What is a REVS check & What does it show – 2024 Guide

If you are one of those people that have been working hard for some time and have saved every penny you could to buy your next vehicle then this is the article for you.

What most of us that are in this “problem” have in common is limited cash that can’t be risked with. This means we have enough to buy the car and that there will be little, or none left over to handle if there is any unperceivable problem with the vehicle. These types of problems are tied to second hand or used vehicles.

If you don’t know the girl or guy you are buying the vehicle from then you cant be sure about the vehicle’s history, status with the state or anything in between. The troubles and questions that buyers of used vehicles go through are some of the hardest and if there is just one oversight by you as the buyer, you can find yourself in a lot of problems.

Thankfully today we have a lot of apps and sites that help us with most of these problems and provide answers to the most common questions. Sites like quickrevs.com.au will give you the feedback you need to feel a lot safer with the purchase you intend to see through. Today we will talk a bit about the REVS check and what it gives back to you.

PPSR Search

Source: marketingwithmiles.com

This search will help you get the information from the government’s Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). If you don’t know this is a national register that holds a database on every personal property including vehicles, which is currently our top priority.

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When looking up a car by its registration you have to know that two types of registration can be used in a search – a vehicle registration number from its plates and a PPSR registration number. A PPSR number is a 15-digit number and it is assigned to the property when it was recorded in the register for the first time.

The registration number of the vehicle is, as you all know, a number assigned to the vehicle by the state. This is important to know because when you want to do a check you will have to know the state in which the vehicle is registered.

If there is a discrepancy between the VIN details and the PPSR details you get then there is something wrong with the car, or it has been involved into something fishy which is why you should walk away instantly.

The PPSR search will give you important information that will protect you as a buyer and it will consider stuff like is the car you are interested in free from loans or debts; if it is reported stolen; if it is reported as a write-off, is it safe from repossession and similar things.

VIN number search

Source: whichcar.com.au

When it comes to the cars VIN number it is the 17-digit number mixed with capital letters that can be found on the windshield of the car in the bottom left or right depending on the car, or under the hood. Depending on which car you are buying, make, model or year the position of the VIN number can be in different places. We suggest you look it up before you end up doing the check.

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Search by the VIN number is like looking at a human by its fingerprint and the amount of returned data you will get is amazing. It will be its entire flow from the day it rolled of the assembly line till today. VIN number search will provide you with the information like was it in damage, how damaged it was, was it ever applied for a write-off.

Many of the cars that are on the used market have something suspicious tied to them and if you are not careful you can end up as a victim of a scam. Damaged vehicles that haven’t received proper care and professional mechanical treatment can be found on the streets endangering both your life and the life of others. This is why a VIN check is important. These types of information are available instantly. Plus, I forgot to mention that you will also get a report on cars mileage through a VIN check. This will prevent you from buying a neatly tucked lemon that reports 20 or 30k miles but has travelled more than 150k+ miles and it is waiting on someone new to die on him.

Site or app

Source: carvertical.com

With technology today it is really easy to get access to all of this data. There are apps for Android and iOS and there are websites you can visit. Whatever you chose it is simple and easy to access them and all you need is these numbers and hey presto you have its history on your palm. It would be rather irresponsible to go and purchase a car from a total stranger without doing a REVS check. For a small fee and simple few clicks, you can be worry-free in your new used car rushing down the street whit wind in your hair.

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In the end, after everything said we don’t see why one wouldn’t opt for a check of this type. It isn’t too costly, it isn’t too hard and it saves you a piece of mind. Protect yourself the best way that you can, especially today when you have all the tools necessary and when nothing but a few bucks is stopping you from doing this. Otherwise, you can think of it this way – and investment of $10 is more than enough to save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that you would give on a car that would ruin you entirely.

REVS check is an awesome thing and with their fast and efficient system, you can feel protected and safe like all their other customers before you. Another important thing to know is that services of this type are expanding their databases daily and they are expanding the amount of available information that they offer you to the end-users.