6 Ways the Gaming Industry Has Changed in the Last 20 Years

Gambling is probably one of the industries that can survive even through the hardest times. It exists for centuries, in different formats, and it’s an interesting activity for all the people who want to check on how lucky they are. There are so many games too, from simplest, to most complicated. All of them come with a large variety of odds too. As the technology evolved, so did the gambling industry. People learned new games and could turn them into a gambling activity at any time. Cards and dice have been around for too long, so it is to be expected that even today when we have many online casinos, they are the basis of every gamble.

People throughout history have not gambled for money. They often did so for food and other material goods. However, it all started with the need for gambling to be a separate industry, with special rules for the game. This was a sign that gambling would develop on a large scale and become part of our lives.

Here are some ways in which things have changed:

1. Clear and transparent informing

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If in the past it was a shame to gamble, nowadays it is so accepted as normal that we even consider it a hobby. Information is available everywhere, and there are special information channels focused only on gambling, such as Focus GN. This helps users learn trends, create strategies, and plan each step. Also, with the help of information sites, they find out important things related to their favorite services and possibly open new land-based casinos in their area.

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2. Gambling becomes legal

This started in the 60s, but it is not a final process yet. Even today there are certain places in the world where it is completely illegal to gamble. There are even rigorous punishments, such as imprisonment and trial as if you were the biggest criminal. However, the 80’s changed a lot of things, ie gambling was legalized in a large part of the world. Thus, they started to open casinos in urban areas, to control the stakes and profits and to work on raising awareness about the problems with gambling addiction.

3. Online gambling suddenly appears

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This is the part of the industry that is experiencing its best days right now. But the road was still difficult. Until just 20 years ago, it was unthinkable for any of us to have unlimited internet access from home. We could not have imagined that we would be able to do everything through portable devices, which he collects in our pockets. Sure, we were aware of the ideas, but we did not know how they could become a reality.

It started with a few sites that organized gambling and betting, and then joined even the most famous casinos. Today we have thousands of online services where we can choose from even more games. Of course, we must be sure of the credibility of the site itself, because unfortunately, this rapid development has brought many attempts at fraud in a variety of ways.

4. An industry with a huge profit

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When the pandemic happened, we can say that the only industry that was not at risk of collapse was the gambling industry. Of course, land-based shops were not able to operate for several months, but this was a chance for online casinos to get their time. That is why today we have millions of active users every day, who know that it is very easy to play any game, while we are comfortable in our home. This is actually really easy on the industry and has brought in billions in profits. So if you’ve been a gambler yourself and have not tried an online casino in the past two years, you can do so today. Indeed, these casinos offer the option to play with bonuses and have control over the money you spend, so you should not be afraid that things may go wrong.

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5. Raising awareness around gambling addiction

Unfortunately, such a large industry always comes with an even bigger catch. If in the past all casinos liked a player to be addicted to them, nowadays they are legally obliged to warn and educate about this phenomenon. It is not yet known if all this has a real effect, but people are trying to establish control over their activities. Gambling addiction is a real problem that many people face. Therefore, every casino is obliged to warn of this problem and then leave it to the user to decide whether to gamble or not.

6. Mobile apps available for everyone

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With the help of mobile applications, these games are available to everyone. The development of technology has led to a moment when we can choose how to gamble. Mobile applications only make this easier. This is one of the biggest changes that has taken place in the last decade. With this, gambling has never been more accessible, so there is a need to work on addiction awareness. Of course, the restriction on minors remains. Everyone gambles at their own risk. Operators are already aware of all this and therefore do everything in their power to make the whole experience as comfortable as possible for users.


This is not the end of development and change in this industry. However, there are still many technologies that need to be implemented so that every user can have an incredible gambling experience. Of course, advances in the gambling industry have led to improvements in existing gambling laws.

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The best thing is that even in the next ten or twenty years, development and change will not stop. There is always a way to improve something and that makes this industry so accepted and profitable.

And we are always here to remind you to be moderate in gambling and not let your fun become addictive. Surely, things will go further, and the whole industry will adapt to modern times. And we are here to carefully follow it.