5 Creative Ways to Use Desk Name Plates: Beyond Identification and Branding

Creating a friendly work atmosphere is the goal of every company because a great employee is a happy employee, which drastically affects their overall productivity and efficiency. Now, one of the ways that we as employees can help in creating such a positive work ambiance is by adding something personal to it, and you would be surprised how sometimes even some small things can have a huge effect.

That is why a desk name plate is so underrated yet highly efficient, as you can use it to express your beliefs, thoughts, motivational messages, the sports team you fancy, or personal accolades. Regardless of what design you use a desk name plate for, it can be the first and highly important step towards a much better and friendlier work environment.

Customized design

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Every company usually has desk plates for every employee, but one can always ask to use their own or the one they got as a gift. Now, a great thing about desk plates is that you can easily find the one that suits your goals and intentions the most, as there are plenty of designs to choose from, and the only thing to worry about is not going to an extreme.

On the other hand, if one has a problem finding the type or a design they want, even this is not a problem, far from it.

Namely, there are specialized sites where one can create or order customized desk name plates, and one type is extremely popular these days, the freestanding acrylic desk name plates, and more info on that you can find on this site.

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Showing others what you love

Showing personality, likes, and dislikes at the workplace is optional, and even though there are certain boundaries even here, using desk name plates can be a great way to show your creativity and personal preferences.

Yes, desk name plates do not necessarily need to be simple and contain only the name without any other detail, as they can be used to show people in the office what we like. For example, sports fans can add a motive that reminds them of their favorite sport, such as a ball or racket or the logo of their favorite sports club.

Doing so can have vast benefits, and it can also be a great way to start a conversation, as what’s a better ice breaker than when you have something that others can connect with and share their opinions with? It will change the look of the entire office and make it more pleasant, and it is a great conversation starter that can break the unpleasant silence.

It is great for people in the office, as they will know the topic you will gladly talk about, and also for potential clients when they search for something to break the ice and start a conversation.

Writing motivational sentence

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Many people think that desk name plates are used only to write our name so people can know with who they are talking, but they can be used for much more. We can use them to write motivational messages that will make our day better and keep us inspired and in a great mood during the entire shift.

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The best idea is to use the chalkboard write-on version, as you can erase one message and write another one every day or whenever you want. Another great thing about this one is that the options are vast, and you can always find some quotes or messages that will make you smile.

Having a motivational quote in a visible place boosts confidence and improves our mood, and it also changes the look of the office and makes it a more friendly environment. Even companies support using them, and the logic behind this is simple.

The more comfortable and happy employees are at work, the more productive they are, which is the end goal for every company, regardless of the type of business.

Showing people our nicknames

Almost every person has a nickname, and even if they do not have the one that most people use to call them, they surely have one in the office, and putting the nickname on the desk plate can be a great idea to create a better relationship with co-workers.

It will create a more relaxed atmosphere, and even the new colleagues will become team members much easier and feel accepted if they can use your nicknames instead of names. It will make the atmosphere more casual and friendly, but it can also improve the efficiency of the company thanks to the good interpersonal relationship between co-workers.

Everyone will benefit from this, as, once again, the better the atmosphere at work, the happier the employees will be, which can result in their much better performance while at work. Of course, from an employee perspective, this can be a great tool to show how funny they are and express their feelings and thoughts about the nickname they got or have gotten stuck with, and the others will soon follow, especially if it is a bit funny.

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Perfect as a gift

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It can sometimes be pretty challenging to find the perfect present for our colleague or friend, and we can spend hours searching for the best option and not find anything in the end. If you are in a similar situation, making a personalized desk name plate can be the best solution, and they will surely love it.

The best thing is that you can write whatever you want, for example, a name, nickname, motivational message, or something that only you two understand. Besides that, it is possible to choose among different designs and colors and choose the ones they adore, and adding some logo or a sign will make it even more personal.

It is a handy item they will gladly use wherever they work, and it will remind them of you. Having a bestie at work is always great because at any given point, especially in a stressful situation, you will always have someone that knows you well that can make every situation more pleasant.