6 Ways To Know If Your TV Aerial Needs Replacing

When you often face problems with TV reception most of the time, it might be a sign indicating that you need a new TV aerial. From awful weather conditions to a deteriorated device and improper equipment, there might be several reasons which cause problems with your TV aerial.

Image breaking up, unclear picture, frozen screen, no or poor reception, and sound dropping are associated with the bad aerial signal. Do you want to know all the reasons which indicate the necessity to replace your existing TV aerial? In that case, here is the perfect guide for you, which talks about the incidents where you have to get a new TV aerial.

Top 6 Best Ways To Know If Your TV Aerial Needs Replacing

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1. Consider The Generation And Type Of Aerial Or TV

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If the aerial is a former-style analog aerial, it possibly would not be easy for it to grab the digital channels, including the digital antenna. Hence, you may have to think about replacing the old aerial with a modern model. This digital aerial tends to provide a credible connection. Even the same problem arises if you have an old generation TV. After upgrading the aerial or TV, it will be possible to get decent TV reception.

2. Analyze The Antenna Visually

If you know where the aerial is located, it is better to check its direction and see whether it is pointing in the same direction as other aerials or not. If not, you may have to adjust it so it can catch better signals. However, if it is leaning or broken, you have to replace it with a new aerial.

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If the pointing direction of the aerial keeps on moving even after stabilizing it, it is recommended to remove it and install a new model. The TV aerial can be damaged because of some severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, sand storm, breeze, and more. Besides that, typical animals that roam around the area where the aerial is present can cause damage to it. If you are not sure whether the TV aerial is cracked or not, it is best to hire antenna repair experts who will inform you after inspecting the device closely.

3. Inspect The Cables

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If the cables are not connecting appropriately or when they do not convey the signal, there might be some problems with the reception. Though it seems like a minor point, the cords can become completely broken if used for a long moment. Because of that, it results in awful reception. Hence, it is relatively significant to inspect the cables and cords of the TV.

If there are any cords located near the surface, check them twice or thrice. It is because they may have bites or cuts in case they are bitten by your pets. Thus, if the cabling seems to be the primary problem, you can begin to replace it yourself or hire a TV aerial technician.

4. Check The TV Tuning And TV Mode

Another problem because of which you may have to replace the TV aerial is the TV tuning and TV mode. Make sure to tune the TV receiver correctly, which allows you to receive the channels you would like to have. Keep in mind to switch the TV to the proper mode, and if you do not do it, the display will not show any digital TV channels.

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5. Check The Input At The TV

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Here is one of the underrated factors which will easily indicate whether there is a need for replacing the TV aerial. It is vital to test the TV connection to check if it works with the aerial or not. When there is a spare TV, try to plug the cables into that appliance to check if it receives the connection. If the TV does not get any connection, there is a problem with the aerial, and it is mandatory to get a new one.

6. Check The Amplifier, Set-top Box, And Wall Plates

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If you are utilizing an amplifier, you have to test if it is obtaining power because if it does not function correctly, you might not find any working channels. Make sure to plug the power supply of the amplifier into an operating power point.

Remember to check the set-top box to confirm that it is absolutely plugged into the TV and the TV outlet. If the set-top box is working fine, but there is no signal, then you have to install a new TV aerial. Check the aerial wall plates because you would not receive digital reception if they are broken or damaged.

What Are The Common Reasons For Replacing TV Aerials?

To be precise, there are plenty of reasons why we often have to change the TV aerials. Firstly, if the device is of low quality, it will start giving troubles in just a short duration after its installation. Even if the installation procedure is correct, but if the aerial is made of poor-quality materials, you have to replace it very soon.

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If the TV aerial has an awful design, you may have to change it within a few months. It is because there are high chances for water to enter the diode, which is a connection to the coax cord. Another common reason why TV aerials mostly fail is because of poor TV aerial installation. Some amateurs who do not have the proper skills tend to make mistakes while installing the aerial. Due to that, I personally recommend hiring experienced technicians for TV aerial installation.

Bottom Line

In this post, we incorporated all the possible ways which will give you an outline of where you have to replace your TV aerial. If you cannot seem to know whether to replace the aerial or not, it is best to contact a TV antenna technician