6 Tips and Tricks for Sleeping With a Snorer in 2024

We are all aware that snoring is a bigger problem than causing noise in the bedroom, but for those who sleep with the snorer, it means sleepless nights and waking up tired too. Surely, the person who snores should and must ask for help, since no one can ever help them, except a professional in this field. There are many traditional tips, like sewing a tennis ball so they can be uncomfortable to sleep on their back, or trying different types of pillows to ease the symptoms.

Today, we will talk more about those who share the same room with them. These people really suffer, since they can’t sleep well at night, which can lead to tiredness and frustration. Many relationships, or even marriages, can suffer while some of the partners are snoring, and the other one is tired all the time because of that.

So, can you do something to prevent that? Do you have any solution instead of waking them up and hoping they won’t lay on their back again?

We tried to find the most useful tips for this problem, so you can easily sleep in the same bed as the snorer. We will also mention that you both need to find the root of that problem, and even visit a doctor to see what’s causing it. But, here are a few things you can do:

1. Use earplugs or sound-canceling headphones

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As we said, this is not a solution, but can really help until things are diagnosed and properly treated. You can even play white noise at night, so you can easily fall asleep, without paying too much attention to what’s happening around you. Again, this is not a solution but can be pretty helpful until you detect the issue, and start treating it properly.

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If your partner finds this impolite, try to explain to them how much a good night’s sleep is valuable for you. When they are aware of the issue, they are more likely to look for some solution too.

2. Change the pillows

They collect dust, skin particles, dandruff, and sweat, and even washing them regularly won’t help fix that. Instead, try to replace them with new ones every year. They also become thin and harder as time goes by, and one of the main reasons for night snoring is being uncomfortable while sleeping, or using the wrong pillow. It may take a lot of time until you and your partner find the proper ones, but the problem will be solved (if it’s caused by uncomfortable posture while sleeping).

3. Roll them over

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If you see them sleeping on their back, you can know the snoring is about to begin every moment now. What you can do? Try to roll them over, so they don’t touch their throat with the tongue. That can block the airflow, which is the reason why they snore. You can talk to them politely, and ask them if you are allowed to move them. Be kind, because they sure don’t do that on purpose.

4. Determine if it’s snoring or apnea

Many people snore due to sleep apnea, which is a serious health disorder they aren’t aware of. A lot of people snore at night, without knowing they have sleep apnea. So, if you see your partner choking for air, being restless, tired during the day, and snoring loudly all night, you can talk to them. Sleep apnea is a condition that can be treated and successfully controlled. The most difficult step is getting aware of the issue. Asking for help is the best thing you both can do.

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There are devices, gadgets, or sleeping gear available for snorers, so they won’t sound that noisy. You can check the website sleepapneazone.com to see if there is something you can do with the additions they offer. As soon as you do that, you will start fixing the huge problem you have in the bedroom. Sleep apnea is treatable, but sometimes it requires physical gadgets to be used for easier control.

5. Change your lifestyle together with them

Usual snoring and sleeping apnea both require lifestyle changes. You can help them give up on cigarettes and alcohol, but also treat the cold and snoring on time. Allergies can also cause sleep apnea and snoring, so make sure you both take your medicines on time. Sometimes even the sinus infection or cold can be the reason for snoring, and the symptoms are present even after the professional treatment.

6. If needed, sleep in separate rooms for some time

It’s not the best solution, but it works. Once you get a good night’s sleep, you can help them to cope with the issue and ask for help. Even though it sounds frightening, sleeping in separate rooms for a few nights can save your relationship or marriage. After everything is good, you will again sleep hugged all night.


There is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep. When there are noises around us, it becomes difficult to sleep enough hours, so a lot of people wake up in the morning even more tired than they were at the moment they went to bed.

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When someone is snoring because of their current health condition, allergies, or nasal infection, it will go away at the moment they are cured. That’s normal, and we all snore at some point in the night.

But ongoing problems can cause problems in normal life too. When one of the spouses isn’t able to sleep nicely because the other is too noisy, they will fight, become frustrated, and start to hate each other. That’s why the person who suffers from the sounds should be polite and compassionate, and the one who snores should collaborate and take an action to solve the issue.

That’s the only way to save the marriage or relationship. Use all the additional gear and helping devices you need, because they are worth it. Don’t forget to control the condition with the family doctor too.