Virtual Reality in Sports Betting – Everything You Need to Know

Virtual reality is an artificial space where the user can dive into by using specific equipment. VR provides you a simulated experience that reflects the real world or in turns a completely different, imaginary environment. VR has taken space in the world of gaming and it provides exciting opportunities to the betting too.

Virtual reality is an advanced technology where the headsets generate simulated pictures, sounds and other stimuli. It has gained a lot of attention in the world of technology and digital entertainment and the future expectations are huge. One example from digital entertainment is the gambling industry where we could see that the upcoming super bowl bets on BetUS can become a lot more interesting with virtual reality.

Many people think that virtual reality exists primarily in video games but it is used also for instance in space agencies, hospitals and air services. High technology can provide almost endless opportunities and in the entertainment it can bring some experiences that we do not know about yet.

How does VR work in gambling?


Virtual reality in online games is still in its infancy and it is not yet used by the big audience. It is however coming and already now we can see its amazing advantages for the gambling and betting. The most significant thing today is that virtual reality enables gamblers to move to the artificial casino world from their homes.

Live casinos are very popular and it gathers the best parts from online and physical casinos: you can play safely at home and get authentic experience while playing. There is a real person hosting the game who is dealing the cards to the gamers. People can chat and discuss with each other while playing and everything can be seen in the live camera.

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For sports betting you can try live betting. That is especially exciting in the big tournaments where the athletes and teams fight for the gold. For instance, betting on the Olympics or Super Bowl by using virtual reality can be quite an experience.

The sports betting industry is growing in the US and the developing technology makes it more fascinating. It will be changed by virtual and augmented reality which both make the experience simply better. This has been seen already today, yet on a smaller scale.

360 Degree Experience with VR

Sports betting with virtual reality might sound complicated and high tech but it is actually a lot more simple than you may think. The modern way of virtual betting gives you a 360-degree experience and this is possible through different kinds of methods and equipment.

The experience usually takes place by using apps or browsers and you can choose an event and attend it with a VR device. It is a lot more multidimensional than just a TV or other traditional media and the future will lift it even higher.

What is the difference between VR and AR?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are sometimes seen as the same thing and as a matter of fact, they are very similar. However, there are some differences which make them two different things. The differences can be seen also in the gaming and betting world.

Virtual reality, also known as VR, aims to move the user from the real world to the artificial environment. The new environment can resemble very realistic or it can be something very imaginary or something in between. User has the possibility to interact with the new virtual world and all the senses can be experienced in this reality.

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Augmented reality, also known as AR tries to bring in some digital features to the real-world concept. The features are interactive and they usually come to life with digital pictures or videos on top of the real world. The main difference from VR is that augmented reality does not attempt to block out the real world as virtual reality does. Instead, it aims to build upon that experience.

Sportsbooks winning with VR

Virtual reality will together with augmented reality change the habits in sports betting within the retail sportsbook. Sports betting is today mostly done online but retail sportsbooks are still very popular in some parts of the US.

Using virtual and augmented reality gives a chance to the sportsbook to conduct business without having real life contact with the customer. This provides more flexibility which can be used for instance in the special, exception periods when face to face communication is not possible.

VR and AR allow the gamblers to make their bets digitally meaning they don’t have to visit a counter or a kiosk and talk to the staff. The complete change to this new normal will not happen in one night but it is already an everyday life in the casinos.

Cutting Down on Research Time with AR


Sports betting industry will gain many important features from augmented reality. The most significant one goes to the sports bettor. It might not be good news for a sportsbook but it can make sports betting more popular.

If we take the previously mentioned NFL as an example, you can imagine watching a Superbowl game and wonder what the stats are for your favourite star player. You don’t have to check this on a website because the AR can give this information by popping it out on your screen.

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Augmented reality allows you to focus on a certain football player or a team and all the important information and stats can appear on the screen next to that target. This can enable you to see good betting options faster and you can enjoy the final in a better way.

The Opportunities for Advertisement


Another thing is advertising and marketing. They will be influenced by augmented reality which will be interesting when it comes to sports. The world of sports includes plenty of advertising opportunities and there are tons of ads available both in-stadium and on commercials.

This all will be possible in an easier way, thanks to augmented reality.

In practice this means that advertisers can place their logos and ads into the AR screen. The ads are visible and the companies don’t have to worry that the engagement can happen only on the commercial breaks.

This gives opportunities to the sportsbook because they can do the same as sports betting operators. This happens by using sporting events as a channel to reach the fans and supporters.