Some Great Tips For Excellent Video Marketing During The COVID-19 Situation

The present is an unrealistic time! It’s a moment when everything seems to stand still. The time is not far away that the world will experience a major slowdown due to the lack of financial and economic activity in the COWID era.

While the pandemic is holding the world in its evil grip, companies are gradually trying to adapt to the situation with KOVID-19. The pandemic has of course put both large and small companies in a difficult situation, but one good idea and everything can be solved.

The shift to digital technology is now a battle cry between companies. You know why. In fact, studies show that about 80% of customers consumed more online content than ever before, especially when everything was normal. What else?

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Tips Excellent video marketing

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Video marketing during a coronavirus outbreak is one of the most popular ways to communicate with customers. Studies show that by 2024 about 82% of the various forms of content will be fully available in video.

As more and more companies focus on the benefits of digital technology to replace physical events, there is an unprecedented scale to turn video into a means to engage consumers. Below are some good tips for a great video action during the current situation with Covid-19 :

First and most important – Think of contribution instead of conversion

In these times of the coronavirus, maintaining relevance is no longer an obstacle for unimportant or minor companies. The only thing these companies have to work on is finding a reason to offer their audience added value instead of doing more business.

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Don’t forget there’s only one thing people are thinking about right now. Right now they just want to keep their heads above water. Therefore, the contribution, and not the transformation, must take place in the heads of the individual companies.

Think of a pure objective

Although the use of video makers is very popular at the moment, this does not mean that the system will always be successful. Studies show that about 45% of the media teams stopped their video campaigns completely because they had no clear goal.

So, if you want your videos to work for you, have a good time simply by defining your end goal. What are you looking for? Is it user participation? Or will it save existing customers? Or would you like to share information about what you are doing as a company to deal with the Covid-19 situation?

When you’ve finished structuring your business goals, it’s time to record them on video. What else? Try to be as realistic as possible. Keep in mind that consumer demand is at a surprisingly low level.

So it’s time for you to change your expectations. Don’t expect customers to give you anything. Think about what they want.

Use the demo videos – they work!

For the uninitiated, the demonstration video will work like magic in these difficult times. They are effective, simple and quick ways to attract customers’ attention. All you have to do is show how your products and services work.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a gaming station, mobile phone or laptop. The trick is to be creative with your demo videos. Dismantling the video clips with the products is efficient. Video images of product placement during physical tests are sufficient to keep the audience interested and motivated.

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Give full accuracy

It’s time to be more specific than ever. These extra small steps towards accuracy can help you maintain the confidence you’ve worked so hard to win an audience.

Accuracy can also help you follow research trends and filter unreliable sources in the context of Covid 19. What’s good for you is navigating the ever-changing landscape of online advertising.

The most effective use of reliable sources will provide you with information that will later help you to get the right messages across. You know that several sources today are full of inaccurate flash data. So make sure your facts are correct. This applies in particular to advertising and signatures in social networks.

Use your budget wisely

This is a time when the economy is likely to contract. As a company, you need to reduce marketing costs for the rest of the year. You also need to understand that the marketing investments made now will pay off in the form of future sales. So it is important to be smart with the budget that is thrown away for this purpose.

Instead of creating large studio numbers, you can use original and real people. Try using Instagram stories and save them to your smartphone. You can even use different video recording and editing programs to make your video more relevant. Don’t forget that your creativity doesn’t play a role in making your videos.

They’re not making any sales right now. So don’t forget to invest your money in video strategies that you use wisely.

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360-degree video clips and virtual reality in

360-degree video clips and VCRs have become 19 times more popular on the Kovid market. Video virtual reality plays an important role in bringing the product closer to the consumer. These videos allow viewers to orient themselves and manage their experiences.

On the other hand, 360-degree video clips help customers view and learn about products from different angles, making them physically accessible for use.

Spoil yourself with local video marketing

The pandemic forced shops to physically close their doors to consumers. So local marketing can help them accept random orders. Working effectively with convincing videos also arouses the interest of the local population.


Eventually, the economy will recover from this pandemic. But video advertising will now open the door to more sales and revenue for businesses in these difficult times.

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