How to Update MIUI 12 in Xiaomi Redmi Mobiles – Easy Guide

MIUI 12 update in Redmi Mobiles Hello MIUI, I hope you’re doing well. Today we’re talking about the MIUI 12 update in Redmi’s phones. As we all know, the MIUI team has introduced MIUI 12 for our Xiaomi Redmi phones. MIUI 12 is currently in test mode, where anyone can test MIUI 12 and give feedback to the development team. In short, we can now say that only MIUI 12 development ROMs are available to you. In this article we will learn how to easily update our Mobile Redmi to the latest version of MIUI 12. We share the two ways to update MIUI 12 without a computer/laptop, and we also share the way to update MIUI 12 with a desktop/laptop.

What's new in MIUI 12: New MIUI screen for Redmi phones

What’s new in MIUI 12:

As we know, the MIUI team is constantly updating the MIUI ROMs, and once everything is stabilized, they update these things to a stable ROM. For more information about the developer’s stable ROM / ROM, click here.  Here If you’re out of China, you should try Global ROM. Back to our topic, let’s talk about the new features of the MIUI 12 update that we’re going to install in our Redmi phones. Basically, you get a new nuance of notice in the completely redesigned MIUI 12. Always on Display is the most advanced function that comes with the MIUI 12. New lock screen, new phone design, completely new security application, new memory area with better visual effects, application notes with functionality for daily tasks, other security updates, direct access rights settings that only allow the application when you launch it, when you close it, access rights are automatically deleted. Here we see the latest and most advanced features the Xiaomi team has covered in MIUI 12.

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Is MIUI 12 available for all Xiaomi Redmi vehicles?
Yes, you will receive an update of MIUI 12 on your Redmi mobile phone. All new Redmi phones will receive MIUI 12 updates on their mobile phone. However, for older models there are some delays in getting the OTA MIUI 12 update from the Xiaomi team. The MIUI 12 update is available for Redmy 5, Redmy 6, Redmy 7, Redmy 8, Redmy 4, Redmy 5, Redmy 6, Redmy 7, Redmy 8, Redmy 9 Pro, Pro Max, Redmy Y1, Redmy Y2, Redmy Y3, Poco F 1, Poco F2, Redmy K20, Redmy 9 and others. In short, we can say that all models are on the cover of Xiaomi’s team. Only a few boot devices such as Redmi 4, Redmi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 3 etc. do not receive the MIUI 12 update because their hardware is not suitable for this new update.

Steps to get from MIUI 12 to Redmy Mobile

Get MIUI 12 in Redmi Xiaomi mobile:

Xiaomi is deploying MIUI 12 on all Redmymobiles. To get the MIUI 12 update on your Redmi Android mobile device, you need to follow simple instructions This is the traditional way to update the MIUI version provided by the Xiaomi team. We’ll also show you another way to install MIUI 12 on your Redmi phone using the Fast Boot Repair process.

Steps to upgrade MIUI 12 in Redmy’s Mobile :

  1. Continue with the settings.
  2. Now click on Phone.
  3. Now click on System Updates.
  4. The system update application then opens on your screen.
  5. Now click on the Check for Updates button.
  6. You can see the MIUI 12 update here.
  7. Download and install this update. Make sure your phone has a battery charge of at least 70%.
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You can easily get an update of MIUI 12 on your Xiaomi Redmi phone by following these steps This is the main way to get MIUI 12 officially released by the MIUI team via an OTA update.

Fastboot ROM flash guide for MIUI 12, which can be used with all Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones.

To installMIUI 12 via Fastboot Recovery in Redmi-Mobiles:

With Fastboot installed, you can also use MIUI 12 on your phone. We do not recommend this method unless you are an experienced user and know how to unlock the bootloader, root privileges, software stones, hard stones, bootloader updates, custom TWRP recovery, custom ROM, etc.
If you are familiar with the above words, you can try using MIUI 12 in your Redmi phone.

Steps for installing MIUI 12 with Fast Boot Recovery :

  1. First unlock your Xiaomi Redmi mobile charger.
  2.  Now install a customized TWRP recovery program on your phone.
  3. Download the MIUI 12 Fastboot ROM now.
  4. Now switch on your phone and perform the installation using the TWRP repair method.
  5. Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy MIUI 12 on your phone.

If you follow the instructions above, you can easily get MIUI 12 on your phone using the MIUI Fastboot ROM method. These steps are a bit complicated, we make a separate article in which we describe all the steps in detail with step-by-step instructions. So you can easily enjoy MIUI 12 in your Redmi mobile phone.

Download link for MIUI 12 ROM - Xiaomi Redmi Mobiles

Download MIUI 12 Fastboot ROM for Redmi-Mobile:

If you still haven’t received the MIUI 12 update via OTA in your Redmi phone, don’t worry. With the Fastboot ROM MIUI 12 you can enjoy MIUI 12 in your phone. Here you can download the MIUI 12 ROM for all Redmy mobile phones, be it Redmy 5, Redmy 6, Redmy 7, Redmy Note 7s, Redmy 8, Redmy Note 4, Redmy Note 5, Redmy Note 6, Redmy Note 7, Redmy Note 8, Redmy Note 9 Pro, Pro Max, Redmy Y1, Redmy Y2, Redmy Y3, Poco F 1, Poco F2, Redmy K20, Mi 9, Poco Phone F1, etc.д.

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Download the MIUI 12 Fastboot ROM from the MIUI Forum.

Here we learn how to update MIUI 12 in your Redmi Xiaomi mobile phone from MIUI 11. You can easily update MIUI 12 with MIUI 11 on your Xiaomi mobile.  If you have problems updating MIUI 12, please let us know through the Feedback section that we will help you.

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