Best VR Bodysuits to Buy – Linux Hint

There are some really strange devices related to virtual reality, and today we are going to talk about something different and amazing, and that is the VR body suit, also known as the tactile suit. If you wear this costume during the game and someone hits or shoots at you, you have the feeling of being touched and the real feeling of being shot at. It’s a big step towards virtual reality. First we have the ability to see, then the ability to move in the virtual world, and now the ability to feel, virtual reality is getting closer to reality. People are increasingly interested in tactile suits to feel the action as if they are in the game, these suits are very comfortable to wear. They are equipped with feedback sensors, making situations more realistic. These suits are put on over the skin and are made of spandex, so all the sensors attached to the suit are attached to the body so you can feel the real feeling. Many companies make these costumes and they are available in all sizes for children and adults, men or women. These combinations have batteries and are connected to the VR system via Bluetooth, so that the combination and the action that takes place in the game are synchronized during the action. These suits are equipped with straps that attach themselves to the body. Some of these haptic suits are made of special conductive wires with a layer of waterproof neoprene (synthetic rubber), making them easy to wash and wear after cleaning.

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Below is a list of some of the bodyguards/RV champions:

  • The Tesla test
  • VR in zero space
  • Axon VR
  • Lovely cardigan
  • Synesthesia suit

Tesla Trial version

The Tesla suit covers your whole body so you can feel a realistic environment in the game. This will help you interact with your character or environment in the VR, which was impossible before. The costume allows you to feel the touch and every object in the world of virtual reality. These VR combinations are used in the training of athletes and patients in rehabilitation centers by transferring sensations to the body through nerve-muscular electrostimulation. The sensations generated by stimulants are the same as real physical sensations such as hearing, feeling and seeing.

Zero space RV

The Nullraum-VR combination is a playing combination in which only the upper body feels the reactions of the virtual world. It’s the chest, hands and arms. It is therefore an application of the upper body system with a tactile response. The suit is equipped with 32 sensors and vibrators on the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms and hands. Zero space VR combinations have 117 effects that make you feel the game. And it also gives the developer more options for the game. This combination is accepted by all VR headset computers working with the support software. In addition, the suit is light, fits easily on the body and can be worn over clothes.–-Linux-Hint.png

Axon VR

AxonVR has developed touch technology used in video games. HaptX, is a combination of VR that can give you a real feeling of temperature, movement, structure and texture of different virtual things in a video game. It is a lightweight combination for virtual reality.

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Gripping vest

Here is another touch game costume specially designed for The Void (Virtual Reality Destination). It is a very high quality VR experience. This suit is very light and comfortable for players to enjoy the virtual environment. This virtual body building has four different tactile sensations that can be perceived by players at different levels and in different game environments. Each object has different interactions and sensations with the player’s body in the virtual world.–-Linux-Hint.png

Anaesthesia suit

This is a multi-touch VR body released on the concept of the video game Rez Infinite. This suit has 26 sensors that make the player’s body vibrate with the melodies, and LED lights that light up when the vibration occurs. There are different lights of different colors that change with the game environment. This game allows the player to listen to music with vibrations and different senses such as hearing, sight and touch.–-Linux-Hint.png



The VR world with headsets only had no tactile feedback, and without feedback, interaction with other objects in the games was seamless. These VR combinations have additional features that allow the user to feel the virtual world and receive tactile feedback. Touch combinations with virtual reality are an impressive combination for players, allowing them to feel the situation in the virtual environment. Having fun in a VR costume adds another level of realism to VR video games. These combinations are also used in rehabilitation centres.teslasuit,hardlight vr suit,full body vr tracking,vr haptic suit and gloves,teslasuit elon musk,bhaptics

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