5 Best Countries to Apply for Citizenship?

Getting citizenship in a different country helps through multiple factors. Most of the time, people go for second citizenship for a better climate for living or better work opportunities. Depending on whether you are looking for a business opportunity or a great place to study without incurring a financial setback, there are multiple countries that you can choose to apply to.

Whether you want to leave and settle in a new country or just get a second passport, you should realize that this decision needs to be based on reliable information. Researching the five best countries to apply for citizenship will get you some good results. In this article we will talk about the best places for a second citizenship and why they are on this list.

1. Australia

Source: wise.com

Australia is a nation which is witnessing an influx of citizenship requests because of multiple factors that provide a good quality of living. It offers a good atmosphere for the migrants and is a hub for offering higher education to international students. For any individual who would like to settle in a country which facilitates a business environment, Australia is worth consideration. You will have to give a CitizenshipTestAustralia to secure your application.

Along with scenic beauty and a good climate there is also the opportunity of visiting countries in the Asia Pacific. Certain important factors that can sway your decision include providing good health care for all citizens and ranking well in terms of happiness an individual will feel if they reside in this particular country. If you want to continue with your higher education you can enroll in university and then apply for citizenship.

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2. Malta

Source: citizensinternational.com

If you are looking for citizenship in an English speaking climate then you can also go with Malta. This is a good place in terms of educational opportunities and has a lovely climate. The primary way in which Malta allows for citizenship processing is through investment programs. One important thing is that the country will maintain a strict check of the portfolio of the applicant.

This results in a strict eligibility policy which includes very few people who are securing citizenship in such an exclusive list. Typically any person who wants to secure a citizenship in this nation needs to live here for at least one year. Under the citizenship for investment program there are three ways for an individual to apply:

  • Purchasing property worth 350,000 euros for at least 5 years or have a rental lease agreement for 5 years of a property marked 16,000 annually.
  • Choose to invest in bonds and stocks with an estimated price of 150,000 euros.
  • Making an investment to the government’s development fund with a donation amounting to 650,000 euros.

Some of the benefits an individual can avail on citizenship in this European country include: free to freedom to move within the European Union and a free access without prior visa to 184 countries globally.

3. New Zealand

Source: wise.com

Another country which allows for citizenship through investment is New Zealand. This country has an official agreement with Australia which will allow its citizens the freedom to travel within the borders of both the countries. The environment of New Zealand is welcoming and also is great for anyone in business.

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The country is currently in talks with the UK for a free trade agreement which will lead to better opportunities for everyone doing business on an international level. It will also result in a freedom of movement. There is another geopolitical union in progress with both Canada and Australia. This agreement when finalized will allow an individual to work in the UK, Canada or Australia without requiring a work visa. The eligibility through investment depends on the following:

  • An investment of at least NZ$10 million for the course of 3 years.
  • An investment of at least NZ$3 million for 4 years minimum.

4. Finland

Source: thenomadtoday.com

Finland is the happiest country in the world which naturally means that people will be gravitated towards it. If you are trying for a second citizenship in this nation, know that the process will be a little more difficult than that of other nations. Finland is still slowly turning into a nation which offers great educational opportunities especially when it comes to high school education.

The economy of the country is still developing but the quality of living is exceptional. The healthcare facilities and the life for migrants are great which can help you choose. If you want to be in an environment which creates the happiest people in the world, this place may be the right one.

5. UK

Source: sterling-law.co.uk

The United Kingdom presents a great opportunity for anyone who wants to continue with higher education or do business. The UK has seen a high migration rate because of multiple factors. The typical climate of the UK is invariable which works in its favor and gives a good environment for people to live in.

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Additionally, the higher education climate of the country is extremely welcoming with great opportunities in terms of career building. It has a well managed health care system and also ranks quite high on the happiness meter. For anyone who wants to settle in the UK and do business and trade, there will be multiple opportunities for the same. If you are thinking of immigrating after completing your higher education degree the UK might provide a good environment to settle in.

The Takeaway

We have listed five countries on the basis of their citizenship eligibility criteria. Whether you want to settle in a new place or just gain a second passport, looking at multiple options is important. The perks of settling in Australia include their higher education system. Finland is the happiest place in the world while Malta only provides citizenship to an exclusive selection of individuals. New Zealand offers citizenship through investment while the UK will require an application and a citizenship test. Whatever the case maybe always try to choose the best option depending on your subjective opinion.