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Best dventure Games on Google Play Store?

Let’s be honest: The only way to survive in seclusion is gambling. It devours your mind, and when you play in multiplayer mode, you’ll feel like you’re really with friends. The best thing about adventure games is that they don’t belong to any particular genre and they have a lot to offer players because of the huge universe and sense of adventure. We’ve done some serious research and compiled a list of the best adventure games.

80 days

80 days

This game takes you on a journey around the world with your boss Phileas Fogg. As a reliable and competent helper, you must protect Fogg and control its vital functions. You can use airships, submarines or anything that moves to make an adventurous journey. You can see where you are among the other players during the game.



This is another adventure game that has attracted a lot of attention among young people. The player is the driver of a space truck that falls to the planet and fights for survival. The player’s only goal is to build a camp, find the cargo and fight against evil to protect the world. The sci-fi twist makes it the best adventure game. You can also train mysterious creatures to fight in your battles.

Road balancing

Street rockers

This ongoing adventure game takes you to the treacherous streets of New Arabia, where you have to keep running and collect as many coins as possible. Of course, the police are after you to add that extra layer of complexity. Earn more coins and choose a character of your choice. You can compare your scores with those of your friends and see who is the runner of the boss. If you are considering settling down, you should be ready to join and say goodbye to social life.

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Great mountain adventure

A great adventure in the mountains

If you are looking for the best ski adventure games, your search ends here. Get ready to do ski tests and break records by choosing different routes. But if you just want to ski and enjoy the beautiful landscape, you can. Thanks to the smooth gameplay and breathtaking graphics, this game will certainly fall on an avalanche and there will be more in the garden. More and more mountains are opening up to explore them all.

Guardian reports

Story of the Keeper

Who wants to miss the adventure game with those retro feelings? Guardian Tales is an adventure game with hacking and killer whale that will surely satisfy your thirst for adventure. Players who have played old Zelda games will surely be very homesick for this game. From mysterious puzzles to intense battles with the boss, this game offers many exciting moments for players looking for the best online platform game.



The protagonist here is the Viking, fighting for his past glory. With a commendable level design and responsive controls, you can roam the game world and experience an adventure you’ll never forget. Although there are only 24 levels in the game, it is recommended to rate each level with 3 stars.

Pokemon Attacker


It’s impossible not to hear about this game, even if you’re not so passionate about it. This game has made a remarkable entry on the market with a very high response rate. It’s an open world where players wander around catching as many Pokémon as possible. But there’s one more thing. You can fight in PokeGyms and challenge other players to test the strength of your beautiful warriors. And since this game has to be played in a physical place, it will be a good walk in combination with an exciting game.

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