12 Things To Stay Away From In Aruba

Even if you have been on an island vacation before or you have been to Aruba, there are still many things that you must avoid. Aruba is a paradise island that is a part of the ABC islands group. It is said that Aruba has the most stunning beaches, and it is popularly known as the One Happy Island. It doesn’t matter if you have been to Aruba multiple times, as each time you visit the island, you will find something unique about the island.

Among all the Caribbean islands, Aruba is the only one where many people come back to visit. Before you head out for your perfect Caribbean vacation, there are some things that you must know about the destination you are about to visit. As there are many fantastic sightseeing attractions and adventures which are a must-do, there are also some things that you must avoid during your travel to the island.

By following this, your vacationing experience on the island will be much better as you will now be aware of the things to stay away from. We have got the perfect list of top 20 things that you must stay away from in Aruba. Let us have a look at them.

1. Make Sure to Avoid Getting a Sunburn

img source: pixabay.com

There is scorching heat in Aruba, but the trade winds make it quite bearable but don’t fall in this trap as you have to protect your skin against the heat as it might give you a severe sunburn. Applying sunscreen with a high SPF is very much mandatory when you are in Aruba, and make sure to reapply it from time to time. You can also buy the local sunscreen as it is more effective and coral reef safe.

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2. Stay Away from Buying Bottled Water

Drinking water is essential to keep yourself healthy during your excursions in Aruba. The local tap water of Aruba is crystal clear and is perfect for drinking; therefore, don’t make the mistake of buying bottled water during your trip as you will be wasting money. Instead, it would help if you carried a refilling water bottle which you can quickly fill at various places around the island. Also, to beat the heat, make sure to stay hydrated at all times.

3. Skip Changing Your Currency

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If you belong to the USA, you must skip changing your currency from US Dollars to Aruba Florin as the US Dollars is widely accepted on the island. This thing adds to the comfort of the travelers coming from America. The best part is that you can also withdraw US Dollars from the ATMs in Aruba.

4. Avoid Booking the Fancy Hotels

Booking vacation rentals for your accommodation during your trip to Aruba is the best choice as you will be saving a lot of money. Instead of the fancy hotels, you can book Aruba villas which has all the luxurious amenities that you are looking for. You will get premium accommodation at the best location at www.VacationAruba.com. Book Aruba villa to get the luxurious amenities and ample living space for your group right in Aruba.

5. Always Check Your Bills

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When you are in Aruba, after you have paid the bill, you must check upon if the place that you have been to has charged the 15% service fee, which is a tip or not. Accordingly, you must make the choice of tipping the staff. One thing you must remember that tipping in Aruba is not something that is a mandate. So just check before paying that the tip is included or not.

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6. Avoid Deep Sea Fishing If You Get Motion Sickness

It will be a terrible experience for you if you know that you are very much prone to motion sickness, and you will still go on a deep-sea fishing trip as the water is quite rough, and you might not enjoy it. Only if you know that you will be able to handle yourself and enjoy the fishing trip, then only go for it.

7. Don’t Just Stick to Your Cuisine

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You will find plenty of food choices in Aruba, which is very different than what you might get from the place that you belong to, so when you are in Aruba, make sure to try out the local delights, which are very tasty and will definitely take you by surprise.

8. Don’t Plan Your Travel in The High Season

You will be making a grave mistake of choosing to travel to Aruba during its peak season as you will be getting a lot of crowds and high-priced services everywhere on the island. There it is best to plan in the low season to enjoy Aruba. Get outstanding deals and discounts during the low season.

9. Be Fully Aware During Night Time in Aruba

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Although Aruba is a very safe island for tourists, it is advised to be fully aware of your surroundings to avoid any mishappening, especially during the night. It is essential that you don’t go to lonely or more secluded places as they are more prone to theft or any other mishappening. Always stick to the tourist areas for your own well-being.

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10. Skip Using the Map

If you are looking to get directions, it is best to ask the locals rather than trust a map. The locals of Aruba are worldwide known for their friendly and warm nature. They are accommodating and will always be telling you the right way to reach your destination. Also, asking for directions is a great way to start a conversation with the locals and get to know exciting things about Aruba which no one might know.

11. Don’t Just Stick to the Beaches

img source: unsplash.com

You will be making a big mistake if you just stick to the beaches as there are many things to explore in Aruba besides them. Skip the beaches and head out for an exciting sightseeing tour of the island, which will be covering the major attractions. There are also many adventure outdoor activities that you must indulge in to experience Aruba.

12. Avoid Renting a Car

It is best to avoid renting a car if you don’t know the traffic rules in Aruba. There are high chances of you making a mistake while driving here on the island as the rules are pretty different. So only if you know the rules well then only take the car on rent. There are other transportation options available like buses and taxis that will be better for you.