7 Most Common Slot Machine Superstitions That Aren’t True

Virtual slots are the most popular choice on online casinos today. They can provide a lot of entertainment with various features, along with an excellent chance to win some amazing prices. You can choose different models and genres as well, like classic, progressive, Megaways, bonus buys, and more.

Playing these games can be a great way to spend your free time. On the other side, it is important to learn more about online gambling platforms. First of all, you should compare different options so you can get the most out of the promotions they are offering. Also, features like interface, security, and selection of games are very important as well. If you are interested in a gambling site with a great range of games and many other interesting features, a good example could be Wink Slots.

Moreover, it is important to learn more about the rules of games and which strategies you can use to improve your chances to win. One of the main features of slots is that they are completely random, and there is no way to determine some patterns and the right moment for increasing the bet. Still, there are many common beliefs and superstitions where people assume how some actions could somehow affect the game. Here are the most common superstitions that are not true.

1. Using Aytoplay Ruins the Game

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We can notice that this is a widespread misconception where players think that the autoplay feature can affect the game to give less. It is linked with the fact that the game will be faster, but you should know that the system behind these games cannot be affected by this automatic option. The same situation is with stopping the reels.

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The main advantage of the autoplay feature is that you can keep playing even when you have to deal with some other things. That will increase your chances to win, especially with games with jackpot prices. There is no need to think that the return percentage will become lower when you are not pressing the play button.

2. Hot and Cold Options

This is related to public casinos. Some people will first spend some time in the casino and look at other players. There is a popular belief that you could have a better chance to win if you play on a machine where the previous player lost a lot of money. On the other side, the same philosophy is leading people to think that they should avoid those machines where people won a lot.

A similar superstition is related to machines with jackpots. You have to keep in mind that everything is random with these games and that the only strategy that you can use is proper money management. Some people are chasing casinos and machines that haven’t awarded a jackpot for a long time.

3. There is a Determined Daily Amount That A Game Will Award

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The only feature that can affect the chances is the return percentage, which is over 90% when it comes to the most of modern games. On the other side, there are no determined targets or limits where you could win or lose more only because the machine is programmed that way. Therefore, you should set the bet only according to your balance.

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4. Higher Bet Brings Better Chances

While the fact is that playing with higher bets indeed can provide you higher awards, that has nothing to the with the performances of games. You can connect the same symbols or win additional features no matter the size of the bet. Instead of thinking that there is a pattern, you should create a strategy where you can start with lower bets and then increase it over time. That will increase the probability of making a profit.

5. The Game Must Return Some Part of the Money

Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why people are facing issues with gambling addictions. When a game simply isn’t paying, you should stop playing or at least change it. You should consider that as a bad day instead of thinking that there is a limit where the machine will start paying out. This superstition can only lead to excessive losses.

6. Lucky Charms

It can be a piece of clothing, bracelets, or some toy in your home that you consider as a lucky charm because you won one or several times while holding it or keeping it near you. Some people even think that pressing the button with the left or right hand can make a difference, or some other actions as well, like the place where you are sitting, crossed legs, and much more. It can be entertaining and make your gambling time more joyful, but you should never rely on these superstitions since there is no way that they could affect your chances in any way.

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7. New Games Provide Better Chance to Win

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You should check different providers since in most cases, there are many similarities between games, and the only difference is design. For example, the structure of Buffalo Kings Megaways and Power of Thor Megaways is nearly the same, and there are no differences when it comes to chances to win in both of these titles.

It can be entertaining to check out new games available. However, the structure is the only factor related to efficiency. In that matter, you should check out things like the number of lines, requirements for the bonus feature, available bonus buy, and more.

Last Words

It is not a rare case that people are having many superstitions related to their gambling experience. At some point, it can be entertaining. However, if you start relying on these misconceptions, there is only a chance to face issues with losses and addiction.

Gambling addiction can be a serious problem. If you notice that you are struggling with your activities in gambling and that you cannot control your actions, like stopping to play after losing a certain amount, you should take a break. Moreover, if you feel the urge to play more often, you should choose either to seek professional help or the game stop option.