, it will restrict movement and may cause discomfort. When you are wearing a jacket, make sure that the sleeves and collar are not too tight. If you get cold easily, you should wear a jacket that has long sleeves.


Try putting your hand in the jacket and notice how warm you feel. If the jacket is warm, it will keep you warm, and will help to prevent you from shivering when you are exercising.