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Content Camel Review- The Good, The Bad, and The Average

We know that sales are the backbone of the business. Without them, the company cannot survive. For a company to be successful, the sales team must be productive and efficient. And that’s exactly why sales support software is essential for any business.

These days, it’s not as easy as it used to be to sell successfully. Salespeople need technology and tools to increase their productivity. Sales tools improve the efficiency of the sales team.

There are many sales support tools, but one of the best is Content Camel. In today’s post, we mentioned our Content Camel review.

This is a tool you can use to increase your sales productivity. Content Camel is the ideal sales tool to manage and organize sales and content marketing by location. The software allows you to organize information according to labels, funnel levels and more.

Sales representatives can easily find, search, track and share content. No matter where the representatives are, they can share content with potential customers.

This sales support software has a wide range of features. Here are some of his best features.

  • Content Management – Manage and organize sales and marketing content in one place. You can even sort content by type, age, tags, and funnel level.
  • Negotiation stack integration – the Chrome extension can work seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Google Drive integration – Import content from storage, local folders and the web.
  • Sales Analysis – Find out whether or not sellers are using the updated content.
  • Tracked and shared links – tracked and shared links are automatically generated for each new resource that is added.
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Content Camel is an excellent distribution software. It offers a variety of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Find something quickly

One of the challenges salespeople face is not being able to find the right information at the right time. Imagine you are prospecting, you ask something of a representative and he or she stays on hold for a long time. How would you feel? Disappointed, huh? This is what all prospects or buyers feel when resellers take too long to provide information.

With sharing, tracking and search capabilities, sellers can find the information they need and close the deal quickly. You don’t have to spend hours searching for the right content.

Organize your content

The management and organisational functions of this sales promotion tool are also very interesting. A drive full of folders and other unknown stuff is annoying. With Content Camel, you can manage and organize your business and marketing content in one place. Sales teams organize content via tags, funnel steps, and types. Searching for specific information becomes extremely easy.

Plus, all content is in one place, meaning salespeople have access to fact sheets, blog posts, white papers, videos and more. Access to the right content when closing a deal can work wonders.

Outstanding Google Drives integration

The sales team can use Content Camel virtually anywhere, online and offline. Allows you to import content from local folders, your hard drive and the Internet. Moreover, you can even download content directly.

Excellent sales analysis

That’s what we liked most about this program. Content Camel allows you to know the performance of your content. Analytics provide real-time metrics and insights into customer engagement. You can also determine what works for you and what doesn’t. With this insight, you can increase the productivity of your sales team.

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Reasonable prices

We were surprised by the low price of the subscription. Unlike other distribution software, Content Camel can be purchased for $15 per month and $162 per year. Apart from that, there are no long-term contracts. You can use the free trial version before you buy.

Although this software has many interesting features, there are some features that we did not like.

No function

One of the things we didn’t like about this software is its limited functionality. This tool would be much better if it included features such as performance management, goal management, leadership management and contact management.

These features further improve sales productivity. For example, the meeting management function. Salespeople are forced to spend hours scheduling meetings with prospects. Appointment management allows you to easily plan and book appointments.

Moreover, the software would be exceptional if it had a predictive engine. Wouldn’t it be great if the software offered email templates or content based on previous interactions?

Not for mobile devices –

Another thing we didn’t like about this software is that it is not mobile friendly. It’s convenient if you use it from your desktop or laptop.

No traceability

It’s not hard to share content, but it’s impossible to know who used it. You can’t know which customers or prospects have used the property.

There are several features that will hopefully improve the software you can use to sell.

Personal training

Although the sales tool offers other forms of training and coaching, it does not involve personal training. You can learn how to use the software through webinars, live online tutorials and documentation. However, these methods are not as effective as personal training.

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can only be used via the Chromeextension

Since it is an online sales tool, it cannot be downloaded onto your device. You need to use it through the Chrome extension.

Content Camel is the best tool for sales optimization. It’s easy to set up and use, so salespeople don’t have to spend hours on training. The software is also suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Not only do salespeople perform better, but they can focus on the tasks that matter. They can easily find information, especially if they are in the process of closing a deal.

Buy this sales-boosting tool today and take your business to new heights.


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