Laminate Countertops: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Laminate Countertops: What You Should Know Before You Buy

This is smart if you are considering installing a laminate countertop in your kitchen or bathroom. That’s because of the durability and robust nature of the laminate countertops. They are also visually appealing and can add aesthetic appeal to your space.

But before you go ahead and start shopping for your ideal laminate countertop at Bestway Laminates, there are many things you need to know, including what these laminate countertops are made of, their benefits, how to install them, and how to maintain them. This article explores all of these.

So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

What Are Laminate Countertops Made Of?

What Are Laminate Countertops Made Of?


The bottom layers of laminate countertops are made of kraft paper that has been soaked in resin and is adhered to a particleboard foundation. The next layer down is the ornamental layer with a solid or pattern design.

To guard against deterioration, solid colors are given an extra, more robust coating of resin. The patterned layers are not immediately dipped in resin. Instead, they are protected by a stack of clear overlay paper filled with resin.

When all the layers are ready, each layer needed to create a laminate sheet is placed in a press and fused using high heat. In addition to being a visually pleasing surface, laminate countertops are renowned for being strong and lightweight at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of Laminate Countertops?


Laminated countertops are made by layering a thin plastic film over an MDF or particle board core. This makes them resistant to heat, stains, and scratches—especially the novel surface materials. Furthermore, laminate worktops are easy to clean and long-lasting.

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One advantage over other materials, such as natural stone, is that they don’t require sealing. As a practical and durable solution for any kitchen, laminate countertops may be fixed with a laminate repair kit in case of damage.


Laminate countertops are an eco-friendly choice for many homes. The heart of the countertop is formed by processing sustainable resources like paper and wood. Laminated countertops are made with less waste during manufacturing than other materials.


Waterproof Laminate Countertops


One of their most outstanding features is that laminates are non-porous and waterproof. Your countertop stays in good condition for an extended period because it is waterproof. Waterproof laminates used to cover kitchen counters don’t absorb spills or splashes, so you can easily wipe them down without leaving any lasting marks.


Given their abundance of color, pattern, and finish options, laminate countertops are great for any kitchen. They provide homes with more options by imitating the appearance of various materials like metal, wood, and genuine stone. Because of its versatility, homeowners can design a distinctive kitchen without going over budget.


Laminated countertops are less expensive when compared to alternative materials like solid surfaces or natural stone. Laminate countertops are not inherently of lousy quality despite their low price. They can last for many years without extensive care and maintenance. Laminate countertops are an excellent option for people on a budget because they are inexpensive.

Easy Installation

One advantage of laminate countertops over other materials that need to be installed by a professional is their ease of installation. Homeowners can install laminate countertops for less money if they have some basic do-it-yourself abilities. Pre-cut sizes for laminate countertops are another option that ease the installation procedure.

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Easy to Maintain

When designing countertops, maintenance is a crucial factor taken into account. Because they are so simple to maintain, kitchen laminates can retain their aesthetic appeal for a long time.

All you have to do is stick to a regular cleaning schedule that includes occasionally using soap and water and wiping with a damp cloth to deep clean the surface and remove stubborn stains. As with natural materials, kitchen laminate designs also do away with the requirement to occasionally apply polish or specific substances.

Laminate Countertop Installation

Laminate Countertop Installation


Even though a professional installation can be convenient, if you know how to cut the countertops to size, installing laminate countertops can be a very do-it-yourself project. Depending on the size of the kitchen and the difficulty of the on-site cuts required, laminate countertop installation can take as little as an hour or as long as a full day. But a professional installation comes with expertise and guarantee.

Here is a step-by-step guide to a DIY laminate installation:

  • Take out the current countertop.
  • Measure the area of the countertop and dry-fit the laminate.
  • Use glue to affix the new countertop to the cabinets.
  • Put in a backsplash and caulk or seal the wall-to-wall connection.

Laminate Repair and Maintenance

Dents, dings, and scratches are common wear-and-tear indicators on laminate countertops. Epoxy putty or laminate repair paste work well for small-scale care, but, more extensive markings or damage can necessitate replacing the countertop entirely.

A simple, DIY solution of vinegar and water (1 tablespoon vinegar to every 2 cups of water) can be used to bring back the sheen of your laminate countertop.

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Here are other tips to help you maintain your laminate countertop:

  • Use dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner to clean.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers like bleach.
  • Hot pans should not be placed directly on the surface.
  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent stains.
  • Make sure there’s no water left standing on the counters.

Laminate Countertop FAQs

Laminate Countertop FAQs


Is It Possible to Repair Damaged Laminate Countertops?

Yes, laminate countertops are repairable in the event of damage. A laminate repair kit can fix minor burns and scratches, but a professional repair might be necessary for more extensive damage.

Will My Laminate Countertop Last?

Fortunately, laminates made nowadays don’t chip or shatter as quickly as those made decades ago. Laminate countertops can also last as long as countertops made of stone or solid surfaces. They can last between 10-20 years.

Are Laminate Countertops Resistant to Heat?

Yes, laminated countertops can withstand heat. However, hot pads or trivets are advised to safeguard the countertop from intense heat.