How to Promote Your Mobile App Through Video Marketing

Mobile apps are not easy to create. After tremendous research, planning, and lots of trials, it can be a thrill to have it all ready for use. Now, the real challenge begins.

How do you promote your mobile app?

On digital platforms, it’s important to plan your marketing strategy well. There are many marketing options to choose from. But of all those choices, videos are more likely to get people hyped about your product.

Why videos?

Social media and other digital platforms have taken over the internet. As this happened, video has gained a level of popularity that it became almost unthinkable to not include videos in any niche or industry. So, mobile app promotion should not be an exception.

Marketers have proven that using video marketing for mobile apps can help increase conversion rates for downloads. Videos are highly engaging, easier to consume, quicker to understand, and are more likely to be retained in your viewer’s memory. Plus, they are easy to make. Visit Clipchamp and sign up to create, put together, and edit clips that showcase your mobile app’s best features for free.

Adding videos on Google Play, App Store, and Google my Business


Google Play and Apple’s App Store lets you add a video to your profile and you should take advantage of this. It’s important to know that each platform has its own set of rules and, if you want your video to be posted online, you must comply.

  • Google Play

Google Play allows you to embed a YouTube link to your profile. The great thing about this is that whenever someone views your video on your Google play profile, it also adds to your views on YouTube. Another awesome feature in Google Play is that it localizes your video to the location of your target audience. So, if you plan to promote your mobile app to non-English-speaking users, you must create versions of your video in various languages. The language of the video users will see will automatically be aligned with their location settings.

  • App Store

Apple has some pretty strict rules when it comes to adding app videos or what they call “app previews”. The platform allows up to three videos for each language your app is available in and each preview should only be less than 30 seconds in length. There should also be different versions of the app preview for iPad and iPhone devices.

  • Google my Business

Adding a video to your Google my Business page is also a great way to boost the rank of your listing, especially on search engines. People are more likely to view your listing if it has a video of your mobile app as it helps them get a glimpse of your app in action prior to downloading it. If you are just getting started in the mobile app industry, this is a powerful platform to showcase what your app can do and to help convert viewers to customers.

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Types of videos that promote effectively


If you browse the internet, you will see that there are many types of videos posted on digital platforms. This is because there’s no fixed type of video to promote your mobile app or any product or service for that matter. There’s a catalog of video types that you can choose from based on how you want to catch your audience’s attention, how you want to showcase your app’s best features, and what will best fit your purpose.

Preview videos

This type of video gives viewers the opportunity to see how your mobile app looks and how it works. While screenshots are helpful, there’s nothing like seeing the app in action. This is a popular option for entertainment and gaming apps since viewers want to see the basic functionalities, how fast or seamless it runs, and how enjoyable it would be.

Explainer videos

Competition can be harsh, especially in this day and age when mobile apps are abundant. So, to make yours stand out from the rest, create an explainer video about your app. Listing down the features, benefits, and instructions for use is simply not something viewers have the time and patience to read through. An animated version will be easier for them to consume, understand, and remember.

Customer testimonials

Downloading an app is easy but some people are hesitant because it will take up valuable space in their devices. So, before they feel comfortable enough to download one, they need social proof from real customers. This is what customer testimonial videos are for.

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These videos should feature satisfied customers sharing their experience, mentioning their favorite features, and how the app has improved their life. Such testimonies can help improve your brand image and encourage hesitant customers to go ahead and download your mobile app.

Post on social media


Promoting your mobile app on business profile pages and platforms should not be the end of your video marketing strategy. There’s just no way you could miss social media. Most social media platforms already have business features that allow you to post and analyze data and performance to determine which types of videos work best for your target audience.

Not everyone who’s online will check your business page. But if you meet them where they socialize and interact with other people, your post just might catch their eye, giving them a reason to click on your link to find out more about your mobile app.


No matter how awesome your mobile app is, it won’t catch attention if you don’t put it out there in the digital realm. And what better way to entice users but with video marketing? They are informative, engaging, and entertaining, which is why it’s considered a powerful tool every market must always have in their campaign arsenal. Produce high-quality video content, post them on social and digital platforms, and let those videos create the buzz you need to boost brand awareness and increase downloads.