Gradle version 2.2 is required. Current version is 2.10 –

Development issue/problem:

I’m trying to use Gradle’s image. It gives me a bad idea to say that

But my grab-hook envelope… contains I changed it to
Still the same problem.

When I launch the Gradle version into the terminal, Gradle 2.10 appears as the version.

How can this be corrected?

my basic file

build {repositories {jcenter()}dependencies {classpath ‘’}}}}

all projects {
repositories {

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

  1. An open diploma package. Characteristics.
  2. Change this rule:




  1. Navigate to build.gradle (project: your_app_name).
  2. Change this line

Classpath ‘’.

Sync and corrections by n17t01

Classpath ‘’.


Classpath ‘’.

  1. Do not press Sync now
  2. Select File -> Invalid Cache/Restart . from the menu.
  3. Select the first option : Invalid and reset

The Android studios are about to restart. After that, it should work well

I hope this helps.

Solution 2:

The VersionCheck is currently being redefined: In your looks.

Assembly scenario {

System Properties[‘’] = ‘true’


See this link for more information

Solution 3:

Just change the build.gradle file

Classpath ‘’.

At the following address:

Classpath ‘’.

  1. Now select in the menu GoTo -> File -> Invalid Cache/Reboot…
  2. Select the first option : Invalid and reset

The Android studios are about to restart.

After that, everything should work normally.

Solution 4:

Based on .

The following table shows which version of the Gradle plugin is required for each version of the Android plugin for Gradle.
For best results you should use the latest version of Gradle and the Android plugin.

Therefore, the version of the plugin must match the required Gradle.

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Give here a description of the image

Solution No 5:

This is what I did to fix it:

1) Create a new project

2) Open the file and copy for example B. the Url distribution to your :


3) Open build.gradle (project) and copy the gradle dependency to your project, for example B :

Classpath ‘’.

4) File -> Invalid cache / restart (I think a resynchronization would have been enough, but I did not try).

5) Delete the created project (optional).

Look, it’s a stupid way to do things, but Android Studio is free, so who am I to complain….

Solution No 6:

To solve this problem, use the ./gradlew instead of the gradlew.

Solution No 7:

The version of Android Studio and Gradle seems to be very poorly managed. And there are many problems with the functionality of the versions. And the error message is largely unrecognizable. For this particular issue. The following answer comes from Jitendra Singh. Change the version to :

Classpath ‘’.

But in my case: Android Studio 2.2 RC, I’m getting another error:

Cannot find a suitable builder:,, android.databaseinding.tool.DataBindingBuilder,, builder.gradle.internal.SdkHandler, buildle gradle.internal.DependencyManager, orgdle gradle.tooling.provider.model.internal.DefaultToolingModelBuilderRegistry)

So I went to maven central to find the latest version of, which is currently 2.1.3. So, after the switch to

build {repositories {mavenCentral()}dependencies {classpath ‘’}}dependencies {classpath ‘’}.

I finally solved my problem.

Solution No 8:

I had a similar problem. Each project has its own valuation folder, check if there is another valuation folder in the root of the project:


If so, you will find /gradle/wrap/ in each directory.

Check that the version of the properties envelope in the /my_projects_root_folder/gradle/ folder is at least identical to the version /my_projects_root_folder/ project / gradle/

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Or delete / rename /my_projects_root_folder/gradle and restart androidstudio and let gradle sync and download the gradle you want.

Good luck!

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