Best Thingiverse Alternatives in 2024

Before talking about an alternative to Thingiverse, in case you didn’t know, Thingiverse is actually a website that offers a wide range of resource sharing and custom 3D printing layouts through the manufacturer community. Officially founded in 2008 as a partner of MakerBot, Thingiverse remains one of the best collaboration systems for fans of 3D printing. People relied on their neat and tidy design to access cheap printed tables, print information correctly and get an overview of various examples.

Unfortunately, perhaps because of their success, Thingiverse sites often suffer from high expectations. The user experience can be completely disrupted if you expect three or four (or more!) high-themed drawings to be checked effectively and quickly. Even if you are looking for a specific product, you may never be satisfied with the content of the contract.

Fortunately, there are many worthy competitors in Thingiverse who compete in terms of variety, quality and excellence. Look no further than our reviews of the best alternatives for Thingiverse 2024 if you are looking for a website that supports yours!

10 Alternatives

1. Mini-factory

Let’s start with MyMiniFactory, which exists since 2013. It’s a site that’s constantly evolving and starts by carefully selecting and testing 3D models before working with even more 3D developers and giving them a chance to openly share their ideas.

The range of prints is varied and reasonably priced (around 60,000). With the exception of Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory stipulates that each file must go through the software review and be consulted by the community before publication, which reduces typographical errors.

In 2018 MyMiniFactory launched an online store that is gradually gaining popularity and allows its members to market their design elements.

2. CGTrader

In order to become an online trading system, CGTrader was founded in 2011. You could buy and sell 3D designs by constructively evaluating the content of 3D designers. One of the providers of this service is the possibility for consumers and online retailers to adapt their 2D to 3D design ideas for virtual reality or other display purposes.

CGTrader offers you a fantastic selection of high quality, paid and unlimited drawings. There aren’t really 950,000 because there are so many. The merchant loyalty discount is really a pretty smart feature that can lead to more purchases with the piggy bank icon.

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3. Sections

Cults is a pretty impressive site because it is also the first standalone market framework for 3D files, created in 2014. This blog has 800,000 employees worldwide, in addition to the 85,000 reviewed drawings. With a small team of three it is quite remarkable. In addition to these statistics, we found a number of remarkable features that help to make the crops attractive to customers. There are several promotions, mainly and perhaps most importantly, including sales and discounts on polymers, clothing (such as blue ribbon) and 3D printing.

4. Shape of the pin

Pinshape’s mission is to make 3D printing fun and easy, and they have stayed true to that mission. A company is defined by an online platform where, as in a Venn diagram, users and creators can find each other. Designers can choose from different themes and in an interactive and evolving organization, designers can hone their skills at different levels. There’s a handy ranking feature that lets you sort initiatives in order of priority, as well as choose from a variety of styles.

5. UMpage

YouMagine is truly a platform that facilitates the concept of CAD and 3D document creation. This applies especially to the remixing of existing processes, but with an attempt to obtain unique works of art. Their data entry system allows them to investigate any irregularities in the prints.

There are about 17,000 prototypes to choose from on YouMagine. Although it’s not over on Thingiverse, its performance and range are generally more reliable, making it a decent choice on this site. Users can filter by parentheses and categories: famous, popular, growing in popularity or current.

6. 3D version

In all these areas, 3DExport was a good competitor. Founded in 2004, with some remarkable 200,000 design elements and 500,000 representatives in the system, it is the world leader in a game.

The educational initiatives and tools are of high quality and cover topics such as astrophysics, physics, automotive components, mechanical engineering, mathematics and biology in detail. You have the option to select compensated or free templates from a simple drop-down list. As a bonus, a pre-recorded configuration will guide you step by step through different tutorials. This allows the user to accurately reproduce processes and control a particular project, with the ability to pause and rewind at will.

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7. 3Dagogo

At 3Dagogo there are prints in different categories, ranging from more practical applications to aesthetic and functional, affordable and paid models, so you can explore both sides of the 3D printing scale.

Certain guarantees benefit both developers and customers. The violation of freedom ensured an existence. The latter may in turn request a refund if they purchase a print that does not match the appearance of the printer within 14 working days of purchase. There is also a community support center available to answer any questions you may have.

8. GrabCAD

This would be ideal for you if you are already familiar with 3D design, development and modeling. GrabCAD has an incredibly active community of graphic designers who regularly share their experiences and techniques.

The so-called framework allows users to download available CAD projects, including stl documents and objects. You have another repository for 3D printers.

9. Trim

Treatstock is a multidimensional website offering both 3D printing and CNC machining tools. You can publish a document and have it produced by a professional if they don’t have a 3D printing press or factory and you want to publish the model. Another interesting aspect of Treatstock is the possibility to purchase services yourself. Thanks to Treatstock you can become a producer and offer your help. If you are a 3D printer and want to meet the requirements of others in the field of 3D printing, you can start a business and start offering services.

10. 3DVIA

You’re interested in interior design, aren’t you? With 3DVIA you can create and share 3D home models, especially of the universe. You can also view the layouts and get suggestions to improve the look of your business. View the inventory on the homepage, which you can use to modify or share design elements.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the strength of PLA plastic?

Although PLA is biodegradable, it remains exceptionally strong and durable. PLA is more advanced than the other components, along with ABS, which you’ll discover in the 3d printing market. Although ABS has a lower tensile strength, the brittleness of the two is usually ABS.

2. What is the most exciting thing you can print with a nice 3d printing machine?

With a 3D printing machine like this, you can print all kinds of exciting artifacts. You have a good idea of how many prototypes there are in different places. Carabiners, key rings and baskets are beautiful objects and much more.

3. Which documents are 3D printable files?

STL or Standard Triangle Language is an industrial file format for publishing 3D documents. Almost all modern CAD programs (computer-aided design) make it possible to create and transfer the Stl format. This data file is then converted to digital code by scraping, creating your 3D frame for publication.


After considering a better alternative to Thingiverse, it’s reasonable to assume that there is still a system that works, and that you’re likely to get it, no matter what you do with your 3D print design needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s no shortage of things to do.

I love Pinshape when it inspires fun for a single purpose, that’s where I think 3D printing should be. Of course, there are important reasons to use 3D printing with high printing requirements, but sometimes it’s fun to relax and have a little fun.

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