Is Buying Used Office Chairs Worth It?

If you spend hours sitting behind your desk, then you already know the amount of precedence that should be awarded to your chair setup. Whether you’re opening a new office space or renovating your current one, furnishing your office can be pretty challenging, let alone the hefty expenses involved. However, like any other office furniture, your office chair should be carefully selected to meet your specific ergonomic needs and budget.

When sourcing office chairs for your newly acquired or renovated office space, your first instinct may be to save a couple of bucks by considering secondhand purchases. It’s no secret that office chairs and other office furniture cost thousands of dollars, and not everyone can comfortably plunk down the massive amounts quoted at new furniture dealerships. It’s, therefore, natural to think of exploring the used office furniture marketplace to see if you can get a relatively ideal office chair(s) at a fraction of the factory price.

Is buying a used office chair really worth it? Buying used office chairs will enable you to save plenty of cash, especially when you’re constrained on your budget. However, secondhand office chairs rarely offer you value for your money. The cost of acquisition coupled with repairs, possible reupholstery and frequency of maintenance may total up and exceed the cost of buying new. Besides, used office chairs limit your choice in terms of materials, designs, styles, latest features etc. Here’s an insight into why you should opt for budget office chairs instead of buying used office chairs (Spoiler alert! We’re not big fans of used office furniture)

Why Buying Used Office Chairs is Not Worth It

Low Value for Money


When you consider the long term financial implications of buying used office furniture, there is low value for the money involved. There’s no denying that used office chairs are much cheaper compared to new ones and offer value upfront. Used office chairs have unquestionably lower quality considering that chairs degrade in quality, even when used for a limited period. With time, the quality continues deteriorating, and some parts may easily get damaged. As such, you may incur additional expenses repairing the chair, and sometimes the chair may end up completely damaged.

Compare and contrast this to new chairs. New office chairs come with warranties that can be extended to cover your purchase for a lifetime, but most used office chair dealers don’t offer warranties. On the off chance that you’re lucky enough to find a dealer providing warranties, it will not be the same as the one you’ll get with a new office chair. With used office chairs, there is no assurance regarding quality, and you’re basically on your own when it comes to repairing, replacing and servicing your chair.

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You may think you’re cutting costs by buying cheaper used office chairs, but the potential to backfire is quite significant. You may need to replace your secondhand purchase after two years or even after 6 months, depending on its state, completely negating the low-cost benefit it seemed to offer you initially.

The Problem of Rebranding Parts

Rebranding parts is an enormous problem when it comes to purchasing used office furniture, and you’re likely to fall victim to this practice. While the used office furniture marketplace is full of trustworthy office furniture dealers, there’s an equal measure of unscrupulous dealers who unethically rebrand low-quality used office chairs. These dealers change several parts of the chairs and replace them with parts from leading brands

Buyers are duped into buying such low-quality used office chairs, resulting in enormous maintenance and repair issues down the line. These chairs are less likely to last past six months and would need to be replaced sooner than expected, a real throw in value.

No Warranty or Service Plan


The majority of used office chairs don’t come with a warranty, and if they do, the warranty is usually sketchy with a limited-time offering. The office chair is sold as-is, and a lot of dealers do not even accept the product once it’s ascertained that it was safely delivered to your doorstep. With no warranty and obsolescence policy, you’re basically on your own after buying secondhand office chairs.

Don’t be deceived; the low cost of used office chairs comes with an enormous amount of future risk. There’s no guarantee of quality, let alone the authenticity of the chair. Unlike buying used cars where it’s possible to determine quality by probably looking at the mileage stats on the odometer or checking the engine condition, it’s almost impossible to ascertain the quality of used office chairs.

It is impossible to evaluate whether the parts were replaced or whether there are worn parts covered in new upholstery to attract buyers? You can’t even tell whether the chair has been through so much beating that it’s on its last screw. When you visit the used furniture dealership, one thing’s for sure; you’re at the mercy of the salespeople’s gimmicks. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know all these unless you’re buying them from a known owner, which in most cases is very rare. And with the lack of a warranty, service plan, and obsolescence policy, it doesn’t get riskier than this.

Most used office furniture doesn’t come with a comprehensive warranty, service plan or an obsolescence policy. So to put this in clear perspective, you’re basically on your own regarding repair, replacement and service.

