How To Keep Your Clothes Neatly Stored

The organization of the wardrobe is neither a small nor an easy job – but somehow we always want to delay it for another time. That’s why we fumble through the closet and shelves every day, turn over drawers – and try to stuff freshly ironed things into crowded piles. Is there a way to keep your clothes neatly stored? Of course, there are some practical solutions. Therefore, read this text.

Stacking Wardrobe Requires Freeing Up Space


The coming of spring and the change of seasons are the right time to tidy up your clothes. But even though you are aware that it is necessary to do this – you subconsciously delay this job, because you know that it will take you a lot of time. The fact is that this is quite a lot of work, but once you do it the right way – you will forget about all the other problems that are part of everyday life.

When your wardrobe is not neatly arranged and sorted – you come to a situation where you never know where exactly your things are, or what you have in all that mess. The question is, how to put together a wardrobe when there are so many superfluous things, mixed seasons, colors, sizes, and purposes. Cleaning your closet of clothes that you don’t wear, can’t wear, or don’t want to wear anymore – is the first step in freeing up space.

How To Store Your Clothes In The Best Way?

At the beginning of each season, it is good to clean the closet and wash and rearrange the seasonal clothes. Due to improper organization of closets, we usually spend too much time combining clothes. Namely, pieces of clothing we never wear are still on the shelves – and we overlook suitable clothes that are not without our reach.

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We can say that some pieces are literally buried somewhere in our closets and drawers. However, we can easily solve this issue with one big storage and better organization of our clothes. If you do it properly, you will reduce stress when deciding what to wear – and get more time to dedicate to yourself. But how to do it and how can you neatly store your clothes?

  • Sorting and arranging clothes according to colors and seasons


One of the most important steps that clothes organization requires is sorting and arranging the wardrobe. You need to be systematic and help yourself by immediately preparing boxes for the clothes you want to donate, or throw away – and those you are just storing for the next season. Also, pay attention to clothes that you haven’t worn for a long time – or that have been small for you. Get rid of it, and you will surely make someone else happy.

This will free up the most space for the things you want – which are unnecessarily crowded and superfluous. Find the logical way of arranging clothes by following the way you dress. Stack what you wear every day in front – so it can be easily accessible. Combine things so that similar pieces are on the same shelf.

  • Organize your clothes in drawers


One of the typical storage areas for clothes is in drawers. We usually put underwear, pajamas, T-shirts and similar things in them. However, sometimes we just don’t know how to organize the space inside the drawers. Here we first need to pay attention to the choice when buying the drawers.

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So, the drawers or chests need to be beautiful, high-quality, and suit your style – but it is even more important that they are practical. If you are planning to buy drawers or a chest, you can look at sites like

With such drawers, you can still be creative and find practical solutions for storing clothes. The best way to get more space in drawers is to share them. That way, you will always know where everything is because everything will be organized in detail. You can also put smaller baskets in deeper drawers to store gloves, scarves, etc. Scented wipes will bring freshness to the drawers and the clothes will smell wonderful. You will achieve the same effect with empty perfume bottles. You won’t go wrong if you add soap.

  • How to organize a closet using hangers and shelves


Closets are never big enough, and there are always too many things in them. It is easiest to hang most of the clothes on hangers. That way, the clothes remain ironed, and we save space and time for folding the clothes. How to organize a wardrobe with the help of a hanger in a not-so-large space? Try that by using vertical hangers that fit several pieces of clothing – or a chain where you can attach several hangers.

Hangers with horizontal bars are always more practical because you can also hang pants, shirts, and blouses. So, you can immediately make outfits. Avoid putting shirts on top of each other on the same hanger – they will be crumpled and very difficult to find. Never put wool sweaters on hangers, because they will stretch and deform. Also, pay attention to the type of hangers. The upholstered hangers are better for delicate slippery materials such as silk and viscose – and wider ones are more useful for shirts and jackets.

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Iron Your Clothes So You Can Have A Tidy Wardrobe

It would be good to inspect and iron the clothes that remain after removing the extra pieces – of course, if they are crumpled. This is a good chance to see if something is stained, torn, sewn, or faded. There is nothing worse than when at the last moment when you have already decided on a combination – you discover a stain, a sewn hem, uncut too-long pants. If you don’t already know, you can read a few tricks for removing stains – and it is always good to repeat the basic rules of washing.

When you take the time, inspect everything in detail – and finish ironing your wardrobe quickly and easily with a quality steam iron. If you apply these steps, in the future you can count on perfectly tidy and ready clothes at any ti