How Does Insurance for Handymen Work

A handyman is that person you can call any time of the day, they are very busy usually, but they will find a way to fit you in their schedule, since some minor home repairs are needed, and they are specialized in a lot of them. Those are the people who know how to repair your washing machine, but also to install new doors, fix the other issues, without charging a lot for that. Many people don’t even consider them like regular workers, since they don’t have a company behind them, either health insurance or other types of liability coverage.

But, since they are individual workers, they need to consider signing up for a handyman insurance plan. It’s not enough for them to be good at what they do, and earn money when the people need them. Almost every household will need this person at some point, but not every day. These people are also in a contact with different people, and they are often exposed to infections and diseases, especially right now, in a COVID-19 pandemic. That’s one of the reasons why some companies offer handyman insurance policy, to help these people who have full hands of job, but usually forgot to take those precautious steps.

According to, the general liability covers plenty of situations and costs, like the time spent on the case, court costs, attorney, defense, and other required payments. Almost everyone who is performing these activities is eligible to get this type of insurance, so they can be protected while they do their business.

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Sadly, some people are there just to use them, not paying enough, or claiming they aren’t satisfied with how things are done. The handyman professionals must protect themselves in situations like this. Also, even the most basic policy will cover bodily injury, property and vehicle damages, medical bills, and other things that may come from this type of work.

If you are a handyman, and you think you don’t need insurance, we are here to inform you that no matter how healthy and strong you are, you need something to have your back protected, since the people you work for may not be honest with their intentions – and we won’t even mention how dangerous it can be to work on improper electricity installation or something that is too damaged and puts all the people in the house at risk.

The cost of handyman policies


In general, the average cost may be from $50 to $70 every month, depending on the company and coverage. You can save money as you get invited to work on different issues, and pay them to some insurance company, so they can offer the policy, and get your back covered in an unpleasant situation that may appear.

It can be easier if some company or handyman organization stands behind you. Keep in mind that you will need additional things to your policy if you use your vehicle to travel from one house to another and that your tools and machines may require regular monthly or annual service, so they can work properly.

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If you want to save money, but still got most of the things covered, you need to compare the prices different companies are offering.

What includes general liability insurance?


Basically, this is the one when the people claim the handyman caused damages to their property, or they hurt someone while doing their job. In some cases, many people will believe that the handyman is guilty of every charge, and they won’t have an option to prove the people wrong. But, with the general liability insurance, you, or some person you know, has a chance to fight against these claims, but also to cover the expenses of unplanned events, like not repairing the thing as planned, accusations of defamation, property damages, and many other things that may happen while working. Every person has a right to have a fair court and law process, and the insurance company may help them cover the expenses.

So, if you, or someone you know, accepts to work in some home that brings a lot of risk for damages, and you don’t have any coverage, consider doing that first, so you can protect yourself and your integrity. For more information check ContractorsLiability.

Other specific types of insurance


Commercial Property Insurance is when the person works for some public building, company, or business. That’s beneficial for both the handyman and owner. Another important thing is the Commercial Auto Insurance if they use commercial vehicles to work. But, something like that may apply to their own vehicle too, if it’s damaged in an accident, or the person is hurt because of a car accident while going to work. It’s also important to do that policy if you have someone who works with you, like a family member or a partner.

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Adding all these things to the basic policy can be pretty costly, but losing something valuable like tools, vehicles, trust, integrity, or even life, is not worth risking that much.

So, we highly recommend you to sign up for an insurance program and get all these things covered for you. Take every aspect in mind while planning that. Don’t see it as an additional expense that may be heavy on your budget. Keep in mind that accidents may cost you a lot more.


Individual workers often ignore the fact that accidents while working can happen, and that leads to additional expenses, and limiting their ability to be open for new jobs.

Insurance companies try to cover all these things for them, and the handyman professionals must be aware that they need this coverage in their life. Unpleasant things may happen every day, and this will help you (or them) cover the unplanned expenses for medical bills, or the unplanned damage at the homes too.

So, don’t wait, and call your insurance company today, so they can transparently inform you of every option you have. Again, don’t look at it as an additional expense. One day, it may save your life and reputation too.