Microphone not working or Keeps Muting Itself? 5 solutions to apply

Sometimes the microphone on a Windows 10 laptop is muted. Or the microphone may be turned off during a Google meeting while participating in a large video conference. You are not alone, several users report a similar problem, the microphone remains at 0, or the microphone remains muted after the Windows 10 update.

Why does my microphone block by itself?

According to Microsoft experts, this “microphone off” problem is usually caused by incorrect sound settings or outdated device drivers.
Yes, incorrect sound settings cause the internal or external microphone to be automatically muted. Again, outdated sound drivers cause various sound problems in Windows 10. There are several other reasons for this problem, but they are common. In this post, we will discuss the best ways to
that is not working or is muted in Windows 10.

The microphone constantly disturbs in Google meetings

If the microphone remains muted only while using Google, apply the solutions below.

Allow Google meet to use the microphone

Here is the best solution to solve the problem of microphone users accidentally getting muted during a Google meeting.

  • Go to “Settings” with the Windows + I key in window 10.
  • Press the “lock” button and then the microphone on the left.
  • Make sure you set “Allow applications to access your microphone” to ON here
  • Also, make sure that microphone access is enabled for this device, or click Change to enable it.

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During the meeting, look at the bottom of the screen. If the microphone icon is red with a slash, you need to click on it to turn off the sound.

Access the microphone in the browser

Click on the padlock in the left corner of the address bar and set the microphone to “Allow.”

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Check the input level of the microphone

  • Open the settings and the lcik system then the sound
  • Click on Audio Control Panel under Related Options.
  • Click on the “Recording” tab, select the microphone and then click on “Properties”.
  • On the Level tab of the Microphone Properties dialog box, set the slider under the microphone to a higher input level.

How do I fix a microphone that crashes by itself?

If you have a similar problem where the microphone is muted or not working in Windows 10, apply the solutions below.

Disconnect and reconnect the microphone or connect it to another USB port (applies to external microphones only).

Restart the computer. This will update the system and correct minor software conflicts that may cause problems.

Restart and check if any third-party applications or services conflict with the microphone driver and cause the problem.

Install the latest Windows update

Microsoft releases regular updates for Windows with security improvements and various bug fixes. And installing the latest Windows updates not only fixes previous problems, but also allows you to install the latest drivers to optimize your PC and prevent errors.

  • Press Windows + I to open the Settings application,
  • Go to Updates and Settings and click Check for Updates,
  • Starts downloading and installing the latest Windows update from the Microsoft server.
  • You must then restart the computer to apply them.
  • Then check the status of your microphone if that helps.

Performing the microphone troubleshooting procedure

The latest version of Windows 10 has a built-in diagnostic microphone that automatically detects microphone problems.

  • Press Windows + I to open the Settings application,
  • Click on the system and sound on the left,
  • Scroll down to the Input section, select your preferred microphone from the Input Device drop-down menu, and press the Troubleshooting button.

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Check that the settings are correct

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Sometimes this problem can be due to incorrect settings. Follow the steps below to check if this is the case.

  • Find the volume icon on the right side of the taskbar, right-click on it and open Sound.
  • Click on the communication node and click on the Do nothing option when Windows detects communication activity.

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If the problem persists, continue with the following steps.

  • Again, click the Recording tab in the Sound panel, then select the microphone and click Properties.
  • Click the Advanced tab and clear the Allow applications to have exclusive control over this device check box.
  • Click the “Apply” button to perform the operation.

Changing the format of your microphone

For some Windows users, changing the microphone format may solve this problem. You can try. You can try it:

  • Right-click on the volume icon and select “Sound” to open the “Sound” panel.
  • Click the “Recording” tab, then select the muted microphone and click the “Properties” button.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and select the format of the other 16-bit options from the drop-down list.
  • Click the “Apply” button to save your changes.

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Reinstalling the audio driver

And the ultimate solution is to reinstall the audio driver. If the above solutions have not helped or if the microphone is still in mute mode, you need to look at the audio driver; it may be corrupt or outdated, which is causing the problem. You can try updating the driver by following the steps below:

  • Right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager from the context menu.
  • A list of all installed device drivers appears, look for the Advanced Sound, Video and Game Controller category,
  • Right-click on the audio device (you probably have Realtek High Definition Audio). Right-click and select Remove Device.
  • Select the Remove drivers for this device check box and click the Remove button again when prompted for confirmation.
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Restart the computer, the next time you start Windows it will automatically install the built-in audio driver, now check the status of the microphone.

You can also download a sound device driver from the manufacturer’s website and install it on your computer.

Did these solutions do anything about the microphone staying muted in Google Meet or Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frequently asked questions

Why does my microphone block by itself?

Usually, the internal or external microphone is automatically turned off due to incorrect sound settings. Even if you have not changed these settings, they may be changed automatically after installing certain updates or after an infection with malicious software.

How do I fix the microphone?

The microphone does not work. What can be done about this? – Blog of a computer technician

Why is my microphone muted?

Through the microphone settings of your Windows computer, you actually have a button to turn off the sound of your microphone – it’s just hidden in the settings screens. Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray and select Recording Devices. In the Settings dialog box that opens, select your microphone, then click Properties and select the Levels tab.

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