5 Best Online Casino Games to Try Out During the Quarantine

During the global pandemic and the worldwide quarantine, we have to have some pastime to help us power through this period.

Depending on the type of person our pastime can be anything from gardening, exercising to online surfing, gaming and gambling. Depending on the place you live, the amount of space you have you can opt for different things to help the time go a bit faster but in today’s article, we will talk about online casino games that will help you do exactly that.

Online casino games will help you entertain yourself and probably earn some money while doing so but you have to gamble responsibly. There are plenty of casino sites online and you can choose whichever you like but if you want to know all the details regarding registration and playing at BetOnline you can read the full review here.

Now let’s get through the list and tell you about the awesome casino games that you can try out today.

1. Baccarat

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Baccarat is a game that has been popular in France since the 19th century and it has been a favourite game of international high roller for a long time as well. What makes it so popular is that its essence is simple and easy to learn. What you get here is a player, a banker and a comparison of cards with only three possible outcomes – you win, you lose or it is tied. This game can be found on every online casino at depending on where you register the looks will vary slightly but the essence of the game is the same. If you like the live-like approach, try and find one of the virtual baccarat tables and enjoy your game.

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2. Roulette

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This is a casino classic and there wouldn’t be a complete gambling experience if you haven’t hit a roulette table at least once in your life. Even I remember my first casino winning, and it was right here at the roulette table. I was betting on the colours and won like $30. Here you have to place a wager on the outcome of a spinning wheel. Simple and elegant, easy to understand but at the same time challenging to master and this is why it such a popular option among players. There are several versions of roulette – American, French and European version, so watch what you choose. Bet a certain number, a colour or even odd or even numbers it is all up to you and the small wheel of fortune that has the last word.

3. Blackjack

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Another casino classic and a game that featured in so many movies and every casino in the world. The game of 21 is almost legendary and it has a simple object to it – beat the dealer and the opponents. If you don’t already know the way to do that is to get 21 or as close to that number as possible. It is not hard to understand and not hard to play. A bit of luck and observation is all you need to be successful in this game. What is interesting is that you can also find this game online in high-quality live dealer options in many casinos which only adds to the realism and makes you feel like you are there. Any other site that offers video blackjack is totally fine and there are some great ones out there.

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4. Poker

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This list seems to go only with the stars of the gambling scene, and why wouldn’t it? These games are what created this culture and from which many started. Why not return to roots and then go to some of the new flashy games that draw your interest for a while just to make you return to basics again. This game draws its origins from Wild West saloons and riverboats and from the 19th century to now it has grown to one of the most famous past time games as well as a key way to make money for many around the world. There are enormous amounts of sites that offer poker games and again you can find anything from simulated reality poker tables to poker games and machines. Pick what makes you feel comfortable and enjoy the different poker games that range from Texas Holdem and Omaha to 7 Card Stud and others. Believe it or not, poker has more than 10 million active players which just goes to show how big that game is and there is no indication it will die down any time soon.

5. Slot machines

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Playing slot machines online means you are stuck with digital ones but do not despair. There are some awesome slot games and slot themes that draw you into the game. As far as slots go there are so many out there and you can find anything from classic fruit machines to massive themed progressive jackpot slots. These games are very popular because they are so easy to play it is ridiculous. Insert cash pick the number of the lines and hit the button to spin the wheel. These were things with the live slot machines where you have to manually pull the lever. With digital slots, you either press a button or press a digital lever and hope to RNG God that you line up the perfect combo you need to unlock the untold riches. Many of these slots have some advanced features like bonus rounds, wild run and much more. Since the slot games have somewhat progressed from their essence we advise that you read the description of everyone before you start playing just familiarize yourself with the bet minimums and maximums, the lines, the progression and so forth.

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That is it. After everything said and written all we have to add is that you be a responsible player. Don’t waste the money you can’t afford and try to see this as a pastime thing instead of trying to earn your next paycheck. Maybe you succeed maybe you don’t, way out your odds and options accordingly.

Stay safe, take care and gamble responsively.