Are Casino Players Turning Back to Desktop Casinos?

Ever since the first game was invented and that was in the case of poker, even centuries ago, gambling has become an activity that not only brings people together, it also brings a lot of fun, and a specific type of satisfaction that only this activity can bring to people.

We all know that gambling and wagering are all about the risk. The risk is what makes this process so exciting and the possibility of getting a reward makes it so tempting. People love to test their capabilities and skills and more importantly – they love to try their luck. In the majority of casino games, luck is the number one factor that has an impact on whether you are going to win or lose. However, there are certain games that really require a specific set of skills which can be acquired only through time, experience, dedication and of course, a lot of money spent on gambling.

Ever since the first casino opened in Italy and shortly after in Monaco, people were amazed by these buildings that were created to make people special and appreciated. Casino experience was unparalleled for a long period of time. It simply couldn’t have been compared with any other experience available. This is why hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands casinos have opened till this day, and almost all of them were successful. However, modern technologies, especially the internet have brought numerous changes in the world. Logically, one of the industries that also experienced changes is the casino industry.


People’s bucket lists are still filled with last wishes such as visiting one of the famous casinos in Las Vegas, or anywhere in the world, and this is for a good reason. Famous Vegas casinos offer a whole, complete experience. What does this experience consist of? It not only consists of the gambling process itself, but it also consists of socialising or in other words meeting new people and making friends or connections, drinking and dining, and exploring fantastic surroundings and amenities. However, brick and mortar casinos have certain disadvantages. One of them is the fact that these casinos are usually crowded with people and although it is fun to be a part of such a hectic environment, it can easily become frustrating and overwhelming, especially when you need to wait for your turn and there are hundreds of people around you, waiting for the same thing.

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Other than that, when you visit a brick and mortar casino, chances that you will spend your money, even the amount you didn’t plan on spending, are much higher. How is this possible? The answer is simple. When you visit a casino everything is at the tip of your fingertips, meaning that you may be tempted to try a game that you’ve never tried before, or that you have no experience with, only because it’s there. Combine that with all the fantastic croupiers who are there to make you spend more money and you can easily see your bank account drained in the end.

You also need cash, if you plan on physically going to a casino, and that is a lot of cash. This may be unusual for some people who are more comfortable with using their credit cards, and carrying a lot of cash around, generally speaking, is not the safest thing to do anyway.


But among all the other reasons against brick and mortar casinos, there is one that is usually the most important one, for the majority of gamblers, and that is – privacy. Going to a casino is not a private thing, it would be more accurate to say that it is rather the complete opposite – it is a public thing. That being said, there is no need to mention that there still is some stigma around gambling, and people who enjoy placing a bet or two are often judged by the members of their family, friends, or even the society in general. This is what stops many people from enjoying their hobbies, including gambling or for example, sports betting.

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When you go to an offline casino, you immediately risk facing judgment, even though you are not addicted to the very process of gambling, as people usually think. Gambling can be an activity that brings excitement to your life, and you can have fun without having to be hooked on it. Especially if you have things under control, knowing how to manage your bankroll etc.

All of these reasons are there to show the difference between offline casinos and a more modern version – online casinos. Although the first online casinos have been made as an alternative to brick and mortar ones, it seems like they are slowly becoming the main casinos people love to spend time and money in.


What is the reason behind this? Recent surveys show that the majority of gamblers tend to move to online casinos, since they have been proven to be more convenient in many ways, compare to the traditional, offline casinos.

Not only are they open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but you can also play your favorite games anytime and anywhere. This means that you can use time while commuting or your free time, after a busy day at work, at the comfort of your home. All of this means that by gambling in one of the online casinos, you are actually provided with more opportunities and options, compared to the traditional casinos. Visit this site to find out more.

But that’s not all. Considering the fact that the system and the structure of online casinos is different from offline ones, this means that when indulging in any game in online casinos, you have equal chances of winning, no matter the amount of money you are willing to invest. On the contrary, traditional casinos are more oriented to high rollers, or in other words – people who are willing to spend enormous amounts of money. They are designed that way. Online gambling websites are not, but they offer equally great or even better bonuses, which is more than tempting for both newbies and more experienced players.

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