Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Review

Are you ready to take part in a comforting battle for the new generation? The great thing is that you don’t have to wait for the helmet update, because Turtle Beach has recently updated the Stealth 700 helmet with the Gen 2 version. Not only does it work perfectly with the Xbox One, but it is also guaranteed to work with the new generation of the X-series and the S-series. It will certainly also work with Windows 10.

The new Stealth 700 Gen 2 does not differ too much from its predecessor, but is less conspicuous. Bildquelle: Turtle beach

At first glance, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 earphones look a bit mundane, but if you look closely you can see the high quality used. For example, the plastic and leather headband is reinforced with metal for extra strength, while the headband itself is held firmly in place.

The earpieces are thicker than in the old version and also more comfortable. Without a doubt, these beautiful earpieces with leather ear cushions filled with memory gel foam that will fit your ears well. Stealth 700 Gen 2 is made with ProSpecs glasses. The helmet is equipped with a new metal-reinforced headband, which guarantees durability, even with a soft leather padding along its entire length. Image Source: Turtle beach

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 model looks like a mix of Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 and Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero. So you have a black-silver plastic chassis with a steel headband and a small segmented oval helmet. The auricles are folded flat and can also be removed with little effort.

Most control buttons are located on the left earphone. These include the volume control, the chat mix (the two are uncomfortably placed next to each other, and you can exchange them regularly). Other controls include a USB-C port for charging, mode selection, power supply, Bluetooth connection (Xbox version) and a rocker microphone. There’s nothing about the right earpiece that looks like a waste of time.

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The helmet is not too attractive to wear outside. However, it is quite simple, unlike some of the very detailed, beautiful or complex helmets that Turtle Beach produces. But how it feels is another matter. Image Source: Turtle beach

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 turtle beach is well equipped with extra facilities. The Bluetooth feature is very important here because it is very unusual for wireless gaming headsets, especially in the price range of $150.

You can easily switch between the EQ modes on the headphones, giving you more time to play and less time to access the console menu. But if you want a lot of control over the audio output, you can use the Turtle Beach application to customize everything. Image Source: IGN

You can even assign buttons and headphone dial numbers in different ways. Connect the headset to your phone via Bluetooth to make changes, listen to music, or make calls during playback.

The clamshell microphone is slightly shorter than the original Stealth 700 generation. However, the microphone head is more visible and has a higher sensitivity than the Gen 1, which improves speech intelligibility. It’s an amazingly accurate microphone. Image Source: Turtle beach

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 features 50 mm nano-bright speakers that deliver incredible sound for your ears, and the Windows Sonic audio system that delivers stunning virtual surround sound. The headphones are equipped with a full, penetrating sound system and comfortable ear cups make it easy to avoid outside noise and reduce the need to turn up the volume.

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The main problem is that the volumes are intensely irregular from one platform to another. For example, there is no YouTube volume that matches Spotify’s volume. The volume control is very sensitive and the volume may be too loud or too soft to be comfortable. In addition, the helmet is standard equipped with sound signals and a voice inside the helmet. Image Source: Game media News

One of the most important features is the extended battery life, which doubles from 10 to 20 hours. As with the first edition of Stealth 600 with a battery life of 15 hours, it was difficult to justify an extra $50 for Stealth 700, but not in this second generation. Stealth 700 Gen 2 Turtle Beach has five hours more battery life than Stealth 600 Gen 2. Source: 9to5 Toys

A Turtle Beach helmet is usually very comfortable, so it is surprising that the Stealth 700 Gen 2 is not so comfortable. The earphones are firmly pressed in and because the headband is not numbered, it is difficult to get a good fit.

Although the headphones have a comfortable ProSpecs design with glasses, it is not easy to adjust the channel in the earphones. The earpieces are detachable, and you can make room for glasses by adjusting the knurled band.

In any case, the headphones are not too heavy and the earphones are comfortable and breathable. But it is clear that it is impossible to avoid the problem of the seal, especially when it is tightened against your ears on both sides and you put it directly on your ears. Although wearing the Stealth 700 Gen 2 was never difficult or painful, removing it was always a relief, especially after long play sessions.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is a high-quality, high-performance wireless headset. The headphones offer clear, crisp sound, deep bass and customisable sound, making them useful for everyone. Now, if you hear footsteps in the neighborhood and want to be sure where they come from, just turn on the superhuman hearing.

In terms of sound quality, Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is between good and excellent.

The headphones are very well balanced for music and video.

The microphone is remarkably accurate in all respects. It records the right voices when you record your voice into the headset. Well, some headphones can take on higher tones and make them unusually loud or make you cry, but not this one. The mute flip function is absolutely relevant.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 has an incredible range of 20 hours in the field. Image Source: Wccftech

It is clear that Turtle Beach has taken one of his first helmets and has upgraded it for the upcoming launch of the console. It is a great headset that has been improved for gaming on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but it is also great for the docking station switch, and suddenly it works well with tablets and phones via Bluetooth.

Although headsets are already advertised as being ready for the next generation of consoles, and although the experience with these headsets is pretty good, the Stealth 700 Gen 2 is certainly of the highest quality. Because of the flexibility in working with the console and mobile devices it seems to be the most important value. Turtle Beach helmets have consistently been the right choice, but this particular model is one of their best console helmets.

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