How to Keep Your Cat Happy & Healthy Indoors?

Whether your pet is indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of ways to make it happy. So make their lives interesting and dynamic. You also try to keep them away from temptations, such as an open window, etc. Keep in mind that even the calmest cats want to explore. That is why you must provide them with a space that allows them and stimulates them. If your pet is indoors, it’s a little harder to think of ways to make him happy. However, it is not impossible.

You need to work hard to answer to this challenge. It may be easier said than done, but there are some universal tips that are sure to help. Remember that your little friend depends only on you when it comes to fun, support, your relationship and everything else. So give it the attention it deserves, and we have a few suggestions for you.

1. Living space


So, you need to plan ahead and make excellent living conditions for your cat. Think about their basic needs. For example, place a cat trees next to a window. Cats love to rest in the sun, because they have a higher thermoneutral temperature. Try to enrich the indoor environment as much as possible. Keep in mind that they like vertical space. You might like it best if it slept with you in bed all the time, but cat won’t always be in the mood to share a bed with you.

That is why it is very important that you create a separate space that is intended exclusively for it, and that way it will feel safe and independent. Give cat a place to relax and where no one will bother it. Items like cat trees are a great thing, because cats love to scratch them, climb on them or just sit on them. However, they cost a bit more money and there is a good alternative. You can make something similar yourself with the help of boxes and a thick rope.

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2. Going outside

If you give them a living space that successfully meets their daily requirements, your pets will be happy. However, don’t blame them if they try to get out. This does not mean that they are not good enough with you, but it is in their nature. So make sure you keep them safe while they’re out. Put a necklace on them or chip so that they can be returned to you if they get lost. You can also train your cat if you live in an environment that is not safe enough. All it takes is to get her used to walking along on a leash.

This is a great opportunity to allow her to explore from time to time while spending quality time together. If you are able, enclose the terrace of the apartment or the porch of the house with a protective net that will prevent the cat from wandering and give it a chance to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

3. Toys


Remember that a tired cat is a happy cat! What it means? They can go crazy if they have excess energy, and it is not enough to just jump and lurk indoors. So give them toys that will activate and entertain them after several hours of playing and they will be totally tired. That’s great for them and you. Your pets will be filled with good energy, and your items in the house will be safe. Keep in mind that cats like to watch potential prey move around. In that case, the best toys are imitations of mice, birds, etc.

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Don’t forget to play with it. This is a great opportunity to experiment to see which types of toys it responds to the most. These animals get bored of things very quickly so you may have to establish a play rotation. Toys such as balls, feather sticks, cardboard boxes or drawing tunnels can significantly improve the quality of life of your pet.

4. Clean house

A clean environment is equally important. So, it is important to remove from her proximity anything that may be dangerous to her. It is even easier to simply restrict her access to certain rooms. Pay attention to details such as houseplants. They can be poisonous to cats. For example, you can replace them with valerian or catnip. Plants like amaryllis, aloe, yew and others are harmful. According to the Floppycats, even if those plants are not poisonous, they can cause irritation and sneezing. Don’t forget to clean their food bowl regularly, and it would be nice if you would occasionally surprise them with a new water bowl.

5. Spay and Neuter


Sterilization is good for your pet’s health and prevents the formation of unwanted kittens. This surgical procedure is a simple routine and an obligation of every responsible owner who takes care of the health of his pet. Non-sterilized cats will be irritable, hypersensitive and very loud during the mating seasons. Their loud meows will attract males from the neighborhood who will also mark the territory around the yard. Also, later in males, the risk of developing a malignant tumor of the testicles is reduced, and it can also prevent prostate diseases.

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The best age for sterilization is before the animals reach full maturity. Veterinarians and experts claim that the ideal time for this surgery is when the pet is six months old. Otherwise, your cat may try to escape outside in an attempt to find a mate. This way you relieve them of extra stress.

6. Litter trays


Routine is important for cats and you need to make changes slowly if you can. You need to be consistent in this, and once cats adopt the routine, they will be more satisfied and safer. When we mention the maintenance of indoor hygiene, we must not neglect the importance of this subject. The more litter trays the better your pet.

It is best to always use two items if you have one cat. The reason is their nervousness when they go to the toilet and so make sure you always maintain litter trays. However, cats are also very demanding. You will probably need to try a few litter trays before you find the right one.


Don’t think that your cat is automatically unhappy due to the fact that it lives indoors. It’s one of the many prejudices you can hear from other people. She is happy and healthy to the extent that you take care of her. Also, cats that have grown up indoors have less urge to go outside and explore. So, it is quite possible to afford your pet a fun, happy and healthy life while living exclusively indoors.