7 Useful Shipping and Packaging Tips for Product-Based Businesses

If you are active on social networks like TikTok and Instagram, you have probably seen a small business video showing the product packaging process at least once. There are many differences between small and large businesses, especially when it comes to packaging. For example, large retail chains use plain boxes and adhesive tapes without paying much attention to how the whole product looks. But if you focus on small businesses, you will notice that everything they do is a masterpiece in its own way.

For starters, their products are unique, purposeful, and do not target a large audience.
You will recognize them by the sweet packaging, the attention, and love that is invested, the decorations, the care for safe arrival to the customer, but also the free gifts that the business owner adds to keep the customers.

If you click here, you will recognize many potential ideas for how you can package your products. Details are very important, and only in that way you can be more visible and noticeable among others, who run a similar business.

So, if you are a brand that wants to gain the trust of its customers, you must do your best to cooperate with a professional postal service, pack them well and be accurate and precise with the delivery time – and of course, offer a fair return and replacement policies.

In this article we will try to give you practical tips on how to be different from others, to build your recognizability and authenticity, but also to be a brand that your customers can trust.

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1. Find something unique and recognizable for you

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Whether it be the color of your brand, the shape of the boxes, personalized messages, there is always something you can do to be different from everyone else. Try not to copy from others, because in this rush of small businesses, you can easily go unnoticed if you imitate someone. On the other hand, try to be inspired by what you like about the competition. In fact, the trick is to learn the good things and get rid of the bad practices. After all, everyone who creates something is different from others, so should the packaging of your product.

2. Use a bubble wrap

It is not uncommon in the packages you receive by mail to receive large quantities of bubble wrap. Airbags provide safe transport, so if you need to send delicate goods that are fragile, then this type of packaging is right for you. Even if several of the bubbles are damaged, the product will remain protected from further shocks and damage. If you do not like the idea of ​​so much plastic, you can always find alternatives that include recycled paper and other materials. It is important that the product is well packaged and protected from mechanical damage so that the customer who receives it can be satisfied with the service.

3. You can be sustainable

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Today it is cool to be committed to ecology and environmental protection. This can be your guiding mission, and trust us, many potential buyers would appreciate it. Although it is not widespread in the world, and many people ignore the problem of waste, there are those who would pay more if the brand itself is advertised as sustainable. Procurement of materials that are suitable for recycling can be a problem, but it is not impossible. Again, you can be inspired by existing brands and small businesses that promote recycling, sustainability, and environmental protection.

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4. Show that you value buyers with freebies

One of the practices that we like, and we have seen in many small businesses, is giving away free items or testers of products they have on offer, or plan to add. People love to receive gifts. On the one hand, attractive packaging increases the euphoria when the shipment opens, and the surprise inside is just another way to win them over to your side and make sure they order again. Of course, we believe that you already meet the quality standards, so we talk about the packaging and everything that comes with it.

5. Make sure the packaging is not too expensive

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We know you want to focus on your customers, but many businesses are tempted to invest in expensive boxes and packaging. Our advice is not to invest too much in such consumables. Try to find a way for the packaging materials to be calculated in the price of the product, but not to double the real price, but to be optimal and balanced. Many businesses make that mistake, so production is unprofitable.

6. The packaging should be appropriate to the product in it

You cannot send a large box with a small product, nor try to put it in a smaller box. All this must be done well, to have space for cushioning, so that the product can be protected during transport. Of course, try not to make too much junk on the recipient who has to open it, because as we said, the goal is not to create more waste, but to select and reduce it.

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7. Work with trusted mail services

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Postal services are just as important as product quality and good packaging. Find a service with which you will have good cooperation and you will know that they treat your products carefully and bring them undamaged to the final consumer. This is very difficult because the giants are quite expensive, but at least you are confident in the quality of service.

These are the most basic and practical tricks and tips we have had for you when it comes to packing small business products. Environmental awareness, sustainability, practicality, and professionalism – this is what you need to be successful in the competition. Take your mission really seriously so you can create a brand of your own.

Learn from others, gain your own experience and listen to the voice of your customers. They will best tell you if you need to change anything in your habits.