7 Tips and Tricks for Tracking Your Travel Memories

Travel is a source of memories that we want to bond with forever. But sometimes they fade easily, especially if we have great dynamics of various events in life. Every trip is special, even the one in the neighboring city, and not those outside the country or on another continent. Sometimes, even if we want to remember everything, it is not possible without physical proof.

Because of this, people are finding different ways to protect these memories, and sometimes photographs are not enough for all that. Postcards, souvenirs, location diaries, and even scratch maps like you can find at scratchmapworld.com – there are so many ways to seal all those important memories and not forget a single moment of your trip.

There are too many ideas, and when you have a lot of material from your travels, sometimes it is difficult to fixate on one thing and make a diary in which you will record all those important moments.

Therefore, we suggest you do the following activities, to more efficiently save everything you have from your adventures:

1. Box of memories

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This can be the most common shoe box. Here you can put all the important things from the trip – tickets, toll bills, copy of the visa, bills from the restaurants you visited, postcards, pebbles from the beach, sand, literally everything that reminds you of the trip. That way, every time you open this box, you will be reminded of the important moments and you will feel wonderful. You can also put on party rings, napkins with someone’s phone number, and even spray your favorite perfume on a piece of paper to preserve at least a little of the scent of that trip.

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2. Creative travel diary

Take a notebook and write down the day of departure and the day the trip ended. Add any details that you think are important, such as who you have been to, where you have been, the address of your accommodation, a list of favorite restaurants and bars, and you can even paste photos and postcards inside. While this may seem like a lot of work, you will actually only spend a few days making it, and you will have a lasting memory. You can do this for any vacation, even when traveling somewhere for the weekend. Be creative and remember these beautiful days with happiness.

3. Use a mobile application for this purpose

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Fortunately for those who are not interested in writing and making diaries and collages, there are also mobile applications in which you will enter every step. In fact, even if you do not use an application, today’s metadata-based phones create collections, albums, records, and even generate videos from photos in your gallery. They will also remind you of where you were on the same day last year, which is another interesting way to never forget those wonderful days of your life.

4. Gather as much physical evidence as possible

There are so many ways to do this today, and the scratch map we mentioned at the beginning of this article is a great way to keep track of your travels. However, you will never visit some of the countries probably, but at the same time, you will go somewhere several times in your life. The trick is to make every trip there worth remembering.

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5. Write a blog

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Many choose this option as the most interesting and practical for storing all memories. The good thing is that you can always download an offline archive of content and save it to your computer. Sharing your adventures with a wider audience is fun because many who want to travel there will easily come to your blog and learn more about the place. In fact, you can easily make new friends and open yourself up to more opportunities for new adventures and travels.

As part of this, you can open dedicated Facebook pages or Instagram profiles, and even Facebook or topic groups in a forum, where you will share what is happening to you, but you will also interact with people who have similar interests as yours.

6. Keep a handwritten diary

If you have a talent for writing and love to translate your thoughts and memories into paper, instead of a blog or online diary, write it in your own handwriting. This differs from the recommendation for an album of text and photos because here you can be even more creative, use pens in different colors and even draw something yourself.

Even if you think your handwriting is not particularly beautiful, it does not matter, because you are investing time in preserving those memories.

7. Paint

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The talented can add extra depth to memorizing the most beautiful memories. If you are talented enough, draw or paint your favorite moments. Although it is more difficult than ordinary photography, it makes the memory even more valuable.

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Life is what we create. We create a future so that we can have fond memories of what we do. Travel, even the smallest ones, are a part of us and no matter how insignificant they seem to us, they create an important part of our character and of who we are.

The choice of how to preserve those memories is up to you. If you are not a fan of social networks and digital solutions, do it physically. Buy gifts, souvenirs, postcards, take photos, create wonderful memories in a way that suits you, even if you know you will be back in the same place in a few weeks.

Of course, do not leave anything to chance. Some memories are created by ourselves, but some we need to make as beautiful and more memorable. Therefore, take photos, write, take pictures, buy sentimental valuable items, preserve those that remind you of important moments. Memories that are not recorded easily disappear from us, but our task is to better protect them from oblivion.

Be creative and make a rich mosaic of what remains after meaningful journeys. One day you will be grateful to yourself for all that.