How to Add a Professional Voice to Your Videos – 2024 Guide

Creating a video is a very complex task no matter how skilled you are or do you have state-of-the-art equipment. We are sure that you put a lot of time and effort into making every video as professional as possible. You need to have quality material to turn into video, but effects, animations and various other visual tools that you use to do exactly what you want, are also important. For any purpose you want to create a video, you always have to take the same steps to get a quality final product. Check out BringInTheNoise for reviews on audio equipment.

But you often need to add a voice to your video. This is especially the case if you make “how to” and similar tutorial-type videos. Voice-over is also used for commercials, and even movies and so on. Since voice-over is a very powerful tool that offers you various possibilities, you need to use it in the right way, and to do that, you have to make the same effort as for all the other steps during video creation. So keep reading this article and learn how to add a professional voice to your videos.

What is a voice over?


If you maybe don’t know what voice over is, let us explain it to you first. Most equate voice over and narration, so while it’s very similar, it’s not exactly the same. Narration is more used in entertaining content, while voice over is used for educational videos. The easiest way to understand this is that the every narration is a voice over, but not every voice over is a narration.

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Anyway, in both cases these are words you hear uttered by a person you don’t see in the video. It can be used for describing, explaining or anything else you need to add to your video.

How to add a professional voice?

Actual adding of the voice over is the last part of the whole process and we will take you step by step.

Write a script


The first thing you need to do is have a script. When we say that, we mean a real script that will contain literally every word that will be spoken. There must be no improvisation, because it will sound unprofessional. Not to mention the possibility that you don’t have a script at all. Then you better not even add voice over to your video.

To make everything sound fluent, professional and convincing, write a script and stick to it. Either you or someone you hired to speak. Keep the script clear and concise. And when you have the script, then you will be able to read it aloud many times and thus fully rehearse the whole text for the moment when the recording comes.


A few conditions need to be met in order for voice recording to begin and you get a quality recording. First you need to determine the room where the recording will take place. Of course the best choice is a recording studio that has sound insulation. However, this is not necessary if you do not have access to one such studio. It is enough to be a quiet room where no outside sounds are heard. It is also recommended that you turn off all larger devices whose sound the microphone can record.

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Since apart from the recording studio there is no place where there is complete silence, it would be good to have a noise-canceling microphone. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on such a microphone, because there are good models that cost less than 100 dollars. Such microphones will “pick up” all the sound that you cannot prevent and not too loud. If sounds come from the construction site, be sure that the microphone will not be able to neutralize it.



Once you have written the script, provided a quiet room and a quality microphone, you can start recording voice over. You have several options to choose from. The first option is for you to do it yourself. If you choose to do so, be sure to speak slowly but not too slowly. Then pay attention to the pronunciation and how loud you speak. Find balance, don’t be quiet but avoid yelling. And if you make a mistake, don’t start over. You will edit the errors later.

Another option is to hire the voice actor. Then you will be sure that the diction will be at the highest level and that the recording will be completed quickly. All that matters is that the actor gets the script earlier, so that he has time to learn. Still, hiring voice actor is a significantly more expensive option.

If you don’t want to do it yourself because, for example, you don’t like the sound of your voice, and you don’t want to pay an actor because it’s expensive, there is a third option. And that is to use a voice maker. All it takes is to type your script and you will get a great voice over video, because with the help of a video maker you will get realistic text to speech. If you haven’t heard of AI voice over so far, visit and find out how it works.

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When you are done recording, now it’s time to edit and then add voice over to the video. No matter how accurately you do everything, there will always be a couple of things you need to edit. You will edit with the help of the same software you used for recording. There are a lot of different software that work in different ways so it’s up to you to choose which one suits you best and which one is the least complicated. When you’re done editing, all you have to do is combine video and audio.


Voice over is a very useful option that you should use whenever you have the opportunity to do so. You don’t need to add audio to every video, but it’s always useful when it can naturally fit.

To show you the importance of making quality audio, we will tell you that it has been proven that people will give up watching video if the audio is bad, rather than if the picture quality is poor.