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Limited Choices

If you’re looking to purchase a large number of used chairs for your office, be ready to experience limited choices in terms of designs, colours, material, styles and general compatibility options. Used office furniture dealers are not manufacturers; instead, they stock or list office furniture from different persons, stores or regions. As a result, finding identical chairs or a particular model in bulk is pretty challenging unless a big organisation decides to dispose of their entire office furniture, which is relatively uncommon.

With limited choices, companies looking to purchase used office chairs end up picking a little bit of this and a little bit of that, then mix it all together. This results in an aesthetics mix and match, with a bizarre combination of modern and traditional utilitarian metals, modern plastics or natural wood. Besides the odd, cluttered appearance, office furniture from different manufacturers may not synergize on a functional level and may end up putting a strain on workers. For instance, some chairs won’t fit underneath the conference table or suit workers of a particular height and weight.

What’s more, the office space is highly dynamic, and older offices that do not leverage modern technology may not meet the needs of the contemporary office space due to incompatibility issues. For instance, today’s office spaces have embraced height adjustable standing desks to alleviate the effects of prolonged sitting. As a result, older and more traditional office desks may actually be too obsolete for the modern office environment.

Should I Invest in Used Office Chairs?


Should you buy a used office chair? Well, the correct answer to this question without too much bias is that it depends. There’s no denying that used office chairs confer plenty of benefits, including low costs, a more eco-friendly option and the option of customization. However, when you look at some of the downsides of secondhand office chair purchases, such as the lack of warranty, uncertainty of the quality, limited choices and the rebranding practice done to attract customers, you’ll want to stick to new purchases.

Whether or not to invest in used office chairs or buy new ones ultimately depends on your budget. However, it is also highly advisable to prioritize long term value over shorthand cost and go for newer and more modern office chairs that will serve you the right way and for a longer time. If you’ve settled on used office chairs, it’s crucial to practice due diligence when buying them. There are several things you ought to watch out for when buying used office chairs, including focusing on quality rather than the price, consider safety as your number one priority, go for dealers issuing warranties, understand the hype( ergonomic doesn’t necessarily mean a high level of safety or comfort) and steer clear of rebranded low-quality chairs.

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Opt for Budget Office Chairs Instead… The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair


The better way to furnish your office space is to consider budget office furniture rather than going for used ones that offer low long-term value for your money. If you’re looking for a budget office chair that will cater for your ergonomic needs without breaking the bank, the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is an ideal option.

Priced at less than $300, the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is a cheaper alternative to buying used office chairs. What more, the chair implements modern ergonomic features that will indeed offer you the ultimate seating experience behind your desk. With a 3D adjustable lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt and cushioned 4D adjustable armrests, the Soutien is not your ordinary mesh office chair. This chair ensures ultimate comfort and productivity while working for long hours at your desk.

The Soutien has been designed to alleviate the severe effects of prolonged sitting, ensuring you’re healthy even as you continue working. The breathable mesh backrest is elegantly curved to conform to your neck and spine for maximum headrest and lumbar support. The premium mesh upholstery is flexible, durable and breathable, providing maximum ventilation to cool you down, especially on hot summer days.

You’ll appreciate the 45° backrest tilt, adjustable seat depth and best-in-class gas lift, providing you plenty of customization options when it comes to sitting experience for maximum comfort. With the Soutien, you can customize your sitting experience according to your body shape for the ultimate seating experience- the reason ergonomists highly recommend the Soutien.

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Think Long Term- Go for Budget Office Chairs Instead of Used Ones.


Office chairs are damn right expensive, with some marked at $1000 per piece. Do you think it’s worth taking a risk and purchasing used office chairs? They’re cheap, after all! The answer is no. Used office chairs may seem like an appealing option in the short-term – they are much cheaper than new ones – but there will come a time when their lack of quality becomes painfully clear.

Besides that, they have several downsides, including lack of a warranty, the issue of rebranding, no standard way to ascertain quality and incompatibility. Then again, who knows how long the chair has been around before someone else bought it second hand from them? With that in mind, you’ll want to consider budget office chairs such as the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair instead of opting for used ones in an attempt to cut costs.