Life Rules from Charles Milander Everyone Should Know

Charles E. Milander is a renowned expert in software architecture management, internet technology and network marketing. He is also the producer and host of his show. Charles is also a journalist, and his texts are based on social media, a review of new technology and other popular topics. Among other things, he talks about the importance of life. For that purpose, he created several life rules that will help every person to spend his life in harmony with nature and his environment.

Be grateful


This is a universal law that can completely transform your life. Gratitude is a method that is learned. It’s a skill. If one thing works for you and several things don’t work for you, don’t let your focus be on negative things. That’s the difference between happy and unhappy people. Choose happiness by focusing on what is going on and forget about the things that are not going your way. Otherwise you will attract bad energy and it may happen that in the end a lot of things are not going well for you. You can be thankful every day and don’t think you have nothing to be thankful for. Thank yourself for waking up with new strength and for being able to continue on your path to success. Believe that happiness will not bypass you, and the world will not deceive your expectations.

Do good deeds

For example, if you have been promoted, found love or accidentally found something valuable on the street – it’s time to help someone as a form of gratitude. When you get something, something has to go – choose it to be a good deed! Many people think that you need to do good deeds in order to get something, but that is a mistake. Good deeds are done without conditioning, because positive things happen to good people. Distract yourself and emphasize the beautiful qualities of the person in whose company you are.

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It is not difficult. When you are proud of yourself for something, you will notice similar qualities in others. Instead of praising yourself, praise what you see in that person. It will bring you a kind of peace and connection that you didn’t even know you needed. Spread humanity and love, because it takes so little, and you will do a lot for yourself as well as the entire planet.



Try to visit unknown places every weekend, and once a year go to unknown countries. New impressions and new experiences will strengthen your soul and intellect and, accordingly, ensure success in all fields of life. In addition to having a positive effect on the psyche, travel also has a good effect on the physical condition of each individual. If you have a certain amount of money at your disposal, you can also go on a shorter trip – it doesn’t have to be a longer trip. The health benefits of travel are undeniable.

This approach will be most suitable for those who are not used to getting out of the comfort zone. In that case, it is enough to go on a short trip and notice an improvement in mental health. So, this is a great option. This is the most natural way to regain your energy. It is very easy to find an adventurous spirit in yourself. It is enough to go to a destination you have never visited before.

Don’t go back to your past

When something passes, don’t go back to it because all you can get that way is regrets and anxiety, buy nothing useful. Instead of focusing on the things that are happening to you right now and truly feeling them, you will always remember the past days and memories. You will not see the possibilities before you because you will be locked into your stagnant world of thinking and acting. So many opportunities for success are in front of you, you just have to go and seize them. If you want to hear Charles talking about success, you can find his podcasts at Spotify.

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The present moment is then lost and you feel worse and worse in it. This will prevent you from creating new memories. Open your eyes to what is coming to you now. Allow yourself to admire new things, new paths and new experiences. Remember that the future is the way you choose to look at it. The outcome depends on your approach, nothing less or more than that.

Be consistent


Always be consistent! Set your own rules and stick to them. Perseverance is a unique human virtue. In case of failure, it is difficult to remain persistent and most often people give up and turn to new goals. This approach brings you much greater satisfaction, because most things that are done quickly and easily cannot fulfill us. In fact, we enjoy the most what we have worked hard to achieve. You cannot accomplish any goal without this virtue. Although on the way to the goal you may encounter many obstacles, problems and difficulties. However, it is then that you must remain persistent and not give up easily immediately after the first disappointment or failure.

This ability is gained through experience, so be patient. There are some good exercises that help build perseverance. For example, if you have a problem, ask yourself how serious it really is and focus on solving it. This way you will learn over time not to give up and instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you will try to come up with a solution to the problem. This is done by people who want to take life into their own hands. Life is unpredictable, but it also gives us many experiences that make us wiser. Persistence increases our knowledge and skills. Once you overcome an obstacle, it will seem as if no one can stop you, which means that you will have much greater self-confidence.

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In the pursuit of success and happiness, we often forget the simplest things, without which we could never achieve what we want. If you adopt them, you will first establish harmony and joy in life, and then everything else you want can come as a reward.