Gifting a Sex Toy 2024 Guide: 5 Tips, Dos and Don’ts

Gift-giving is an art that not everyone is able to do right. What does it mean to give something meaningful and beautiful? First of all, you should know the individual taste of the recipient of the gift, and then make sure that he really needs the item or service that you are giving as a gift. And it’s really easy to give perfume, clothes, a fashion accessory or some chocolate. But it becomes difficult when the gift invades a person’s intimacy and individuality. In particular, you should be careful if you decide to give something that is related to the sexuality of the person receiving the gift.

This raises the question, how appropriate is it to give a sex toy, and are there cases in which it is okay? Of course, we will consider the topic from several aspects, from the moment of purchasing the toy through services like Tenderdolls, from the store, their packaging, and the moment of gifting.

From the very beginning, we will emphasize that in order to give something so intimate, the person needs to be close enough to you or you know them well. That is why we have selected the following tips that would help you understand the complexity of this case and be able to make a better decision yourself in the future:

1. Don’t give a Secret Santa toy at work


New Year’s gifts at work should be chosen to taste and not violate anyone’s privacy. Even if you are close enough to the person receiving your gift, it would be really awkward for them to open it in front of all their colleagues. If you want something like that, it’s better to give it privately, instead of bringing such a gift to work.

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This includes not only classic sex toys but also condoms and similar items for safe sex. When you are at work, you must stick to taste and principles and not put anyone in an uncomfortable situation, not even yourself. And we can say that it can be quite unpleasant if such a thing happens, especially when you work in large companies.

2. Give this kind of gift only if you know the person well

Some people never talk openly about their sexual desires and fetishes. That’s why we shouldn’t draw conclusions ourselves, nor should we buy toys without knowing if they really want them. Avoid buying sex toys for your friends who are shy on the subject and never talk openly about their desires.

Don’t try to force an answer out of them, or pressure them into accepting something they’re not comfortable with. There’s really no need for it, and it’s not worth jeopardizing a friendship or making someone uncomfortable for days after the event.

3. Buy only from verified sellers


There are many sex toys on the market that are sold at different prices. Sometimes the price is high and sometimes too low for what you get. So then, how do you know you’ve made the right choice?

Although the topic is quite complex, there are actually verified sellers of sex toys. These are licensed sex shops, as well as verified online sellers that also offer services such as delivery directly to the recipient of the gift.

What you get is a guarantee of quality. Why is that important? Very often, cheap toys are made of toxic materials. Knowing the conditions in which they are used, we would say that it is really inconvenient to cause such a health problem to someone because you saved money. In fact, be prepared to spend a higher amount if it means you will get a guaranteed top-quality product.

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4. Make sure the person prefers sex toys

If you are friends with the recipient of the gift, then it is easy to make sure that they really want something like that. You can even talk openly and tell them what you have in mind for their gift.

What is important is that if they refuse a sex toy as a gift, respect their attitude, even if you think they will need it. Ultimately, you are not the one to decide what someone needs from their sex life, even if that person is your partner.

Always act with respect for other people’s privacy, as it is something that many do not feel comfortable sharing with others. If you notice that the person is against your gift idea, it would be good to accept it and opt for something safer, instead of jeopardizing the mutual relationship.

5. The biggest Do’s and Don’ts


When giving a sex toy, as we said, make sure the person wants it. If there is a need, discuss it beforehand and decide based on your attitude. And of course, be discreet when giving gifts, especially if you’re doing it in a group of friends. Never present such toys in front of work colleagues and family.

Also, don’t give sex toys to people you don’t know well. Don’t do it even if you like the person and don’t know how to approach them. And most importantly, if you are gifting your partner, try to match their wishes and kinks, not yours. After all, the gift is meant for the recipient. But if you have agreed, then you should find yourself in between, that is, choose gifts that satisfy the wishes of both partners.

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As you can see for yourself, these tips are quite basic and the only goal is not to invade someone’s intimacy, where there is no space for you, nor to put someone in an indecent position.

What you need to do is to ensure that that person really prefers this type of gift. In any other case, it can damage the relationship between you and even bring you to a state of ending a relationship or friendship.

But we believe that if you follow these tips you will not make such a mistake. So be smart and don’t let yourself get embarrassed just because you thought someone needed a sex toy.